Review: July Birch Box

Monday July 16th, 2012 at 12:32 am

July’s Birch Box is definitely an improvement in my opinion, at least for me. This was the one month that I did not take a sneak peak into what’s in my box before it arrived and I have to say I am quite pleased.

Box contents for July include:

  • Beauty Blender Original
  • Harvey Prince Hello Perfume Sample
  • Jouer Luminizing Moisturizer Tint in Bronze
  • Stila Lip Glaze in Camera
  • Extras include:

  • Tea Forte Minteas Mints in Cocoa Mint
  • Birch Box Exclusive Earbuds
  • July’s box is all about glamour, who doesn’t love that? There’s a wide assortment of products ranging from makeup to skin care to hair care that’s all focused on helping to make yourself more glamorous.

    Beauty Blender Original [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $25.95 (2 pack) $19.95 (single)
    Birch Box Value: $19.95 (single)

    Description: This hot pink sponge fits the natural curves of your face for flawless makeup application.

    I’ve heard great things about beauty blenders and wanted to try one but since they’re not exactly cheap, it was never high on my list of things to get. Being broke sometimes sucks :( Much love to Birch Box for providing me one! I haven’t tried any other beauty blenders but this one works well. It’s very soft, blends with no problems, and is easy to clean.

    Harvey Prince Hello Perfume Sample [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $55.00 (1.7 oz)
    Birch Box Value: Not listed

    Description: Harvey Prince is thrilled to bring you a splash of spring with our latest, hippest, most energizing fragrance, “Hello.” With a twist of citrus in homage to that fresh squeezed glass on the breakfast table, the subtle yet invigorating notes are layered with Summer Forsythia, an early Spring floral, to bring out the blossoming glow within you. As the scent wears through the day, you’ll be warmly greeted with the enchanting smell of Pink Plumerias, found in the fragrant floral Leis of Hawaii bestowed upon guests, friends, and loved ones.

    This is a cheery fragrance for spring/summer. It’s slightly bigger than most perfume samples I receive, but not by a whole lot. It comes with an easy to use spray, which is always nice. The size isn’t listed on the product, which I dislike. I can’t say if I dislike or like the fragrance, I’m kind of indifferent on it. It has some nice florals in it but is not “refreshing” or “welcoming” as the descriptions says.

    Jouer Luminizing Moisturizer Tint in Bronze [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $38.00 (1.7 fl oz)
    Birch Box Value: $1.56 (0.07 fl oz)

    Description: This lightweight moisturizing tint evens out imperfections and fades the appearance of fine lines with its light-diffusing multi-mineral formula. SPF 20 protects from UVA and UVB rays while Ginseng and Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract deliver antioxidants to skin, promoting a healthy complexion.

    Props to BB on this one, it matched my skin tone perfectly. I can’t tell too much of a difference on my skin other than the fact it makes it look more fresh and dewy. The moisturizer blends in well on my skin leaving it with a light glossy shine.

    Stila Lip Glaze in Camera [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $12.00 (3 pack)
    Birch Box Value: $4.00 (single)

    Description: This sparkly gloss from the limited edition It’s Go Time Lip Glaze Trio combines sheer color with mega-watt shine.

    This trio is created by stila and Birch Box and can only be purchased at birchbox.com. It took me a couple minutes to figure out how to use this. The brush applicator is so soft, making the application smooth and easy. This thick, rich gloss adds a nice shine and can be used by itself or with a lipstick. Camera comes in a pearly gold-red and tastes like a wide assortment of mixed berries.

    Tea Forte Minteas Mints in Cocoa Mate [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $2.99 (1 pack)
    Birch Box Value: $2.99 (1 pack)

    Description: New and improved BIGGER mint for even more flavor! A few functional ingredients that make minteas the mints with a difference. Small pocket sized tins – a convenient way for you to embrace a life of health and wellness.

    I was really excited to see tea mints given how much I love tea but the cocoa flavor really takes it away from me. I’m not a really big fan of coffee or coffee flavored products. The mints taste better than they look. I haven’t noticed a change in energy level after eating a few of them but energy type drinks, products, pills, etc have never really had much effect on me.

    Birch Box Exclusive Earbuds [Purchase]

    Actual Value: –
    Birch Box Value: –

    Description: Whether we’re jogging through the park or powering through a laptop session, earbuds are one of our constant accessories. So we started thinking: why stick with the same boring white pair we’ve been using for years? We designed these custom pink and green or pink and blue neon earbuds so we can rock out to our favorite tunes in style. They’re extra-durable and extra-comfy—now that’s music to our ears.

    It doesn’t seem like you can purchase these, even from the Birch Box website. Funny enough, these are probably the most useful item in this month’s box for me. I recently bought some cheap headphones on ebay that keep breaking (go figure) and never got around to buying a decent pair. While these are not really my style, I’m definitely happy it saves me the trouble of having to buy a pair. I also love how the color scheme of these headphones match the tissue paper/color scheme of this month’s box.

