Review: April Ipsy Bag

Friday April 18th, 2014 at 7:10 pm

I’ve been subscribing to ipsy (formally myglam) since their second bag and it’s one makeup/beauty subscription service that I refuse to cancel. They had a few rocky spots when they first launched but ipsy has quickly become of of the best services in the industry. Not only do you get a new makeup bag every month, but their bags are usually packed with full/travel sized makeup/beauty goodies and the price of $10 makes them one of the most affordable.

Contents Include:

1) Cover | Fix Mattifying Primer with Anti Acne Treatment (0.5 fl 0z)
2) Mary Kay Jelly Lip Gloss in Berry Me (.32 fl oz)
3) Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet (0.03 oz)
4) City Color White Gold Eyeshadow
5) Kiss Lashes in Flirty

I’m loving the bag this month! The makeup bag has a very cute, retro design although I don’t entirely like the material that the print is made from. To me, it feels like it’s the type of material where dust and other sediments attach easily to.

The eyeshadow and lip glass are great for spring and the upcoming summer. I’ve gotten several Urban Decay eye pencils in the past but I never say no to more. I love liquid eyeliners and gels more but these are very creamy and definitely one of my first picks for a eye pencil. I’ve seen some people get a hair spray product that I’m glad I did not receive. I think the lashes took their place? I have so many hair products that I don’t even know what to do with. The lashes are more useful and I like how these look natural and thick, it’s totally wearable for an everyday look. I haven’t tried the primer yet but I’ve been needing one so thanks ipsy for taking care of that for me!

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Review: July My Glam Bag

Monday July 16th, 2012 at 11:07 pm

Like what you see below? Be sure to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a bag of your own! (or another one if you already have one) Click to enter. Giveaway ends August 1, 2012.

When I first heard My Glam changed their shipping facility to North Carolina, I was super happy. If it’s one state over, it should get to me a lot quicker right? Eh, not so much.

Maybe it’s the shipping, maybe the post office juts doesn’t like me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that this month’s bag had to be shipped ground due to the nail polish not being air friendly. We’ll have to see next month. In the past, it’s taken me about 7-9 days for me to receive my bag from CA. One state over and it still takes me almost a week to get. I guess it’s somewhat of an improvement but people in the mid-west, west coast, and even Hawaii receive their’s first :(

Their blog states that since they’ve now moved to the east coast, west coast will be shipped first. They used the same shipping method back in CA, but in reverse, except mine was never shipped earlier than the west coast.

I know, I know…I’m impatient. It was never one of my virtues.

Anyhow, My Glam previously promised on Twitter that June and July’s bags were going to be awesome and I’m so happy that they did not dissapoint! The products in this months bag not only came in generous sample sizes, but also are all very useful.

Bag contents for July include:

  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion
  • Yes To Cucumbers On-the-Go Facial Towelettes
  • NuMe HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner
  • Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Starr
  • Circus by Andrea’s Choice in Reverso
  • July’s Glam bag comes in this colorful see through design, much like a beach bag. This bright, mesh bag is great for summer and to take on those beach/pool trips. The bag this month came with 2 OR items.

    Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $26.00 (4.2 fl oz)
    My Glam Value: $6.19 (1 fl oz)

    Description: Our Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion is a lightweight moisturizing lotion that helps visibly reduce excess oil on skin’s surface, leaving a shine-free and balanced appearance. It is non-greasy, and retains essential moisture in skin for a healthier, rebalanced skin barrier. A complex of hydrating ingredients – Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract, Antarcticine and Vitamin E – helps keep skin fresh and healthier looking all day. Oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free.

    The lotion smells a bit like alcohol but other that that, this is a pretty refreshing lotion for your skin. My skin is still kind of shiny/oily after using but I like the way it feels. If you have oily skin, I would recommend trying this out. Results seem to vary from person to person. A little of this goes a long way, you don’t need to over do it. It also makes a great base before makeup to ensure your skin stays moisturized.

