First 3 day weekend of the year

Monday January 20th, 2014 at 2:16 am

Am I the only one who spends a really long time on cleaning/organizing? I feel like I didn’t get very much done this past week although I managed to get quite a few listings on eBay going. I really need to get rid of some of my stuff, I’m such a hoarder. My makeup/hair/beauty products collection from beauty subscription services and personal purchases is a little ridiculous x_x I’m also trying to clean out my closet by donating some of my clothes to Goodwill.

I finally cleaned and organized my computer desk tonight, it feels so much better now!

I really love this table from IKEA. I saw it years ago when I was in Orlando and I had to have it. Unfortunately back in Nashville, there is no IKEA so I had to drive down to Atlanta and back in the same day. The trip was to visit a friend but I decided to stop and get this table before coming back home. It wouldn’t fit in the backseat of my car so we had to figure out a way to strap it to the roof. The entire ride back, I was worried the table might crack from the wind pressure since it’s made out of glass. It sounds so ridiculous right now but at the time, I thought it could happen.

The cat bed is for Luna so she wouldn’t always be trying to plop down on my keyboard. It also doubles as a great area to hide my bills (no joke).

Now that I have more room available on my table, I can also get some work done on it. Namely, the work I will be getting from my TESL classes come next week.

I also decided I was going to go ahead and knock out learning Hiragana and Katakana first. I originally was going to start memorizing some Japanese words and phrases but after some thought, and the fact that I realized you can only get so far in the Japanese language books without learning how to read, I decided I should learn the characters first. This way, when I start learning how to speak and listen, I can also practice my character reading on the side. I think that’s the whole point on how these learning Japanese books are set up anyway.

Kanji is another story, I will most likely bother with it later. This is the part where I wished I listened to my parents as a kid and learned my Chinese while I was taking all those Chinese classes. I can read some simple characters, but that’s about it.

I originally started learning Hiragana almost 10 years ago (damn, it’s been so long!) but stopped for a very stupid reason. My bitch English teacher back in, I think my Sophomore year, took my notebook for a reason I can’t remember and I never bothered to go back to learning. Ironically, since I was practicing Japanese in what was an English class, I probably deserved it but we weren’t doing anything in class except just sitting around.

Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of home decor, especially ones for small spaces and micro apartments. I think when I get my own place, I’m actually going decorate it this time. When I moved out on my own a few years back and later moved in with a roommate, one thing I never bothered to do was buy furniture or decorate so the apartments that I’ve stayed in have never felt homey even though I have everything I need. I’ve always been trying to move out of Nashville (and still am at the moment) that I didn’t want to bother with buying too much and having to deal with selling it later or when I move to a new apartment having to deal with moving too much furniture. I do have to say when I have moved the last couple times, not having a lot of big furniture to move was very nice. However, now I think I’d rather have my own place instead of just somewhere to live.

I’m so glad tomorrow is a day off from work. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with the day other than make up some sleep, do a little grocery shopping, and maybe some more cleaning. Staying up late tonight will give me a chance to work on the domain/blog. The content in the page links up top and the sidebar content are still very much under construction.

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Revamp 2014

Tuesday January 14th, 2014 at 5:01 pm

Revamping again…this is maybe the third or fourth time? I’m bound to get it one of these days.

They say a new year is a great time to make new beginnings. I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. It’s not that I don’t like the idea but because I know I’m one of those people who makes a list, and forgets about it by the end of January.

2012 and 2013 were rather uneventful years, in terms of everything. I had so many things I wanted to do that I ended up jumping from one thing to another to another and in the end, got nothing done. As it was told to me, the idea of doing something was more appealing than actually doing it. I made it through doing typical things…work, come home, sleep, work, come home, sleep. Occasionally there would be hangouts and maybe workouts. In a nutshell, it was most unproductive.

I got to thinking late 2013 that I didn’t want to have another year where at the end of it, I’m sitting there thinking “what did I make of this year?” I’ve probably had more downs than ups in the past several years which affected much of my mood and motivation but at the end of it all you just realize that it’s nothing more than time wasted. I wasn’t going to allow 2014 to be the same.

