Hypocrisy in Cosplay

Wednesday May 21st, 2014 at 11:16 pm

So, last night I was involved in an (rather immature) argument and it all started with a girl commenting that Jessica Nigri needs to stop trying too hard. One thing let to another and I started to realize why I lost interest in cosplaying and conventions. The argument has nothing to do with her comment per se, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

I started cosplaying back in 2010 I believe when I moved back to Nashville. The first couple of years I spent a lot of money on cosplays, hotels, props, travel, etc but I didn’t care…I was having fun, no regrets there. Most conventions I went to were small with the biggest one being Dragon*Con.

When I first got into cosplay, there weren’t many big cosplayers outside of Yaya Han and VampyBitMe. The idea of making money or a living off of cosplay was a dream many people had but few achieved. I originally wanted to do the same. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their life dressing up as their favorite characters, taking photos, going to conventions, and having fun with their friends? However, I was only in love with the idea. My sewing practice never got past a straight line and I never pursued much of anything outside of conventions.

Fast forward a few years and cosplay has evolved. It’s almost a whole different world with limitless opportunities with a slew of top cosplayers at the helm. While conventions have been around for decades, even more so in Japan, now we’re in an era where cosplaying is recognized more than just nerds dressing up and role playing.

I stopped cosplaying for a few reasons. It’s was too expensive, I lost interest since I wasn’t making my own cosplays, and I started pursuing a new goal (one that had been on the back of my mind for years) so I lacked the time. After the argument I was having last night, I realized another reason why is because I didn’t like what the cosplay community had become.

One thing you hear constantly around the community is “Cosplay is about fun”. And it is…or at least it should be. Cosplay has become a competition, and shows such as Heroes of Cosplay, really don’t help the cause. Instead of looking for what’s right about a cosplay, everyone looks at what’s wrong. That may just be human nature.

Back to the argument I was having last night, the biggest part about cosplay that bothers me is the hypocrisy and double standards. What heated the argument was I posted a reply with a picture of the commenter at this past year’s MTAC with very little clothing. It was your typical “I’m at a convention and I’m going to wear an “original” getup that involves covering up some of my boobs and booty shorts” type of deal (It could have been a cosplay but I have no idea). Honestly, I have nothing against it. If that’s your idea of fun, go for it. I was a bit mean in my comment in pointing out the obvious but the hypocrisy irritated me. She was hating on someone for a reason she was okay with when it came to her own body. The only difference is one looked better and more successful. And no, I didn’t stalk anyone. Someone had pointed the image out to me because they remembered seeing her.

Unfortunately, since I did not have prior knowledge on a couple of things, I don’t think my point ever got across…either that or she and her boyfriend didn’t care and were more concerned about insulting me than seeing the issue for what it was, but it’s not like I’m the best debater. I was accused of white knighting among other things (such as a bitch with no life and an insane cunt o_O). I might have white knighted a little bit (if that’s what it’s being called nowadays). I made my typical “she works for it” “she doesn’t need to try hard” “people hate on her because she’s doing it too right” etc etc speech. *holds up GO NIGRI flag* (okay not really) I think if I left it at that, nothing would have came of it. We would have been two people with an opinion, but I felt like pointing out hypocrisy for once. If I’m a bitch for that, then I am but hey…I have a life :( (While we are on the subject of pointing out hypocrisy, I get crap for “white knighting” a cosplayer but when her boyfriend white knights her, she’s totally okay with it and praises him.)

I couldn’t care less whether or not she or anyone out there liked Jessica Nigri or any other cosplayer. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has a different one. However, I don’t understand when people dislike others for the very exact same things that they will do themselves. Had she disliked JN just for sexualizing her cosplays, yea ok…I can see why people dislike that. To find her doing the exact same thing, well…I don’t understand. To add to the hypocrisy, I was also pointed out a picture of her female Ash Ketchum cosplay which is almost a direct replica of the one Jessica Nigri did. I think the only difference was booty shorts instead of an ultra short skirt. It’s no different than people who hate liars but constantly lie to others. Or one of my favorites, women are sluts for wearing as little as bra and underwear but these same people will either wear bikinis or check out/hit on chicks in bikinis.