    NuMe HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $24.00 (8.45 oz)
    My Glam Value: $1.90 (0.67 oz)

    Description: Made with naturally strengthening Bamboo, your hair is instantly detangled as sage extract and Jojoba oil increase the softness level of your hair. This formula is enriched with the SERATIN-K Patented Technology, an active, protein-based complex shown to provide excellent moisture, binding capacity, and hair follicle nourishment for a smooth and silky feel. Natural Argan oil from Morocco contains exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid (omega-6), for countering dryness in hair and loss of elasticity while preventing dull hair and split ends. A powerful antioxidant agent mends damage caused by weather or harsh chemicals. Healthy Vitamin E helps to regain shine and a gorgeous, vibrant look.

    Yum, another hair product in which I love the way it smells. I will consider purchasing a full size one of these in the future. I like the way it feels on my hair, it doesn’t weight it down nor does it leave it looking oily. Summer months mean it’s very important to be taking care of your hair on top of the normal shampoo/conditioner. NuMe offers a wide range of hair products to help maintain a healthy looking style.

    Yes To Cucumbers On-the-Go Facial Towelettes [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $2.99 (10 pack)
    My Glam Value: $2.99 (10 pack)

    Description: If you like the larger version, you’ll love these. Like their big brothers, the Yes To Cucumbers On The Go Facial Wipes are 98.7% natural, hypoallergenic, and made from organic cucumber and aloe vera. Designed for the trendy traveler, this package of travel towelettes will fit right into your purse (or a TSA size clear plastic bag!) to cleanse, soothe and remove makeup to refresh your beautiful face, regardless of where you are.

    Smell definitely ranges high on my list of point when it comes to products and I definitely love the scent of these. Not only are these super affordable, they also come in a travel sized packet, making it easy to take with you no matter where you are.

    Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Starr [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $18.00 (0.15 oz)
    My Glam Value: $8.40 (.07 oz)

    Description: This bestselling, sparkling diamond lip polish instantly creates the look of fuller, more voluptuous lips with luminous shine. Vitamins A and E help keep lips soft, smooth, and protected while the tingling sensation reminds you that it’s working.

    This thick, shimmery lip gloss adds some nice oomph to your lips and is great for any makeup finish. Those that did not receive the lip polish received a lip/cheek stain, which came in a full sized sample as opposed to the trial sample the Buxom comes in. Starr comes in a raspberry/mixed berry colored gloss.

    Circus by Andrea’s Choice in Reverso [Purchase]

    Actual Value: not yet listed (0.45 fl oz)
    My Glam Value: not yet listed (.45 fl oz)

    Description: Reverso is part of the Circus Nail Polish Collection by Andrea’s Choice. Each nail polish is chip resistant and is vegan, cruelty free and free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP.

    This is a real treat for My Glam subscribers. Circus is discovered and started by Andrea’s Choice, one of the guru’s for My Glam. This collection is not yet available for purchase to the public and will not be until Fall of 2012. Reverso is a bright, white shade. While I don’t think it looks well on it’s won, I think it will be great to add accents and designs with other nail polish colors.

    Total Value: $19.48 (not including the nail polish)

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    My Glam July Sneak Peak + Etc

    Wednesday June 27th, 2012 at 11:09 am

    I got my fresh cup of tea and figured I might as well make a quick blog post at work.

    My Glam’s first July sneak peak is up! Anyone who is subscribed to My Glam but does not have an actual subscription should have received an email with the sneak peak.

    The theme is Beauty Beach.

    The bag itself is a perfect look for summer and it seems we are definitely getting more makeup products. I can’t wait to see more sneak peaks of this bag next week! I’m not much of a beach person (I actually don’t even have one near me) but I’m sure some of these products would be great for being out in the sun.