With that being said, I have made some resolutions this year. Most of which can be summed up as follows:

  • Work out more: The most typical of resolutions but it has to be on the list. The past couple years I’ve slacked on my martial arts training and it’s affected me just as much mentally as it has physically.
  • Procrastinate less: This one I’m not so sure but it should be on the list! I have a hard time starting but once I do, it’s not hard to keep going. I’m going to attempt to focus on less distractions and just get stuff done.
  • Focus on being a better individual: This one is kind of vague but what I’m going for is that I want to be a better person in 2014. This can be for myself or for others. I would also like to do more in terms of helping other out whether it’s by volunteer work, giving money when I can, assisting those less fortunate, etc. I may not have a lot but I have more than enough compared to a lot of people out there. It’s sometimes frustrates me that the world today has become a society where people would much rather complain than do something to help change things.
  • Focus more on the positive: This goes hand-in-hand with the top 2. Like most other girls/women, I do have self-esteem issues and I have doubt in terms of myself and in others. Worry about the negative when it comes to that. In the meantime, focus on the positives.
  • Better myself: I have a few goals this year that I’d like to get started on. There’s no point in not improving myself when I have great people and resources around me. I’m going for my TESL certification in a couple weeks and I’d also like to get started on learning Japanese (especially since I’m trying to make plans to move to Japan). Those are just a few ideas I’m currently working on, I’m sure I’ll have more later but I would like to focus on a few at a time.
  • Be more organized: This one is really hard for me x_x First things first, I’m going to clean and organize my room this week!
  • Blog!: The hardest part about this is the lack of content I have to blog with but I’m hoping that will change with *points to above*
  • Take more pictures: I have so many picture taking devices (2 cameras and a phone!) that I do absolutely nothing with. This needs to change.
  • Buy less things that I don’t need: So I can have more money to buy more things that I do need :D Okay, okay…I’m not that bad. So I have more money to 1) save 2) help others out and 3) spend it where it needs to be spent
  • Practice more with makeup: I’m one of those girls that SUCKS at putting makeup on because I never do it either due to lack of time or practice. I actually think I look silly with makeup on, but that’s probably due to my lack of skill in it. It’s not that I feel like I need makeup but more so because it seems fun and I’d like to get better at it.

    This year is all about me and seeing what I can do :)

    The current layout is a work in progress as I attempt to get back into coding and seeing what I can do with it.

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    My cat won’t stop meowing!

    Wednesday April 3rd, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    There’s no significance to the title. I can’t think of what else to title this post and she has been non-stop meowing since I got home. Her food bowl is “empty” according to her.

    I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last blogged! March was a hectic month and I’m finally getting a chance to catch up on some things. I’ve been working on a few posts for the last couple days and randomly decided to split one of them into 2 separate ones for more content. First, some exciting news….








    I can’t wait :D I desperately need a vacation already (and it’s only April!). I’ve only visited China twice since coming to the US with my parents when I was 4 years old and it’s been 7 years since I last went back. This will be the first time I’m going alone. Originally, both my parents and I were supposed to take this trip together but my dad recently started a new job this week and won’t be able to take a couple weeks off in June. Since he is not going, my mom won’t be going either. I’m a little nervous since I’m not close/familiar with my other family members. It may sound weird but I’ve only seen them twice in my life and for brief periods of time! Nevertheless, I’m excited to go visit them. I just hope my Chinese is good enough for us to make good conversations :)

    This year, I’m going to do the trip differently than in the past. I’m actually going to travel. Normally, we go to Wu Han and Bei Jing (where my parents are from) and the most site seeing/traveling we’ll do is various places around the city (Tian An Men Square, random Buddhist temples 1-8, the zoo cause I love pandas, restaurants, malls, etc) or we’ll stay home because of the hot weather. I’ve never been to any other cities outside of those two so my cousins have agreed to take me to some places during the 1.5 weeks that I’m there.

    As for Japan, it’s more of a pit stop on the way back home. I will only be in Tokyo for 3 days before I have to depart :( I would have loved to stay longer but I couldn’t get more days off of work and I wanted to spend more time in China with my family. I will be going with a friend and we’re going to try and pack as many things as possible in 3 days. There’s plenty of time to sleep on the 30 hour trip home.

    I will be taking as many photos as I possible can, but more on the trip after I take it. There will surely be multiple blog posts with many pics!

    Decided to do this randomly. I know it’s a bit way past Sunday.

    1. What is your favorite type of workout to do?
    Tae Kwon Do. It’s not the most typical workout there is and I love it! I’m not the type of person who can sit there for 30 minutes and lift weights or do ab workouts (even though I need to…). Jumping, kicking, and running around makes the workout more fun and passes the time by, not to mention I get to learn a kick ass martial art!