    Total Value: $28.50 (not including Harvey Prince’s Hello perfume sample and the earphones)

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    Review: June Birch Box

    Thursday June 28th, 2012 at 12:07 am

    My mouse has been seriously acting up lately. It randomly decided it wants to double click the majority of the time when I’m trying to single click. It makes doing anything very frustrating and a waste of my time. I have no idea how to fix it, most of the solutions seem to involve me having to buy a new mouse, which isn’t what I really want to do :/ If I can’t figure out, I guess I have no other choice.

    Onto my long overdue June Birch Box review…my experiences with Birch Box haven’t exactly been the best. I don’t particularly dislike them but they also haven’t really offered me a box worth me getting excited for yet. This month’s box did much better than previous months! While I’m still debating continuing or canceling my subscription, I can at least say this month has been the best box yet so far for me. I’m glad I fiddled with the questionnaire.

    Box contents for June include:

  • Ada Cosmetics Bronzer
  • Likewise Facial Moisturizer
  • Masqueology Brightening Mask
  • theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen
  • BAND-AID Cynthia Rowley Dress up Band-Aids
  • I decided to put my new bed sheets to use :) I really miss my blue ones though but it’s time they had to go. This month’s box consisted of only 4 items with the 5th item being a bonus item.

    Ada Cosmetics Bronzer in Golden [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $12.45 (3 grams)
    Birch Box Value: $4.15 (1 gram)

    Description: A talc-free face and body powder that gives you a beautiful sunkissed look with a hint of shimmer. Use on face, arms, shoulders and the decolletage.

    This is one of the items I was excited to get as I don’t have a bronzer in powder form. The Golden Bronzer comes in a gorgeous shimmery bronze color. The actual color of the bronzer looks much better than the image on the website, I have no idea why they depict a more reddish hue. This can be used anywhere you want for a sunkissed look without the sun.

    Likewise Facial Moisturizer [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $44.00 (1.69 fl oz)
    Birch Box Value: $3.90 (.15 fl oz)

    Description: Working as a hydrating moisturizer and protective sunscreen, Likewise Daily Skincare for normal to dry skin has anti-aging antioxidants and niacinamide, which helps calm dry, irritated skin and reduces redness—including redness associated with rosacea. Use it as a day or nighttime moisturizer. This soothing fragrance-free moisturizer works in harmony with all Likewise skincare products.

    This one specifically comes in normal to dry but you can also purchase the moisturizer in oily and normal to oily skin, depending on your skin type. Likewise’s daily skincare moisturizer is both a moisturizer and sunscreen built in one. It has the consistency, look, feel, and smell of sunscreen as well as all the benefits. The moisturizer comes with SPF 50 and added zinc to help reflect sunlight. This moisturizer is great for summer, especially if you’re having a hot dry summer season like I am.

    Masqueology Brightening Mask [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $24.00 (3 masks)
    Birch Box Value: $8.00 (1 mask)

    Description: A rayon cellulose single use facial mask saturated with advanced multi-functioning ingredients that contours to your face leaving your complexion brighter and refreshed.

    This one was of the items featured in Birch Box’s preview video for this month. Since this month’s theme is centered around travel, the face mask is supposed to help brighten your face after a long flight and to give it that refreshing glow. Of course, this can be used even without travel. I personally love face masks and can’t wait to give this a try when I have another long day at work. You can use this before going out, traveling, sleeping etc.

    theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $17.00 (0.3 fl oz)
    Birch Box Value: $2.27 (0.04 fl oz)

    Description: Staniac hint of tint works with all skin tones. Dab just a touch on your cheeks or layer to pop the color. Fear not those dreaded streaks that most tints leave behind. Staniac’s water-based formula is designed to give you more time before the stain sets.

    I think I prefer lip stains to lip sticks. Stainiac’s lip stain can be used for both your lips and cheek. The color is great if you want to put a little or a lot of color into your lips and cheek. Personally, I prefer a little on my lips to bring out the color without driving too much attention to them. I was very happy to see Birch Box sent me this item!

    BAND-AID Cynthia Rowley Dress up Band-Aids [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $5.00 (20 bandages)
    Birch Box Value: $5.00 (20 bandages)

    This was the only item in the box that I was disappointed in. There were two lifestyle extra items this month I believe…you either received the pack of bandaids or a tili bag that you can use to store items. I would have preferred the tili bag over bandaids. I hardly use bandaids to begin with and I’m also not entirely fond of these designs at all, I would prefer the plain ones. The only thing I can say yay to is Birch Box actually sending out a full box instead of 1-2 bandaids.

    Total Value: $23.32

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    Review: May Birch Box

    Tuesday May 15th, 2012 at 1:34 am

    I’m running a bit behind on my reviews, this is the downside to having almost all my subscriptions arrive mid-month. While it maybe Christmas for a week, I get a little overwhelmed trying to get reviews up as soon as possible while still attempting to try out as many products as I can first.