    I’d like to touch up a bit on the lack of updates this month. I’m obviously behind in a lot of blogging posts. My motivational level in terms of anything lately has just been almost non-existent. There’s been a lot on my mind lately and I’m lost as to what’s the best way to approach things. I’m not really happy not doing certain things but I’m not happy doing certain things and not yielding results. It’s a constant 1 step forward, 2 steps backwards type deal and I know most of it has to do with me. I’m getting tiredly quickly of the things around me and the fact that I’m still here in Tennessee. I don’t particularly have solid plans to move to California but I know it’s something I want to get done sooner than later now. I’m not saying moving away will solve my problems but it would at least give me a little more room to breathe and a chance to chase bigger opportunities. Certain circumstances now prevent it from happening and it’s frustrating.

    I’m not happy where I am right now, including life, and it’s eating me up from the inside out. The “solutions” to some of my problems are there but that doesn’t mean those are necessarily the solutions that I want to take. Solving one problem and creating another, whether it’s for me or someone else, isn’t exactly how I want to do things. Half the time I’m motivated. I want to get things done, I want to better myself, I want to create a path for myself to achieve what I want. Yet the other half of the time I feel lost, hopeless, stuck, not satisfied, etc. Maybe I am too harsh on myself, maybe I don’t want it badly enough. I’m currently considering taking a serious approach to the matter, more information on that if it goes through.

    I’ve recently started playing Maple Story again slightly, not so much because I’m really into the game. The game for me is a love/hate relationship. I can’t say I regret playing it but I can’t say it’s done more good than bad for me in the past. It’s something to do and something to take my mind of things temporarily. I can’t say how serious I am about playing it.

    I didn’t mean for the entry to be depressing (vague but depressing…) so here’s some good news. I’ve finally made the decision to have LASIK done. I’m tired of wearing contacts and I’m tired of wearing glasses. I also would love to be able to wear colored contacts (yes I know, ironic) without having to pay additional money to have them fit my eyesight. To be honest, I’ve very nervous about having LASIK done. The idea of looking at something cut my eye doesn’t exactly suit my fancy. I have my consultation tomorrow morning and if all goes well, my actual procedure done on July 20. The unfortunate side is most of these next few weeks I have to keep my glasses on. Not only are they annoying but it’s hard for me to see when there are bright lights. I’m excited to see what life would be like in 20/20 vision!

    I’m also happy to announce that I will be receiving a Summer Vox Box shortly. After seeing the spring one, I had to sign up. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me :3

    I will try to get the birch box review up tonight. I can’t believe half the year has already flown by. I feel like I haven’t accomplished anywhere as much as I wanted to yet this year. Someone bring back February. I’ve lately started reading a lot more and finding that I rather enjoy it. I’ve finished the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and am currently working on reading the Game of Thrones books. Everyone that I know who has read the books have said great things about it and hopefully it will help me to understand the tv series better. It will also keep me slightly occupied until season 3, which needs to hurry up!

    Don’t forget my giveaway that ends on Sunday!

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    Review: June My Glam

    Wednesday June 20th, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Don’t forget the giveaway for this bag is located at this post. I haven’t had as much of an opportunity to promote is this time around :x Giveaway ends in 10 days and is open internationally. I know a lot of people outside the US are interested in getting their hands on a glam bag~

    I apologize for the lack of updates lately. There’s been several things going on, both good and bad, and I’ve been preoccupied with other things. I’m very behind in reviews. Minus my Glossy Box, all of my subscription services have arrived. I received my My Glam bag early last week. They surprised everyone this month by shipping out a bit earlier than expected! I’m not too sure if this will be a permanent change or if they happened to get everything ready ahead of time this month and wanted everyone to get their bags as soon as possible. Either way, thanks My Glam!

    (Agh…my mouse is giving me problems, so annoying @_@ !!)