That is just one example of why I no longer care to cosplay. I still love seeing amazing cosplays and the work put into them, but I’ve lost interest (for now) in cosplaying and attending conventions. Everyone knows that sex sells. Just look at the characters that people are cosplaying…scantly dressed characters with large tits are everywhere in anime, gaming, comics, and tv shows. Women are being hated for one of the very reasons why we like what we like. You’ll most likely never hear someone say “OMG the chicks in Dead or Alive need to stop trying so hard”. Walk around in a convention…you’ll probably see more cosplays and outfits done solely to attract attention than cosplays that people do for the art. So it makes no sense why it’s okay for one person to do it but not for others.

This issue goes way beyond what me and this girl were talking about last night, what that did was it got me thinking. Just read through any facebook post, instagram picture, youtube video, or internet article. The amount of bullying (both online and offline) is insane and people are okay with this. No wonder why you have kids out there committing suicide or shooting places up. Very little is being done about it and as long as nothing drastic happens, it’s totally okay for people to call women derogatory terms or make fun of a person’s looks/what they like. Who knows, maybe people do it because others do it to them. What does that really help in the end?

Hypocrisy comes in all shapes and forms and this is just one of the most blatant examples. We live in a society where success is measured by how many haters we have, and I’m not just talking about cosplay at this point. People can’t be happy for the success of others. Instead, it’s what we can say about them to make ourselves feel or look better. Women become sluts when success comes from their looks and men are hated for every reason possible. No one can be too good at something.

I have no idea what the main point of this novel is, I guess it’s wtf hypocrites? But it goes much further than cosplay, people need to start seeing the real issues. What we learned in kindergarten about doing onto others as we would want them to do onto us went out the window long time ago. Having an opinion is one thing, being a hypocrite is another.

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Middle Tennessee Anime Convention 2013

Wednesday April 10th, 2013 at 10:37 pm

All images are taken by Mage TV unless otherwise stated.

I had a blast with my friends during Easter weekend at the first anime convention of the year that I was able to attend :) MTAC is Tennessee’s largest Anime/Gaming convention with an attendance of 9,691 this year! This will seem like a small amount compared to some conventions such as Dragon*Con, Anime Expo, Fanime, NY Comic Con, etc that usually hosts tens of thousands of attendees every year but it is still very much well worth going to.

Established in 1999 and located in Nashville, TN, MTAC has been growing at a significant amount year to year with attendees more than doubling since 2010 alone. The first MTAC convention I went to in 2011 was small enough to be hosted at a hotel (a fairly cramped hotel…). The following year, it was moved to the Nashville Convention Center downtown where we were able to fully enjoy the spacious 3 floors of the convention center as well as it’s rooms and the hotel lobbies. Next year, the convention will be held at the brand new (huge) convention center that is currently being built downtown and will be able to hold even more guests, dealers, events, panels, photographs, etc! Each year, the convention grows not only in size, but also in the arsenal of guests that are invited. Last year I was able to meet Jason David Frank for the first time, definitely a childhood dream come true!

This is the first time I’ve done a convention a little differently. Normally, I’m all about chasing after people and collecting as many photos as I can (as you can view in photo albums here, here, here, and here from 2011 and 2012), but I took it easy this year and spent more time hanging out and enjoying the time with my friends.

Luckily for me, my friends were nice enough to let me look through their photos and use some for the blog :)

This was probably the best cosplay I saw all weekend, Rilakkuma!

She was so cute waddling through the convention center.

I’m so sad the image came out blurry :( Why is that most of my friends take blurry photos of meeeeee D: I tried to clear it up a little bit with photoshop. As for the random sakura, it’s to cover my ugly shoes. The boots I had brought with me suffered an ill fate (I found out the hard way they are not waterproof) so I had to make do with some slip ons that I happened to take with me.

(You can’t tell in the photo but I’m wearing my Totoro cloak) :3

This is one event I brought my camera to and shot some photos. Although, because of the bad seating and lighting, the photos didn’t come out as great as I would have liked them to. I need to look into a better zoom lens sometime in the future.

My friend was part of a Japanese fashion show, with clothing designed by fashion designer: Sixh.

And with Sixh himself:

More photos next year, I promise :) My next convention will be Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA, where I’ll be sure to cosplay.