    2. What is your favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet?
    I probably have a few but I think my favorites are Ferrero Rocher chocolates. There’s just something about the combination of chocolate and hazelnut.

    3. What is one thing you continuously forget to do?
    There’s probably a lot, I can be quite absent minded sometimes.

    4. Do you prefer post-its or phone reminders? Why?
    Neither, which is why I forget things! I would be more of a phone reminder type of person than post-its.

    5. What is your favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile?
    I couldn’t pick just one and yes, they are ALL of my cat!

    I took this one this morning. Luna loves to sleep in between my covers and lately, she’s been sleeping with her head poking out like a human. Waking up to this is just awesome! That paw, those big yellow eyes, those cute little ears, that FACE!…:3

    It took a few months but she discovered the BOX. She decided to take advantage of the great weather last week and made one of the boxes I have in the living room a bed for her.

    I took this one a few months ago, peekaboo :D

    I love this pic! One of these does not belong…

    This is one of the first few pics I took of her when I just got her at 3 months old. Why can’t kittens stay kittens? :(

    Okay, so the last few photos I’ve posted before. It’s hard to get good images of Luna. Every time I try to take a photo, she wants to sniff the camera/phone. It’s easier to take photos of her with my phone because of how fast I can do it, which is why 99% of the photos I have of her are on my iPhone.

    I’m dealing with an irritating bladder infection this week >_< That on top of spending $800+ getting some new parts for my car and another $700 to Uncle Sam makes me want to call it quits. Perhaps, I will have that frozen yogurt tonight.

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    Some People

    Wednesday February 27th, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    One thing I cannot stand is rude, idiotic people. On my way back home from picking up my packages, I got yelled at by a guy who for some reason…seemed more pissed off than he should have been. Who knows…maybe he had a bad day, maybe he got fired from work, maybe he was on his way to deal with a crazy baby momma. Either way, keep it to yourself.

    I was trying to turn left onto a fairly busy street since it was around rush hour. I usually always turn into the middle lane first and then merge since that’s pretty much the only way to get out. The flow of traffic on the other side is usually never ending for a while. As I’m turning into the middle lane, he tries to turn too. However, he didn’t even have his blinker on so how the hell was I supposed to know he wasn’t going straight. He decided that he wanted to switch lanes after I had already started turning. Now, mind you…I wasn’t going incredibly fast so I stopped when I saw that he was trying to switch lanes and I had every intention of letting him go first (even though I would be blocking 2 lanes of traffic in less than 30 seconds) since he had the right of way. He looks at me like I’m an idiot and screams “GO” really, fucking sternly and loudly.

    So, I went and he revved up his loud engine and charged down the lane as if there wasn’t a red light several yards down. Oh, he was also on the phone the entire time this was happening. That’s real safe.

    Most people in Nashville have pretty decent and courteous driving manners. You always hear about this city or that city where driving has to be more aggressive but not so much here. However, when it comes to idiocy in terms of driving, it’s mind boggling how some people have licenses or still have licenses. I’m not sure what the driving test is like now but back when I tested for my license at age 18, I literally drove in a square and parked and that was the end of my driving test. Too easy!

    Oh happier notes, my camera bag came today and for something being “refurbished”, it’s brand spanking new! I can’t wait for the camera to arrive tomorrow.

    eBay has also once again made my day. I was leaving feedback and randomly looked at the suggestions at the bottom of the page and saw something called macro close up lens. I’m still new in the world of digital photography so of course there’s a lot of things I do not understand yet. These lens are made for taking close up pictures and the super awesome part? They are soooo affordable! Of course you can buy much better quality lens for several hundred dollars that will definitely beat these lens out of the water but for someone just starting out, cheap lens is definitely the way to go.

    I have my first hair appointment tomorrow in a long time. I’m hoping it goes well. Honestly, I have never had a good experience getting my hair cut in Nashville. One time I ended up with pretty much the same hair I came in with. Another time I ended up with a mushroom head. No joke…the guy cut off so much of my hair that I had almost a boy’s cut except it looked like the top of a mushroom. Thankfully I do not have any of those photos. It took forever for my hair to grow back! And all I asked him to do was to layer my hair and cut it below my shoulders. The last time I had my hair cut in Nashville, she cut off twice as much as what I wanted and didn’t even thin it properly. It took a year for my hair to grow back to it’s original lenght.