    Bag Contents for June include:

  • Philosophy take a deep breath Moisturizer
  • Living Proof frizz nourishing styling cream
  • Marbella Permanent Eye Liner Pen
  • NYX Round Lipstick in Chloe
  • This month’s bag lived up to My Glam’s claim of amazing! Finally 4-5 deluxe/travel sized products as promised and no tiny packets :)

    This month’s bag had a little bit of a change up. It’s nice to know they have other design ideas in mind other than the standard zip up bags. I wonder what else we’ll be getting in the future. While, I’m glad to see a different style bag..I’m not incredibly fond of this one. The gold glitters do fall off (you can see specks already around the bag in the image) and the bag itself isn’t very sturdy. Inside is a very plain canvas type material. This will be great to hold smaller stuff, such as card, pens, etc. Anything larger will cause the bag to collapse a bit and become clumsy.

    Marbella Permanent Eye Liner Pen [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $19.00
    My Glam Value: $19.00

    Description: Marbella Semi Permanent Cosmetics offers The best eyeliner ever! This felt-pen eyeliner lasts longer than any other liner – pen, gel, cream, pencil, powder and it lasts flawlessly. No smudging, cracking, smearing. It stays on precisely where you put it until you are ready to take it off!. If you use rich eye creams, have oily eyelids, live in a humid climate, party, work out or rub your eyes often and so forth, this pen is ideally for you. Effects are perfect, doesn’t look so bold as a liquid liner; it actually looks softer, like pencil but your eyes will look dramatically stunning!

    Marbella Eye liners are formulated to provide rich, consistent color using organic ingredients that have no irritancy effect. They are comfortable to apply and the felt tip allows for a precise application. Marbella 24hr Eyeliner can be used to create a sharp line or a softer, smoky effect. Marbella 24hr Eyeliner offers more than 24 hours long-lasting wonder and won’t cake or streak.

    The reviews that I’ve seen on this eyeliner have been either love it or hate it. Personally, I don’t know if I particularly care for this eye liner. It’s not as permanent or waterproof as the liner says but it’s possible I didn’t give it enough time to fully dry. Some people have been able to achieve amazing results with the eyeliner while others have had the same problem of it smudging quickly. It’s recommended that you do not use this eye liner on your waterline if you wear contacts as they will stain the lenses. The eyeliner is duo tip so once you run out, just flip the brush part over and you have a brand new eye liner!

    Philosophy take a deep breath Moisturizer [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 2 oz ($34.00)
    My Glam Value: 0.4 oz ($6.80)

    Description: Breath new life into your skin with take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer. this lightweight hydrator detoxifies and helps protect for a healthy-looking glow.

    I love moisturizers! and this one didn’t disappoint.

    (I probably should have tested the eye liner last)

    Philosophy’s take a deep breath moisturizer comes in a gorgeous light blue/green color. It’s lightly scented so anyone who doesn’t care too much for scented face products will probably like this one, it’s not fragrant at all. The moisturizer goes on coolly and smoothly. It makes a great base for makeup or just day to day wear. As an added bonus, it’s oil free (and refreshing)!

    Living Proof frizz nourishing styling cream [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 24 oz ($95.00)
    My Glam Value: 2 oz ($7.92)

    Description: A velvety cream that provides optimum frizz reduction and a touch of conditioning. Living Proof Straight Making No Frizz Styling Cream for Medium to Thick Hair offers the first new anti-frizz technology in over 30 years. No Frizz addresses the two causes of frizz—humidity and friction. It provides a superior, extremely thin humidity barrier on hair, while reducing surface friction. The result is the most effective, lightweight frizz fighter on the market today. Hair is left sleek and manageable without becoming greasy or heavy.

    This should have been expected once My Glam did their Living Proof challenge contest :) I’m very glad to see they provided everyone with an awesome sized sample of this. I haven’t had a chance to fully test out this product but it’s been receiving great reviews.

