No luck at all

Thursday January 8th, 2015 at 2:44 pm

I really can’t believe the string of bad luck I’m having today. At this point I don’t know whether I should be more irritated or just laugh. 2015 doesn’t seem to be my year.

On top of still having to deal with my crazy neighbor (he is still sending a letter everyday with the same exact sentence), my heater doesn’t work anymore. The remote seems to work fine, but the unit itself won’t turn on. It’s FREEZING in my room right now. I’m currently hiding in my bed, under a blanket with a not so effective heating blanket. The lower half of my body is getting warmer, but I can’t really feel my hands anymore. It doesn’t help with my irritation.

Dinner tonight was also an epic fail. I wanted to have salad, now that I finally have ranch dressing. However, while prepping the salad, I found a slug in the lettuce. WTF Japan? It’s not like vegetables here are cheap to begin with. That’s ¥350 out the door. My next go to was a nutella sandwich now that I finally have nutella as well. Stupid me put the nutella in the refrigerator the other day along with the random dressing as I was leaving for work…so now I have a jar of a bar of chocolate basically. The jar even says on the back “Do not refrigerate or microwave”. With my room as cold as it is, I doubt it’ll go back to a spreadable consistency anytime soon.

The rest is mostly little things, but when you’re irritated, they don’t feel so little. One of my eggs randomly decided it wanted to crack for no reason. Good thing I was boiling it so I was able to still use it. The first time I wrote this entry, it decided to delete itself so this is round 2.

At this point, if I can just get the heater issue resolved tomorrow, I will be content. I don’t know what I’m going to do about the guy downstairs. It’s getting creepy. I’m really irritated at how Leopalace is handling the situation, or rather…not handling it. Regardless of whether or not they do something in the end, I’m moving in July for sure. I suppose the apartments are nice and it was more or less fairly easy to move in, but I’m paying too much rent for the area I’m living in and I’ve dealt with more problems with them in the past 6 months than any apartment complex I’ve lived in.

Still, I’m trying to look on the bright side and appreciate everything good that happens as well. Shit happens, you just have to tell it to F off.

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