    Normally I wait until I go down to Atlanta and get my hair cut there but my hair is a little bit out of control now and is in need of a trim and some styling. I spent several hours trying to find a place that had good reviews and I think I found just the one, Palour and Juke! They had really great reviews and everyone seemed to have had a great experience there so I’m going to try them out tomorrow after I get off work.

    It’s off to bed earlier tonight! I’ve been so tired lately.

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    It’s back on!

    Monday February 25th, 2013 at 1:33 am

    It’s been a long hiatus but I think it’s safe to say…I’m back! And what better time to say it than on my birthday. I’m looking forward to blogging again, although I think I will change the way I do some of the things around here. I want this to be a more fun/personal experience, especially since I’ve set quite a few goals for myself to accomplish within the upcoming months, this year, and so forth.

    (It is very hard to blog with a cat all over your keyboard)

    Speaking of which, I introduce this little gem…

    Her name is Luna!

    I received her as a present for this past Christmas. She’s about 3-4 months old in the picture take a couple months back. She’s been a handful but her cuteness makes up for it. She’s not the first cat I’ve had but she is the first kitten so it’s been a learning experience for me as well. It’s definitely had its moments but if I was to do it again, I think I would go for another kitten.

    Some more pics, excuse the poor iPhone quality pics. She can never stay still enough for me to get better pictures with a camera and the only time she does stay still is when I only have my phone with me.

    She’s more or less into doing her own things at the moment but she is a total lap kitty. I placed her bed next to my computer so she would have some other place to lay down that’s not my keyboard (!) and for the most part, she’ll sleep in it while I’m on the computer. So cute!! I’ve never had a cat this affectionate before.

    I bought my first DSLR today, a Nikon D5100! My friends all chipped in to help me get it and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I didn’t realize until today that my dad had bought the same exact camera a while back so I played around with it and have to say that I am looking forward to it even more. The D5100 has a very nifty feature where the LCD screen swivels and rotates so it makes taking self shots so much easier.

    I’m still in the process of finding a new compact camera. I’ve found a few that I like but haven’t decided on which one I would rather have. The 3 I’m currently looking at are the Sony Cybershot WX80, Nikon Coolpix S6500, and the Panasonic Lumix ZS25. I’m leaning towards the Lumix right now but since it hasn’t been released, I can’t get a feel on how it looks and there are also no reviews but it is the better camera out of the three.

    I need a camera that’s great for its size and also easy for me to take anywhere, especially since I’m going to China for a couple weeks this year and would love to take as many good quality pictures as possible.

    I should head to bed earlier than later since I have a bunch of things I need to accomplish. I think I’m the only one who spends their birthday taking care of errands and whatever I’ve procrastinated on the entire month.

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    Total Recall + Sad dog story ??

    Thursday August 9th, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    I want to make more efforts to blog more often. While I like doing reviews, it’s not something that I want the blog to focus solely on. I used to enjoy blogging almost daily back in high school. Then again, I might have also had more going on then.

    Sooooo…starting today, I’ll make more efforts to make more boring posts! We can call it a mid-August resolution. o_o;

    I went to go see Total Recall last night, the movie was not bad at all. I never saw the original and from what I hear, it’s quite different but a really good remake. Kate Beckinsale gets hotter every time I see her.

    She totally makes one sexy baddie.

    I’m not the biggest Jessica Biel fan but after watching her in this movie, I can say I’m not entirely opposed to her being in the upcoming Wolverine movie now. She did surprisingly good.


    Am I the only one who thinks he looks weird with that hair color and mustache combo?

    Haha, he will always be Harold to me <3 Anyhoo...I wouldn't call the movie the must see of the year but if you're looking for something to do, it's definitely not a waste of money. I'm a sucker for pet stories :/ Has everyone seen this yet?

    The story behind the photograph is that this 19 year old German Shepard has arthritis and his owner, John Unger has found that water is therapeutic for the dog. Every night he carries his dog into the lake to help the dog fall asleep.

    You can read the full story here.

    Not many people treat animals as one of their children…heck, a lot people don’t treat their children as one of their children. GAH! to people with a heart. I could cry.

    It makes me want to get a dog, just look at how that dog is smiling! I much more of a cat person when it comes to pets but dang, a lot of these dog stories are inspiring!

    Okay, no more sad, puppy stories.

    My left eye has been acting up all week, it looks horrible x_x I might throw out the pair of contacts I’m using now and try a new pair but I don’t understand why they would be bothering me when they are a pair of new contacts. I hope nothing is wrong with my eye, I would hate to have it to looked at and then get told I need surgery.

