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Wednesday May 28th, 2014 at 11:40 am

I started playing FFX-2 again last week and have been glued to it ever since. I forgot how much I really enjoyed the game. Some of the side quests are rather tedious and a pain to do but everything else makes up for it. It’s still by far one of my favorite games. It’s also the reason why my productivity has been low in almost everything @_@

I “lost” my credit card last Monday, which was quite irritating. I’m one of those people that uses a credit card for everything, no joke. $20? No problem, here’s a credit card. $1.09? No problem, here’s a credit card. I hate using cash, especially coins, and I can manage my finances just fine without having to worry about overspending so it was a pain in the ass having to deal with cash. I’m not really concerned with culture shock once I move to Japan. It’s having to get used to using cash for everything. It’s a good thing crime rate is low in Japan and not many people have to worry about getting robbed while carrying hundreds of dollars on them.

Anyhow, I was more irritated at the fact that I lost it the week before Memorial Day weekend sales. I lost out on so much cash back ;_; Having to literally buy an entire new work wardrobe, I spent probably close to $400 this past weekend and I’m still not done. Going from wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a full business ensemble is no cheap task. I’m having the hardest time finding business suits in my size, but I’m hoping it was because everything was on sale and people were just buying it all up. I’ll probably go back in a few weeks to see if I can find any more. I only have about 3 sets right now and I’m waiting to have at least 5-6 for work.

Oh, and I did find my credit card this past Monday but I had already canceled it and requested a new one. I picked up a pair of jeans and they just fell out. I don’t really understand what happened because I know I searched through every pair of jeans I had.

My COE arrived last Friday and now I’m in the process of waiting for my visa, which I can pick up this Friday. After that, I guess everything is almost set and done. I can’t believe there’s only 2 more weeks until my vacation and 5 more weeks until I move! Time really does fly fast.

I decided to rent a guesthouse and hopefully find an apartment within the first month or two even if it’s way more costly. I really would like my own place and not really interested in going back to “dorm life”, but it’ll be a great way to meet some people. I’m renting from Tokyo Happy House which looks decent and they have a guesthouse in the area I want to stay. The website states they have a screening process but I never once was asked anything…where I’m from, what I plan on doing in Japan, etc. Once a room was available, they asked me for the deposit and everything was done o_O Ultimately, it’s no big deal but don’t put it on the website if you’re not going to do it. Actually, after reading Tune in Tokyo (which btw I don’t recommend) maybe I should worry a bit on who I stay with.

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