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Saturday April 12th, 2014 at 5:24 pm

I was so sad to miss this year’s cherry blossom festival since I had to teach in the morning. The weather was perfect! In the past, it would either be cold or rainy or both. Unfortunately, the festival this year missed the cherry blossoms by a week or two but everyone still had a lot fun. Hopefully, next year I’ll be in Japan to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom :<3

My second practicum went fairly well. I still have a hard time getting timing right but the students enjoyed the activities. I made a matching game and a crossword puzzle for them. Last week I went over by about 10 minutes, this week I was short about 10 minutes :( This week's lesson was easier to teach and the students had a much easier time learning the language. The benefits of teaching vocabulary versus grammar, I guess. I'll get it right next week, third time's the charm?

I applied to a couple more jobs yesterday, I hope to hear from them within the week. Applying for jobs is kind of stressful when you're not making any progress. I say this and I've only interviewed for 2 jobs *needs more patience*.

Photo moments from the last 2 days:

My first tonkatsu ramen, it’s impossible to find these in Nashville. I can’t wait to try some in Japan since I didn’t get a chance to in my last visit to Tokyo. The flavor is good but I thought it was a little too salty and had too much grease. Are they normally like that? The pork was amazing though, I’d take a few of those with rice any day.

The last of my birthday presents from a friend finally arrived, Sailor Moon headphones from Japan. These were on back order for months! They are super comfy and the sound quality is great.

What chuu looking at?

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Happy Monday

Monday May 7th, 2012 at 10:42 pm

I finally got off my lazy off and straightened up my room. I can’t remember the last time I organized everything and gave it a thorough cleaning. Between working 6 days a week, conventions, working out, and everything else in between…I had stuff lying everywhere but my closet. I had friends over last night and since we needed the room for something, everything ended up being shoved into a corner or into my closet. It took a while but for now, most of everything is in my (tiny) closet or piled neatly somewhere. There’s still a few things lying around that I don’t know what to do with yet but 1) you can see the floor and 2) I can walk to any part of my room. I cleaned my sink area while I was at it, it was getting filthy ._.

I wanted to do a little BB cream shopping earlier today at work. My trial/travel size of the Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB cream ran out and I really liked it. I checked Pretty and Cute earlier this morning and they were out of stock. Luck would have it by mid-day they restocked ALL of their Skin79 products, including the Hot Pink Super Plus BB cream. I debated whether or not to get that one or try a new one, mainly the Oriental Gold BB cream. I’m not sure if it would be too light for me and it seems like there aren’t any trial sizes on eBay. However, planning on a BB cream didn’t make it very far. For the past several months I’ve been wanting to get an xbox, it’s the only gaming console (that’s not handheld) that I don’t have and there’s been plenty of times when I wish I had one so I finally decided I’m going to get one. Too bad I didn’t decide this last Black Friday. I’ve been waiting a while for a decent deal. Best Buy finally had a 250 GB refurbished xbox slim for $149.99. I honestly do not mind it being refurbished and I actually wished a deal like this would come out. I didn’t want to spend over $200 on an xbox, especially when the next generation is expected to be releasing next year. After some thinking, I paid for the xbox and was done with it. Any new beauty products will have to wait until next month :) but at least I’ll have something to distract me when I’m itching to spend money online. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t get more makeup/facial products. It will force me to use what I have now.

The weekend turned out to be pretty eventful. Friday I did cave in and went to TGI Friday’s. My most awesomest roommate/friend, Genesis, might have influenced my decision a little. Okay, maybe it was the other way around since I told him about it and he agreed. We went out late Friday night for a much needed good dinner.

TGI Friday’s is mostly well known for their Jack Daniel’s sauce. I’ve never had Jack Daniel’s before, which living in Tennessee, is probably a sin given that it is manufactured here but I’ve always been a Crown kind of girl. The sauce is absolutely delicious though, mildly sweet and full of flavor. The alcohol of course has been cooked out. I’ve also had Jack Daniel’s cake and while the taste is slightly different, it’s equally as delicious. Maybe I should start drinking Jack Daniels.

I usually end up ordering the same thing every time ago, I’m a person of habit. But hey..if it’s not broken, why fix it? The sauce goes well with pretty much everything. I love dipping my steak, shrimp, sweet potato fries, and mashed potatos in it. I usually end up having to ask for extra sauce.

Anyone who knows me will know that peach tea is one of my biggest weaknesses. They don’t have the best peach tea in town (I think California Pizza Kitchen still has the best) but it is still good nevertheless. I could drink glass after glass of this stuff.