    I’m working on a review, I promise. I know it’s been a little while since I last did one. Photoshop isn’t exactly doing what I need it to do so I got a little demotivated. I might also have been sucked into playing Maple Story again, which is bad. I’ve always like the game but it’s so time consuming.

    Someone should pay me to play games, that would solve a lot of my problems.

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    Friday August 3rd, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    My left eye has gotten infected again and I don’t know why since these are a new pair of contacts. It’s possible something got in them and me falling asleep with my contact on just made it worse. They were already irritating me throughout the day. My eye looks HORRIBLE right now. This is exactly why I wanted to get LASIK. I hate my life sometimes.

    I hit a slight moment of depression earlier today after I paid my rent and credit card bill. I’m broke. August screwed me over with a lot of unnecessary payments, mainly $250 on my eyes alone and $220 on a hotel that I’m not staying at until the end of the month. I don’t think my bank account has ever been so low. Even my Pay Pal account is broke! I’m seriously debating a third job right now. I could work at my second job more during the week but 1) It would probably drive me crazy and 2) There’s not enough hours and I’d rather not work more than 2 extra days a week.

    I could just win the lottery, but that would mean I would actually have to play. Haha…wishful thinking. Or I can stop buying things but that’s not going to happen so might as well figure out how to make more money. :/

    I’m so happy to see TeamUSA win the gold in gymnastics! Am I the only one who feels inspired to see these young girls achieve their dreams? Sadly I quit gymnastics when I was a kid after they told me to go on the high beam and I was like fuck that. Me and heights do not get along well together.

    What’s with China sucking this year? The women’s team barely placed in anything. Deng Lin Lin, who qualified for the women’s all around, wasn’t even very good this year. I know that she has more talent/skill than I ever will and competing in the Olympics with the whole world watching you is seriously nerve wrecking and you probably couldn’t pay me enough money to do it, but comparing her with what she did in the 2008 Olympics and the girls from USA and Russia this year, she just isn’t very good. I normally love to watch China compete in women’s gymnastics but this year was just sad.

    I haven’t checked the Olympic medal count for tonight though, is US still ahead? It’s exciting to see USA and China go head to head on who has the highest medal count!

    This has been a fairly good week for me (minus my eye irritating the crap out of me right now and the fact that I’m broke), I don’t get a chance to say that a lot. Outside of having to work tomorrow, I’m looking forward to the weekend. This will be the first year I’m going out to take advantage of tax free weekend and seeing if I can load up on some new clothes and shoes without breaking the bank. I would have loved to be able to nab an iPad 3 as well but I’m about $500 short for that :/

    I spent Thursday afternoon making a mini photo studio so I can take better photos and also have more room for editing photos the way I want. It turned out great and I was able to get it done for less than $10! If you already have a box and tissue paper/fabric lying around, you can make one for next to nothing. I ran out of tape in the middle of it and had to run out to get more. Everything works great minus the fact I still have a slight lighting issue. Maybe this weekend I’ll look around for a lamp that I can use that provides sufficient lighting. I hear LED lights work best?

    The images in my last Glossy Box review were all taken in the mini studio. The lack of lighting made it hard to edit images, which is why there’s kind of an inconsistency to the images. On the bright side, after 3 hours of editing, I can say I probably leveled up in my photoshoping skills.

    Here’s one of the most exciting news of the week for me. I have been loaned a DSLR camera! It’s only for a couple months but I can’t say how happy I am to be able to use it for the next two months. My camera works great and has always done what I needed it to do but having a DSLR gives me more options. I need to look into getting a tripod so I can also start taking self photos. It’s time to camwhore out my blog.

    The camera is a Canon EOS T1i.

    I probably won’t get a chance to play around with it until tomorrow night, sadly.

    Some new hauls for July: I made sure I took advantage of some deals before the month ended.

    kiwiberry1: EOS Puffy 3-tone Grey contact lenses, 2 sets of fake eyelashes, and 2 contact lens cases

    I managed to get everything for only $26 including shipping after their 50% off entire site sale! This was definitely the deal of the month. Everything’s been shipped, I’m just waiting for it to get here. Current deal for August lets new customers receive a 15% discount off their first purchase with code NEWCUST15.