    I’m indifferent on the smell of it. I’m don’t hate it but I’m not crazy about it either. It’s slightly sweet and not overpowering but I’m more partial to sweeter hair products. This goes on hair very well and helps to control frizz, my hair will definitely appreciate this later.

    NYX Round Lipstick in Chloe [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $4.00
    My Glam Value: $4.00

    Description: NYX Round Lipstick is our classic lipstick for all-year round. The mineral-based emollient formula offers a beautiful velvet texture, saturated color and it resists wear and smudging. It’s your go-to lipstick. From Pure Nude to Pink Lyric to Chic Red, Round Lipstick is available in a jaw-dropping 126 shades.

    126 shades o_O Some of them are gorgeous, this is a great lipstick for the very affordable price of only $4.00. I’m just glad I did not get another brown~ish colored lipstick this time.

    The color, unfortunately, does not go too great with my skin tone and the way I dress. It’s a VERY bright pink, I almost think it looks a bit scary on me. I’ll play around with the lipstick later. I think I can make it work if I dab it on with a brush for a lighter color and finish up with a lip gloss.

    Total Value: $37.72

    This was a super satisfying combination of items although I don’t have a lot of use for half the items. It’s still nice to have extras on hand and to try new colors. I never know what pops up in the future. July’s bag is supposed to continue a great streak so we’ll see how things turn out for My Glam during their second half of the year.

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    Review: May My Glam

    Sunday May 20th, 2012 at 2:20 am

    I’ve been putting this off for a little while now. The past few days have been pretty busy for me outside of work. I wanted to get this up earlier this afternoon after I got off work but 1) I was so tired I crashed on the couch immediately after I got home and 2) a bunch of my friends ended up coming over spontaneously. It’s 1:35 AM and I probably should go to bed since I have another full day tomorrow but I really wanted to get this up!

    Don’t forget about my May My Glam Bag Giveaway! Be sure to fill in all fields. I’m still getting people just clicking enter, it won’t count as an entry! :[

    Shipping on these bags is one thing I’ll never get over and I’ve noticed it’s slowly starting to tick me off more and more. This isn’t entirely My Glam’s fault other than the fact they choose to use this service. My anger is directed straight at USPS. For anyone who doesn’t know, My Glam uses a shipping service known as UPS MI (Mail Innovations). It’s popular among beauty subscription services because of it’s cheap cost. It’s cheaper to send than both USPS First Class and Parcel Post. However, the downside to that is it is also slower and does not have any time constraint as long as it’s delivered in a timely manner. UPS MI is shipped via UPS and delivered by USPS. Generally, my package gets to my vicinity pretty quickly, which is understandable since UPS does not like to hold onto packages. USPS is the problem…my package will always sit somewhere for 2-3 days. Usually, it’s in Atlanta…this time it reached my city on Monday and sat in a post office somewhere until Thursday. I have no idea why this is, my local post man didn’t know either. My only guess is since Thursday was my estimated delivery date, they wanted to work super hard (sarcasm) to make sure I received it then. It’s. Annoying. I can’t complain about free shipping but really USPS? You would hold a package for 4 days before you even bother to deliver it?

    Moving on to the actual review…I had to get that out of my system, again.

    Bag contents for May include:

  • Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance
  • Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick
  • Miss Beauty Bail Bling
  • My Glam Concealer Brush
  • My Glam Defining Eyeliner Brush
  • click to read more »

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    Giveaway: May My Glam Bag + Extras

    Thursday May 17th, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    Woo, my first giveaway :) Hope this goes well.

    Reviews of the May My Glam bag is located here if you would like extra information or my opinion about the items. Since this is my first giveaway, I will be adding a few extra items to the bag. I may do this in the future depending on how things go. These giveaways will occur monthly as I receive each bag :) Please follow the blog or me on twitter to get updates!

    May’s Glam Bag theme is “Love is in the Air”, a bag filled with items perfect for a date/night out. I’ve added a nail polish to compliment the nail stickers as well as an eyeshadow and night cream.