We both ended up order the same thing, just different sides. After the buy one entree get one entree free…we both paid about $12 each but this was for a steak + shrimp dinner with 2 sides and a drink. Can’t get any better than this!

On the way home, I went through my first sobriety check point. I’m not sure what else to call it. The cops blocked off all lanes but one. I was asked some questions while he looked around my car and told me what was going on, basically they were just checking to make sure people were not driving drunk and had their seat belts on. It was around midnight at this point and we were right by downtown so I’m not surprised. I’ve never seen or heard of these things before although I was told they happen quite often.

Saturday was a little less eventful since most of the day involved working. I actually cannot remember what I did the remainder of that evening. I did watch The Roommate before bed though. It was a decent movie until the end, where nothing made sense anymore. It does make me glad I mostly lived in a single dorm during college.

Sunday we ended up going to the Renaissance Festival that occurs once a year. It’s every weekend in May, with a different theme every weekend. It was kind of a last minute decision. Genesis was able to get Buy 1 Get 1 Free tickets from a friend of his so we went yesterday since it was the only day we could make it. The weather this year has really been something different. It was incredibly hot yesterday given it’s only early May. I think it hit the low 90s. Last year’s weather was much more enjoyable. Even if most of the festival was under shade, it was still muggy and sweaty. I still had fun nevertheless and wish I could go again :) I didn’t take as many pictures this year, probably because it was hot and we were only there 2-3 hours.

First things first…food. I think we got there around 1 PM? I can’t remember but we hadn’t eaten yet. Sadly, the only thing way less than great at the festival was the food. It was a bit pricey so I didn’t have the luxury of trying different things. I had forgotten most of my cash at home since I thought I had more in my wallet. I had barely enough for lunch and the ticket to get in. I ordered a cheeseburger and fries and Genesis ordered chicken on a stick. The food was so bland ;_; I’m not sure if they did it on purpose to imitate the Renaissance or they just did not want to season anything. The place to the right had ribs and sides, which I regret not getting. When we were eating lunch, a guy at our table offered to share his ribs with us and they weren’t spectacular but so much better than what we had. There was also pastries and other foods around the festival but I didn’t have the money to get anything else.

The costumes were spectacular as always. I felt a bit sorry for most of the actors given the weather but they way they carried on, you couldn’t even tell they were affected by it. They all played their roles very nicely.

It seemed that all of the shows were the same as last year, not too sure why. This was one that I did not get to see last year and I ended up enjoying this a lot. These 2 are a comedy couple. They juggled together, threw knives and pins to one another, and chucked knives at each other. I loved their enthusiasm, I wouldn’t mind seeing them again next year.

There were plenty of stations to have fun at as well. Am I the only one who thinks putting a beer cart next to the knife and axe throwing area is a bad idea? Just saying…doesn’t seem quite safe to me. They are real knives and axes…might not the the sharpest of things around but still…

Ocarinas! ^

The shops everywhere were impressive and everything is hand made. I wish I could have gotten a couple things but again..lack of money x_x better planning next time. The amount of creativity around is very inspiring. This coming weekend would have been a better time to go since it’ll be almost 10 degrees cooler but since it’s Mother’s day, mommy has to come first :)

Random Note: Facebook is showing me an Iron Man Hello Kitty ad. It is ADORABLE! I need one of Hawkeye.

The middle of May will be busy with reviews :) I kind of can’t wait although I still have things leftover here to review. My Birch Box shipped already and My Glam should ship out around the end of the week. No word on the Look Bag yet but it should ship mid-month. I’m debating whether or not to cancel after the first bag or give it a couple more months. With Glossy Box subscriptions opening this month, I need to figure out where to start cutting money :x

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All in a weekend’s work.

Monday April 23rd, 2012 at 12:09 am

I hate it when the weekends fly by, but at least that means I had fun? I slept so well last night, yet I’ve still been tired all day. It must have been because of Friday night when I only slept a few hours and had to get up at 8 am the next morning for work. That’s…definitely not fun. Saturday night, I slept like a log. I barely woke up when my dad called me around noon asking him if I was coming over today. I guess I forgot to tell him I wasn’t.