    May’s Birch Box arrived last Thursday. I don’t particularly care for surprises when it comes to these monthly subscription services (although I’m not opposed to them) so I cheated a little and already found out what I would be receiving. There was a lot of hype around May’s Birch Box since the theme is the hit TV series, Gossip Girl. I don’t watch the series since I’ve never developed an interest in it but everyone who has seen it raves about it. The box is supposed to reflect the series, which got many people excited. There were even rumors of a Dior item.

    May’s Birch Box had 19 known variations, with only a couple of them worth receiving in my opinion. The rest had a combination of items that I thought were decent but nothing special. Only 1-2 boxes had anything Dior related I believe.

    Box contents for May include:

  • Dr. Jart Waterfuse BB Cream
  • Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
  • Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide
  • Color Club Nail Polish in Disco Nap
  • Extras include:

  • Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal Shampoo
  • Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal Conditioner
  • Notecards
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    Review: Birchbox April Box

    Thursday May 3rd, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Birch Box is a monthly beauty subscription service based out of NYC. Their services run $10 a month, similar to My Glam and The Look Bag. You’ll receive a selection of samples every month (most likely 4-5) to try and also have the opportunity to earn points. You earn 10 points for a monthly subscription and 110 points for a yearly subscription. Every time you purchase an item from the Birch Box shop, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Referring friends will earn you 50 points and completely feedback surveys will earn 10 points each. Once you reach 100 points, you are able to exchange for a $10 reward to spend on Birch Box. If you wanted to, you could review every box. 2 boxes will 5 items each will earn you 100 points, which equates to a free box should you choose to take advantage of the $10 reward offer. Points will expire one year from the date they were earned.

    Birch Box has been around for about a year and a half but I’ve never really taken interest in it until recently. Much like every other beauty subscription service, there’s plenty of mixed feelings going around. People either love it, hate it, or are meh about it. Since I started with a My Glam subscription, I wasn’t all that into Birch Box. However, the more I see about Birch Box, the more interested I was so I decided to try them out. I also figured this would be a great comparison for both My Glam and Birch Box subscribers or for those curious about the other box. Luck would have it that when I try to sign up, I ended up on a wait list. I received the email a couple weeks ago, over a month after I had been wait listed. At first I thought I would be receiving the May box as my first one but much to my surprise, I received the April one.

    Box contents for April include:

  • Alima Pure Organic Nourishing Lipbalm in Rhubarb
  • willa Foaming Face Wash
  • Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil
  • Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion
  • Wonderstruck Taylor Swift
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    Dinner and a movie, just not in the same night.

    Thursday April 12th, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Dinner’s cooking on the stove, although it’s a little strange I’m not exactly hungry. I blame it on the brownie I had at work before I came home. There’s nothing too special for dinner tonight, just some good ol’ congee (rice porridge) and some side dishes I’m making. It’s easy and quick to make and also somewhat of a comfort food for me. One of my favorites is cucumber sprinkled with a bit of salt and a light drizzle of sesame oil mixed together. It may sound weird but it’s quite delicious. My mom used to make congee a lot when she didn’t feel like spending too much time on making dinner or when it’s cold. Lately it’s been quite cold, including tonight. Tennessee always has a cold front come in early to mid April after we’ve had weeks of fantastic weather. It’s supposed to be back in the 80s this weekend.

    I went to go see Wrath of the Titans last night with a friend of mine. Overall, I’d say its a decent movie. I generally like movies about Roman/Greek mythology even if they end up being the same story. I probably wouldn’t say it was better than Immortals but still a decent watch. Wrath of the Titans follows the story of Perseus after he has slain the mighty Kraken and now faces the return of Kronos.

    So, good news and semi-bad news today. The good news is I finally received my invitation to sign up for birch box. I snatched it up right away and I can’t wait. I’ve heard mixed feelings on birch box but they seem to be a great alternative to My Glam. I’m excited to be able to do reviews on both subscription services. I’ll most likely keep birch box for a while since it’s one of the more affordable and better services.

    The semi-bad news is that Glossy Box recently announced their pricing, $21. I’ve been excited for Glossy Box since hearing about it, their foreign boxes look absolutely amazing. It makes me want to subscribe to those instead. At $21, Glossy Box US is already higher priced than most other countries. Australia, Canada, South Korea, and the UK all offer the box at around $15 USD, which would be a more reasonable and manageable price for me. The only thing I can factor in to the price difference at the moment is the currency exchange and the economy. China’s box is estimated at about $37 USD and that’s a lot of money in China. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to start Glossy Box, even if it’s for a little while. I’m hoping they will provide some of their foreign products to try, that would totally be worth it to me. I’ll most likely give up Beauty Army, which I don’t have a problem with and hold off on Sample Society. Ahhh..too many to try, I need a third job @_@. Glossy Box has also announced they will release memberships this spring, which pretty much only leaves May and June. Since their first box will be given away to prize winners, I see sign ups for the second box being available more towards June.

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