    May Glam Bag contents include:

  • Make Up Bag in Blue with Pink Lips
  • Studio Gear Lipstick in Cozy
  • My Glam exclusive concealer brush
  • My Glam exclusive eye liner brush
  • Nail Bling Heart Stickers
  • Philosophy Love Sweet Love Fragrance
  • Extras include:

  • OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips Nail Polish
  • L’Oreal Wearable Infinite Pressed Eyeshadow in Sweet Chemise (limited edition)
  • Befine food skin care Night Cream
  • Facebook: How to find link of post?
    Every post comes with a time stamp (ie: 5 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, 1 day ago). Simply click on the time stamp and it will take you to an individual page with the post only. Copy and paste the link at the top into the raffle copter to qualify for the entries. Please remember to set the posts to your own wall as public. You do not have to set your entire facebook settings, just the posts related to the giveaway.

    Giveaway ends: June 1, 2012
    Giveaway is open internationally.

    Please make sure you are filling the form in completely for every entry you are submitting. I have a lot of submissions with missing field info. If you only hit enter to submit and don’t meet the qualifications for that entry, it will automatically be thrown out when I’m selecting the winner.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Any questions, please feel free to ask.

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    My Glam Overall Review/Insight

    Sunday May 13th, 2012 at 1:15 am

    This is a subject I thought I would just touch up on a bit. For the record, I am in no way affiliated with My Glam. I support them because there are certain things about the company that I particularly respect, but am in no way saying everything they do is perfect. These are just my opinions and views as well to my knowledge/experience as to how everything works.

    My Glam is currently entering it’s 6 month in the business industry. Having had a rocky start, they’ve built up a reputation with many people that may be less than acceptable. Over time, My Glam has worked to improve these issues but seem to still have a love hate relationship with most of it’s members. Half a year in the business gives many people the reason now to say that they can longer use the “new business” aspect as an excuse.

    Billing is a small issue, but still something that is guaranteed to pop up every month. My Glam’s billing occurs the first of every month. Depending on your bank, it may take several days for the statement to show up. There’s nothing to worry about if you do not see a charge on your credit card statement the first couple of days. If it’s been several days or more and you still do not see a charge, you’ll probably want to contact My Glam at this point. There’s no reason to panic and post on My Glam’s wall repeatedly on the first day if you do not see your credit card charged. It can also vary from month to month. I usually see a statement charge by the time I’m at work the morning of the first but this month’s didn’t show until the night of the second.

    Shipping is and will probably always be one of the biggest issues My Glam has, and to be honest..I don’t understand a lot of it. I have mixed feelings on their shipping process to begin with, there’s aspects that I think are fine and also aspects that I think could be improved although they are not obligated to do so. My Glam’s shipping is schedule for the middle of the month, there’s no set date although it’s generally around the 10th without fail. For some reason, many people decide they want to pick the few days before the 10th to start questioning the shipping and a couple days after the 10th to panic about not receiving their bags. My Glam will always announce when shipping will start. Unfortunately, it does take a few days to fully ship out the bags. It’s perfectly normal for someone to receive their bag before yours is even shipped. Again…unfortunate but if you want to solve this, I suppose you can always get up and move to a different area of the US.

    Shipping time will vary from person to person for a few reasons:

  • When your package is shipped from the warehouse compared to everyone else’s.
  • Where you are located in the US
  • How UPS MI is feeling that day
  • I think back in February is when My Glam made an announcement that they will ship east coast bags first to ensure a more even distribution as to when people received their bags. I have not heard anything about them either continuing this or discontinuing it. All I can say is that even though I live on the east coast, I’m usually one of the later people to receive my bag. I usually get mine 7-10 days after it’s shipped so how much truth there is in people getting their bags shipped in the east coast first is debatable, especially when people in the west coast have already begun to receive their’s before I even get my tracking. At the end of the day, it’s most important to remember: Your bag will be shipped when it’s shipped.