    Honey Color: Super Pinky Blue contact lenses, Super Pinky Green contact lenses, and Rohto Lycee Eyedrops 8mL (for Contact Lens)

    The only thing I saved on at Honey Color was shipping for last month, which is still savings. Each of the contact lenses also come with their own adorable animal contact lenses case. No new deals have been announced as of yet.

    ULTA: ULTA Eyeshadow in Iceland and ULTA Fabulous Face Pressed Powder

    This one I couldn’t pass up on when I saw it. ULTA is offering a free 13 pc set (valued at $88) with any $17.50 ULTA brand products purchase. You can still take advantage of the deal now while supplies last. The set comes with a mixture of brushes, eye products, lip products, and skincare along with a makeup bag. There are 3 different style of bags to choose from. I got mine in mystic cool.

    Totally worth it!

    He Qi Crystal Designs: 2 custom made earring cuffs

    I discovered HQCD through a giveaway I won that included a couple pieces of her custom made jewelry. I couldn’t help but wanting to get more so taking advantage of her 20% discount in July, I ordered 2 custom made earring cuffs and will probably get a third later. Check out her site if you are into custom jewelry or are wanting something different. She has a gorgeous line and is constantly adding new additions to the shop.

    I wanted to order something from Yes Style as well, but didn’t have time to get an order in. Their site is HUGE! I didn’t have enough time to look through even most of the clothes. Outside of some sales, there wasn’t anything big going on in July but they were entering everyone who purchased something into an iPad 3 giveaway, which is what I really wanted ;_;

    Time to go sort out the entries for my last giveaway. Winner will be announced shortly.

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    New Layout!! + Some new hauls

    Saturday July 28th, 2012 at 4:53 am

    I’m loving Kelly Clarkson’s Dark Side right now, not to mention she’s gorgeous.

    Finally a new layout! I’ve been saying for probably months now “I need a new layout, I need a new layout”. I’m surprised I was able to mostly finish it tonight (even if it took me until 4:30 am). My last layout took a week to finish @_@ but that’s the joy of already figuring out most of the coding, you can reuse and go from there. There’s still some minor tweaking to be done here and there.

  • Need to make new header images for the sidebar.
  • Need to revamp the sidebar a bit content wise and looks.
  • Not every link above works yet, I need to spend some time one of these days to write content.
  • Color scheme here and there, I’m still playing around.
  • And whatever else my fickle mind decides to change
  • It’s a little plain but this layout is much simpler and easier on on the eyes than the previous one. I was getting so tired of the orange :/ I was originally going to use hearts but decided today to go with cherry blossoms since I might have a slight obsession with them.

    This probably would have taken less time had my FTP not expired on me when I needed to use it. Even though I should have been able to renew my FTP for free, it wasn’t working so I said fuck it and downloaded a new one. I’ll miss WS_FTP LE, it’s been my favorite FTP since high school. FileZilla works well but I’m as fond of it.

    I’m such a night owl. I’m far more productive at night than I am during the day :x

    My friend recently came back from Korea and brought me a lot of stuff, some I bought and some are gifts. Expect reviews to come in the future for most of these!

    The Hello Kitty perfume is awesome. It has a tropical, sweet smell that I love. If I can buy it online I’ll probably buy more in the future. The nail polish I got for fun. I might play around with it later or I might include it in a future giveaway.

    These hand creams are adorable! I couldn’t help but get the set and then some. They’re shaped like little eggs and even came in a egg carton like packaging.

    Etude House gave me a giant lip pillow for free because I apparently spent so much money there o_O

    Isn’t this panda freaking cute? The phone is mine but the charm and phone jack were gifts :3

    Jade Valerie is my favorite artist. Even though she’s no longer with Sweetbox, I really wanted one of her CDs.

    I forgot to take a picture of it but I also got a pair of white sandals with wings.

    These were a few items I bought myself some time back and they’ve just been sitting in my living room. The kitty paw cell phone charm also doubles as a screen cleaner! How cute is that?

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    Post 4th of July

    Thursday July 5th, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! :) Mine was expensive, but very enjoyable. The 4th of July is also my dad’s birthday. I treated him and my mom to dinner at P.F. Chang’s and had a great time. P.F. Chang’s has this Asian Pear Mojito that I’ve come to love, I blame my dad for introducing me to it. Originally, we wanted to eat Korean BBQ but we ended up leaving the house a bit early and the restaurant wasn’t open. It was a bit disappointing, I haven’t had bulgogi in a while!