I had an interesting dream last night where I ended up dying. I have those dreams every now and then, no idea why. I’m hoping it’s not a bad omen of any sort, haha. Anyhow, in the dream I was driving. Here, pedestrians have right of way at crosswalk. Technically, if there are pedestrians waiting to cross at a crosswalk, you are supposed to stop and let them pass. It’s not the other way around but many people don’t do it. Either they aren’t aware of the law or they are just too lazy and selfish to stop and let a few people cross. Certain streets have these crosswalks, they’re not all over the city and I don’t mean crosswalk as in those white striped lines at 4 way intersections. These are usually on smaller roads and have a sign beside them. Moving on, in my dream I was driving and all of a sudden this guy and a little girl come out of nowhere and on a crosswalk. I did not see them for some reason and ended up running over the little girl with my car. The next part makes no sense to me but in my dream, I backed up my car afterwards and ran over her again. If that wasn’t bad enough, I went forward after that and ran over her again for the third time. At this point, I get of my car and am freaking out. I’m crying and running around and just plain freaking out. They guy says nothing but has a creepy look on his face. I guess he was supposed to be the girls dad or something. Before I know, this little boy about the same age as the girl comes out with a gun in his hand. I guess he was her brother and shoots me in the head. Weird, right? I tend to dream in third person view so I spent a couple seconds looking at my dead body from above. It’s kind of like how you die in video games you see your dead self for a few seconds afterwards. I usually have very weird dreams that make no sense but I also normally don’t remember my dreams too well in the morning. I’m not sure why I remembered this one well. I guess its the fact that me dying really stuck to me lol.

So, after a long boring day at work Saturday, we had some friends over to watch the UFC fight that night. I was excited, who doesn’t like a good fight :) It ended up being a Risk battle while waiting for the main event. I’ve never really played a whole game of Risk before, it was a lot of fun.

We had to play with 2 boards, there were 9 of us. This was after everyone finished setting up. The red pieces in North America and South America on the board on the left side are mine.

Preparing for battle!

South America shall be mine soon *insert evil laugh here*

But sadly, I did not win. We didn’t really even finish the game, it was getting too late so we had an all out wipe out war in the end but the dice was not in my favor. I hope I get to do something like this again, it was great :)

The UFC fight went well, no pics though. I didn’t think of taking any pics at the time since I was more into the fight. Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans! My vote was on Jones and although I wasn’t surprised that he won, I was a little disappointed that the fight went on for the full 25 minutes. I had thought it would have been over before that. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next between the two.

I also discovered Game of Thrones last night. I keep hearing people talk about it and that’s good enough to get me into watching/starting something. I originally thought I did not have HBO. I actually still don’t know what channels I have and what channels I don’t have but it turns out I do and Comcast was even nice enough to put the entire first season of Game of Thrones on HBO on Demand. I only got to watch the first episode. If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have wanted to watch at least a couple more. I can see why people like the series, it’s well done. I can’t say too much for the story line yet but the first episode was good enough to get me hooked. This will give me something to watch for a little while. Ever since Spartacus, Walking Dead, and American Horror Story stopped airing, I haven’t been able to find anything to watch on tv.

After sleeping for 12 hours (yes, it was a great sleep minus the dream) I went out with a couple friends. We ended up going to a Thai restaurant and renting Harold and Kumar: A Christmas Story on RedBox. I had probably only eaten at a Thai restaurant 2-3 times in my life. It’s not that I dislike the food, but I’m a bigger fan of other Asian cuisines. This restaurant was pretty good. The service was a bit on the slow side but there was only one person waitressing given that it’s a Sunday.

We got a shrimp combination rice dinner to split.

And I ordered a cashew nut with chicken dish since I was craving nuts for some odd reason. Both were fairly decent. I tend to like my dishes to be a bit more heavy in flavoring and both these were not. This is not to say it wasn’t delicious. I was very satisfied with my choice.

This is what probably made my day, mang0 bubble tea. They had so many flavors that I wanted to try but I opted for the mango flavored. It was soooo good. I haven’t had bubble tea in a long time much less a good bubble tea. Here, you just don’t find awesome asian foods everywhere. You’re lucky if you find even one. I might have to stop by every now and then again if I’m in the neighborhood just to get a bubble tea. My friends ordered a strawberry and a honeydew one that were equally as good. I finished this up in no time.

Harold and Kumar: A Christmas Story was a lot of fun although I liked Guantanamo Bay a lot more. I don’t think I’ve seen all of White Castle although I’m though I’ve seen most of it. Dumb movies will still always give me a good laugh. It was a nice way to end the night.

I’m going to make it a goal to start doing some kind of work out daily starting tomorrow. I’ve been doing some serious slacking the last couple of weeks and my body is starting to feel lazy again.

On another note…

I’m on Google images :)

Now time to go watch more Game of Thrones.

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