    Tracking information is not always sent when your bag is shipped. Why this is…I have no idea. It can be a little annoying, even for me. I’ve had times when I receive my tracking after my bag is already in transit and I’ve had times when I receive my tracking and my bag doesn’t even receive it’s first scan until 2 days later. It’s a toss up. This is probably the only inconsistency I can think of at the moment with the company. I wouldn’t worry about not receiving tracking almost immediately. If it’s been like a week and you still don’t receive tracking, send an email. Otherwise, sit tight a little bit. An email suggestion to My Glam regarding how emails should be sent out wouldn’t hurt either.

    Everyone knows location is a factor when it comes to shipping. Locating in CA, anyone living east of it will have to expect longer transit times for obvious reasons. UPS MI (Mail Innovations) has become one of my most hated services. I understand why a lot of companies use it, both Birch Box and Glossy Box use the same service. It’s cheaper than USPS First Class and even Parcel Post. How UPS MI works is that the packages are picked up and shipped by UPS and delivered by USPS. Once the packages reach a certain destination, USPS will pick them up and deliver them. The catch here is that UPS MI is not obligated to any type of transit time limit and can move these packages whenever they see fit, as long as it’s in a timely manner…hence the cheaper rates. USPS will then have to pick them up, sort them, and set them off for delivery, adding another step into the process. With My Glam, my average transit time is about 7-10 days with there being days where my package will sit for no reason. My guess is that Atlanta is the pickup point for USPS since that’s generally where my packages like to chill for a couple days before moving again. Glossy Box is based in New York and my first box took 5 business days to reach me. First class mail would have only taken 2 days, 3 at the very most. After packages leave the My Glam warehouse, it’s out of My Glam’s control. They can, and generally do, ship the packages on time but it’s hard to guarantee the same amount of time in transit every month. That you will have to take up with UPS MI.

    Another thing to keep in mind is where the weekends fall that particular month. There have been people saying that this date last month, they had already received their packages…not considering how the week went. In April, the 10th fell on a Tuesday. Bags were shipped starting the 8th or 9th so it’s highly possible a lot of people got their bags by the 12th. However, this month, the 10th falls on a Friday. UPS is not in transit at all during the weekend, unless it’s something going air. You will lose 2 days of transit time because of it. USPS might deliver on Saturdays, but the only way for that to happen is if USPS gets a hold of your package by Saturday morning. With the 10th being on a Friday, the chances of that happening aren’t very high…possible, but not likely.

    Now, there are a couple things I can My Glam can do to lessen the amount of shipping questions. They are nice enough to post a facebook and twitter announcement but it’s understandable that not every one keeps up with either social media nor will take the time to scroll down half a page to find the info. They will, however, have plenty of time to post the same question repeatedly on My Glam’s wall. This, I will never understand. Anyhow, it would be much more effective for My Glam to send an automated email to subscribers and to update the website. I do find this to be a bit over excessive and will feel sorry for My Glam having to do extra work because some people are too dumb to realize that it really is the same process month after month. This comment is in no way aimed at new subscribers. I understand that being new, it’s hard to know how shipping schedules work unless you’ve kept up with it. Having emails for new subscribers will definitely be worth it. On top of that, the website does already say shipping will occur in the middle of the month. Depending on how you want to split the month up, it can mean the 15th or it can mean the 10th through the 20th if you want to split it into thirds. They are in no way obligated to ship it by the 10th.

    Bag content will always be a love/hate relationship. There’s two things I want to touch up on about this.