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All in a weekend’s work.

Monday April 23rd, 2012 at 12:09 am

I hate it when the weekends fly by, but at least that means I had fun? I slept so well last night, yet I’ve still been tired all day. It must have been because of Friday night when I only slept a few hours and had to get up at 8 am the next morning for work. That’s…definitely not fun. Saturday night, I slept like a log. I barely woke up when my dad called me around noon asking him if I was coming over today. I guess I forgot to tell him I wasn’t.

I had an interesting dream last night where I ended up dying. I have those dreams every now and then, no idea why. I’m hoping it’s not a bad omen of any sort, haha. Anyhow, in the dream I was driving. Here, pedestrians have right of way at crosswalk. Technically, if there are pedestrians waiting to cross at a crosswalk, you are supposed to stop and let them pass. It’s not the other way around but many people don’t do it. Either they aren’t aware of the law or they are just too lazy and selfish to stop and let a few people cross. Certain streets have these crosswalks, they’re not all over the city and I don’t mean crosswalk as in those white striped lines at 4 way intersections. These are usually on smaller roads and have a sign beside them. Moving on, in my dream I was driving and all of a sudden this guy and a little girl come out of nowhere and on a crosswalk. I did not see them for some reason and ended up running over the little girl with my car. The next part makes no sense to me but in my dream, I backed up my car afterwards and ran over her again. If that wasn’t bad enough, I went forward after that and ran over her again for the third time. At this point, I get of my car and am freaking out. I’m crying and running around and just plain freaking out. They guy says nothing but has a creepy look on his face. I guess he was supposed to be the girls dad or something. Before I know, this little boy about the same age as the girl comes out with a gun in his hand. I guess he was her brother and shoots me in the head. Weird, right? I tend to dream in third person view so I spent a couple seconds looking at my dead body from above. It’s kind of like how you die in video games you see your dead self for a few seconds afterwards. I usually have very weird dreams that make no sense but I also normally don’t remember my dreams too well in the morning. I’m not sure why I remembered this one well. I guess its the fact that me dying really stuck to me lol.

So, after a long boring day at work Saturday, we had some friends over to watch the UFC fight that night. I was excited, who doesn’t like a good fight :) It ended up being a Risk battle while waiting for the main event. I’ve never really played a whole game of Risk before, it was a lot of fun.

We had to play with 2 boards, there were 9 of us. This was after everyone finished setting up. The red pieces in North America and South America on the board on the left side are mine.

Preparing for battle!

South America shall be mine soon *insert evil laugh here*

But sadly, I did not win. We didn’t really even finish the game, it was getting too late so we had an all out wipe out war in the end but the dice was not in my favor. I hope I get to do something like this again, it was great :)

The UFC fight went well, no pics though. I didn’t think of taking any pics at the time since I was more into the fight. Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans! My vote was on Jones and although I wasn’t surprised that he won, I was a little disappointed that the fight went on for the full 25 minutes. I had thought it would have been over before that. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next between the two.

I also discovered Game of Thrones last night. I keep hearing people talk about it and that’s good enough to get me into watching/starting something. I originally thought I did not have HBO. I actually still don’t know what channels I have and what channels I don’t have but it turns out I do and Comcast was even nice enough to put the entire first season of Game of Thrones on HBO on Demand. I only got to watch the first episode. If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have wanted to watch at least a couple more. I can see why people like the series, it’s well done. I can’t say too much for the story line yet but the first episode was good enough to get me hooked. This will give me something to watch for a little while. Ever since Spartacus, Walking Dead, and American Horror Story stopped airing, I haven’t been able to find anything to watch on tv.

After sleeping for 12 hours (yes, it was a great sleep minus the dream) I went out with a couple friends. We ended up going to a Thai restaurant and renting Harold and Kumar: A Christmas Story on RedBox. I had probably only eaten at a Thai restaurant 2-3 times in my life. It’s not that I dislike the food, but I’m a bigger fan of other Asian cuisines. This restaurant was pretty good. The service was a bit on the slow side but there was only one person waitressing given that it’s a Sunday.

We got a shrimp combination rice dinner to split.