    This week has been hectic, my lack of sleep over the past several days is finally taking its toll on me. The heat doesn’t help either. I swear everyday has been over a hundred degrees, if not close to it. I want to announce the giveaway winner before the weekend but I first have to sort through all of the entries. I’ll do a little bit of it after the blog post while I’m still on my lunch break but I probably won’t finish until tonight or tomorrow.

    I’m very sorry for the delay. With everything going on this week, I’ve hardly been home much except to sleep. I keep meaning to clean the apartment before we have friends over Sunday to watch the UFC fight I’ll be DVR’ing on Saturday and can’t even find time for that ._.

    My friend is in town for this week and is working on a short martial arts film, which I’ve been spending most of my free time working on. It’s been so much fun and I can’t wait to see the final result. I would love to do more projects like this in the future, hopefully when I get better martial arts and choreography skills ;) I’ve got one more fight to film I think on Friday and that’s it for me.

    I’ve been very happy to find some contact lens sellers that have contacts for my eyesight. It’s surprising since my eyesight is horrible and I didn’t know some of the prescriptions went that deep. My selections are VERY limited however, but I’ve been able to find a couple that I like. Hopefully, I can find some more sellers.

    It’s been annoying trying to get my eye exam records though, so I know what prescriptions to order my contacts in. Normally, I have no problems with the institution that I went to go get my LASIK exam done at, which is why it is always my first go to choice when it comes to anything medical. However, trying to get my records has been anything but pleasant. I spent all day Tuesday, at work, trying to fax over a copy of my release forms. It could never get through. I think by the end of the day, I had tried over 15 times. I called and the lady on the phone, in her “I don’t give a fuck about anything” tone, just told me that the machines are busy and for me to keep trying.

    I tried and tried..and continued to do so today until I finally decided that this is stupid. I called again and got the same lady who would not answer my questions at all! I had to ask her several times if there was another way for me to send it in. She kept trying to tell me that the machines are busy. 1) That does not answer my question and 2) I know the machines are busy. Out of my 20+ confirmation pages, they all tell me that it’s busy. I don’t need her to tell me 3 times. She finally let me know I can mail it in, which I have no problem with. It will get there sooner than a fax….

    It takes a lot for me to become irritated over the phone with someone. I was irritated with her, she was irritated with me. I honestly do not care, why bother doing a job that you can’t even do. She has not been helpful both times I’ve called her and the problem could have been quickly solved. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it’s very hard to help someone find a solution if one method is clearly not working. Telling me things I already know does not get us anywhere. I honestly do not mind resending a fax multiple times, but unfortunately, I do have work to do.

    I need to go shopping sometime soon, even though I have no money. I need a new wardrobe and some accessories would be nice ;) I wish I had better luck finding what I want online.

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    Thank god its the weekend

    Sunday July 1st, 2012 at 12:55 am

    Can you believe it’s already July 1? Half the year is already over! It felt just like yesterday I was saying “can you believe it’s 2012”? There’s too much to do before 2013!

    I’m surprised my second giveaway ended so sucessfully given I slacked off this month on advertising. Thanks everyone for participating! :) It’ll probably take me a couple of days to sort through the entries and pick a winner. I have plans tomorrow and not sure how much of the day it will take up.

    I’m so bad on doing reviews this month, the 100+ degrees of heat this weekend probably doesn’t help. The heat on top of working and working out just makes me want to….

    all day long.

    I unexpectantly went back to taekwondo on Friday and realized how low my stamina has become! Back when I was going to class almost everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, I could feel my stamina building up. Now, I almost have none. Being out of shape is whack, this is something I must fix.

    Tomorrow I start filming for a short film my friend wants to do. I’m nervous and excited at the same time! I’ll post a link once everything is finished. We’ll spend the entire next week filming and getting things together. It should be fun, I’m just not looking forward to working out in the hot weather tomorrow. I’m much more partial to cold weather.

    I’ve started reading Game of Thrones and I love it. I’m hoping my dad can at least get me a Kindle given he still owes me a birthday present since the LASIK won’t be happening. It would make reading a lot easier. Maybe I can push for an iPad? I don’t want to jynx myself but a girl can dream :) The books turned out to be a much easier read than what I had expected. I love the way the book is set up…instead of chapters 1, 2, 3, etc it’s separated into character views. It probably helps that I’ve watched both seasons of GoT but I have no problem following the book like I thought I would. I can’t wait to have more time to read further into it.

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