And I ordered a cashew nut with chicken dish since I was craving nuts for some odd reason. Both were fairly decent. I tend to like my dishes to be a bit more heavy in flavoring and both these were not. This is not to say it wasn’t delicious. I was very satisfied with my choice.

This is what probably made my day, mang0 bubble tea. They had so many flavors that I wanted to try but I opted for the mango flavored. It was soooo good. I haven’t had bubble tea in a long time much less a good bubble tea. Here, you just don’t find awesome asian foods everywhere. You’re lucky if you find even one. I might have to stop by every now and then again if I’m in the neighborhood just to get a bubble tea. My friends ordered a strawberry and a honeydew one that were equally as good. I finished this up in no time.

Harold and Kumar: A Christmas Story was a lot of fun although I liked Guantanamo Bay a lot more. I don’t think I’ve seen all of White Castle although I’m though I’ve seen most of it. Dumb movies will still always give me a good laugh. It was a nice way to end the night.

I’m going to make it a goal to start doing some kind of work out daily starting tomorrow. I’ve been doing some serious slacking the last couple of weeks and my body is starting to feel lazy again.

On another note…

I’m on Google images :)

Now time to go watch more Game of Thrones.

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My head screams argh.

Saturday April 14th, 2012 at 9:53 pm

I’ve been in such a bad mood lately and these spam comments do not help at all. There’s been a lot going on in my mind lately, more so than usual. I’m trying to set certain plans into motion without having any idea of how exactly to do it. One thing on my mind that’s been bugging the crap out of me is how much time I wasted in college. If I could go back to redo it all, I would and I’d do it right. How many people say things similar to this? Plenty, I’m sure haha.

It’s nice being able to find great inspiration on the internet again. Where were these sites a few years ago? Oh, wait..that was me not really trying to look. I’m fickle again, I want a new layout..something cleaner and simpler. I initially liked what I had started with this one but not anymore. Maybe in the future I can improve on it but I have another idea I may play around with soon.

I meant to do a review tonight but my mood is making it hard for me to even think of something to say about anything. I think I’ll hold off on the My Glam bag review until another day. I wanted to do some face shots but my face is a mess right now. I have something that looks like a rash on my right cheek even though it does not hurt, itch, or bother me in any shape or form other than the fact it makes my skin look a little irritated. There’s a nice little scrape in between my eyes that’s still not healed yet and my nose is still a little pink, but that’s a whole different story. My face looks like it just had surgery.

I’m on a photoshop kick, it’s about time but I’m not sure if I have the patience at the moment to do some of the things I want to do.

Ahh, back to thinking and figuring crap out.

In the meantime, me trying out my Dark Gunner Yuna cosplay for the first time. It’s not quite complete. You can’t tell from the pictures but the jacket I’m wearing does have a hood on the back.

I could not find a full body shot of me that I particularly like. This one sorta counts.

A wild Blade appears! Must…kill…;)

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Convention after effects are so not as fun.

Tuesday April 10th, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Phew, I’m running a bit behind in some of my schedule/plans. This weekend at MTAC was a blast, but I’m still suffering from the after effects. After I came home Sunday afternoon, I crashed on the couch which then cause me to not really want to sleep Monday night. I felt like I got more than enough sleep over the weekend but I guess the constant walking around and doing things caught up to me a lot more than what I thought.

Friday went by very smoothly although I was running on 2 hours of sleep the night before. We checked into our hotel around 8:30 AM since I had requested the night before if we could have a room ready that early. After everyone got their badges and a much needed nap, it was time to hit up the convention.

I’m not entirely sure how many people attended the convention this year but it felt like it was less because we were in a much bigger area. Last year, MTAC was held at just a hotel. This year, we had an entire convention center just for us. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked. I wanted to beat out last year, but there was so much going on this year and also having a bigger area makes it harder to track down people for pictures. The highlight of Friday night was probably meeting Jason David Frank.

I was a huge fan at 7 years old so being able to meet the guy is almost like a dream come true. He turned out to be very nice and interactive with his fans. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Norman Reedus as a result although I did see him but wasn’t able to take a photo with him nor of him. My friends were lucky enough to meet him at the elevators in the hotel and were able to talk to him as well as take some photos. Oh wells, maybe in the future? :)

Saturday and Sunday were spent with friends walking around, taking photos, doing photo shoots, and anything else that came to mind. I’m still waiting for some more photos to be posted but here’s one taken at the Final Fantasy photo shoot, me as gunner Yuna from FFX-2.

I had a few more cosplays but not sure if I have many photos of them, at least ones that I like. I’m not the greatest when it comes to taking photos. Regardless, I wouldn’t mind another weekend like this one. It’s still kind of hard coming back to work.

Outside of cosplay stuff…this morning I received an email saying that I can finally sign up for Beauty Army after about a one month wait. I thought about it for a while, debating whether or not I should. The money probably isn’t something I should be spending right now anyway but it seems someone out there wants me to subscribe as during this time, I found out I got a slight raise this month :) So, of course I signed up. What really convinced me is that this is also the same week that Beauty Army announced you can now skip a month if you do not like that month’s samples. I’m currently not sure if this means I can skip every month if I don’t like the samples or if I’m only allowed to skip one month at a time. If it’s the former, I’ll probably stay signed up for a while. If it’s the latter, I might cancel depending on how the bags turn out as I would like to try a couple other sample sites but don’t want to spend too much money monthly.

My first bag will consist of:

  • Cellceuticals Neocell 0.33 FL OZ
  • Mama Mio Boob Tube 1.7 OZ
  • Freeman Beauty Pssssst Instant Dry Shampoo 1.76 OZ
  • Befine Night Cream 0.5 FL OZ
  • Babor Anti-Stress Jet Lag Cream 0.5 FL OZ
  • Aquolina Pink Sugar Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 0.06 OZ
  • Beauty Army allows you to pick 6 out of 9 samples they have every month for $12. While I am excited to try some of these samples, the selection this month just wasn’t that great to me but I’m willing to give them a try for a few months. To be honest, I would have probably opted to skip this month had it not been for the fact that I had to sign up if I didn’t want to lost my place on the wait list. I might go back and redo the beauty quiz. Reviews of the items will be up once I get them.

    Speaking of reviews, my goal is to get the Julep review up later tonight but taekwondo will have to come first :)

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    Cosplays are almost done!

    Tuesday April 3rd, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    Tonight was a great night for a jog outside. With everything going on, I haven’t worked out in almost 2 weeks. I’m starting to feel lazy again but it’s nice to get back into it.

    I’m excited for this weekend. I finally get to meet Jason David Frank, best known for playing Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers. It’s an interesting feeling when you’re a kid and you like a character so much you think it’d be cool to meet him one day but think it’ll never happen and 15 years down the road it just happens. He’ll be at MTAC this weekend :) I signed up for a VIP dinner with him for Friday night. The price was $45 but will be donated to a charity later on so meeting him is really a neat bonus on top of helping out a charity.

    I finished editting my yuna braid tonight.

    Excuse the blue tape up top (it’s to hold the ribbon in place better) and the poor sewing job. I have no knowledge of how to sew ribbon. I altered it slightly to where now it will be attached to my hair instead of Yuna’s hood. The main reason for this is that I really would like to rock out a dark Yuna cosplay for Saturday night and I will be making/using a black version of the braid. I still need to get the hair piece made for that one but with any lucky I’ll remember how it’s done and be able to knock it out tomorrow night. ;)

    My Emily Adachi cosplay is coming along nicely. I really need to remember in the future when I have something custom made to be extremely specific with all measurements. I ended up paying more for the alterations on the cosplay than the actual cosplay itself, but I think it’ll look fantastic when it’s fully done. Perhaps after things die down a bit, I’ll look into learning how to sew like I’ve been wanting to for a while. I think it’ll be a neat experience.

    I’ll be getting my hair trimmed and thinned tomorrow after work. I’m debating on cutting it but maybe at a later date. It’s getting long, almost down to my waist and my hair is naturally thick so it needs to be thinned otherwise it won’t fit under a wig. It’s also getting hot out, summer weather came early this year.

    Sneak peaks for April’s My Glam bags are out and I’m super excited. The past few bags have all been useful to me but this one I’m extremely excited about. One of the products is a set of fake lashes from Japan. I’ve thought of trying out fake lashes previously to see how they would look on me but never really had the chance. There will also be Urban Decay ♥

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