    1) My Glam advertises 4-5 deluxe-sized or full sized samples. Just what exactly are deluxe sized samples? The website FAQ answers this as it being an item “that delivers multiple uses of the same high-quality product”. How you choose to make up this is entirely up to you. For most people, this involves something definitely not in a tiny packet even if you can get multiple uses out of it. The Pur~lisse daily moisturizer from March’s bag, while in a small packet, did last me for almost a month. Honestly, all of their packet samples have provided ample uses. If you do not get more than 2-3 uses out of one, your probably using too much. Most of these items don’t require you to use a lot each time. With that being said, even I personally hate tiny packets. They are hard to keep up with and look cheap. I also have to buy small containers to keep them in as I use them. Regardless of how long I can use one, I vote a definite no on the tiny packets as well. I’m not sure if this is something My Glam can control. They can always look for other companies I suppose that do not offer packets.

    2) You are guarenteed 4-5 beauty products every month. There is no limit as to what these items can be or what the bags should consist of. You may receive a bag that’s completely skin care or completely filled with nail products one month. They have the right to do it although I highly doubt the will since it seems they like to keep a variety in their bags. Please do not subscribe to these type of services (I’m not only talking about My Glam) and start complaining about what’s in the bags. The main point behind beauty subscription services is that you pay less to try more. If all you want to do is try makeup, save your money and go purchase solely makeup for you to try yourself. Beauty is not only limited to makeup. You can have all the makeup in the world but if you have bad skin or bad hair, do you really think makeup will make you look gorgeous? If you like to subscribe to these services, you will need to keep an open mind. There will most definitely be items that you don’t like to use or know you won’t use. I keep getting nail polish from various services and I absolutely dislike using nail polishes but that’s the gamble you take. You’re paying money for a bag of items to try, not for a bag of items you definitely will need. I am in no way saying, you cannot have negative opinions or complaints about the items in the bag. Everyone has their likes and dislikes but to bash My Glam over it is a little excessive. There’s many ways to say you dislike a product and would like to see something else. Just keep in mind that this “something else” you love will be something else that someone else hates, and vice versa.

    So, what is My Glam really doing wrong? They’re not perfect in anyway but they offer a bigger interactive base with their customers than most other companies. You can’t even post on Birch Box’s facebook wall. People want email updates in regards to shipping when you have more established companies like Birch Box and The Look Bag who do not update you on shipping whatsoever. Bags/boxes ship in the middle of month and it’s the same month after month. You know your item will ship in the middle of the month when you sign up and that’s it. Is it because more established companies have weeded out the people who complain the most and have established a good base with people who have been with the service long enough to know how it works without question? It’s possible. It’s also possible that people are less likely to complain about box contents for the same reason. My Glam isn’t doing it much worse than anyone else. Comparing them to a higher paying service such as Beauty Army, Sample Society, or Glossy Box will be entirely unfair. Even $2 a month difference can and will change the contents of a box. If you pay more, you should expect to receive more. Birch Box offers its customers tiny sample packets and small perfume samples as well, yet there is so much less hate for them doing so? It seems My Glam is getting a lot of backlash for certain things that other companies either do or don’t even take the time to consider doing it. Am I missing something?

    Personally, I’ve had good experiences with My Glam *knocks on wood* While my packages might take forever to get to me, I’ve had no problems with. Customer service has always been prompt in helping me fix any situations. I like the fact that they are interactive and take the time to listen to suggestions. It’s things like this why I like to support a company, hence the monthly My Glam giveaways that will be occurring soon. One reason why I subscribe to more than 1 service is for the comparison. As someone who currently subscribes to: My Glam, Birch Box, The Look Bag, Sample Society, Glossy Box, and recently canceled Beauty Army, Beauty Fix, and Julep..I can say that My Glam is doing quite well in the competition. All companies will have mishaps and kinks they need to sort out but as far as My Glam’s overall process, it’s been steady, reliable, and improving. Everyone has different tastes so it’s natural for someone to prefer one service over the other whether it’s for the items and/or the service itself. That’s why we have so many options on different levels.

    These are just my opinions, some are fact…others are strictly opinions and experiences. It’s not meant to change anyone’s mind on My Glam but hopefully is able to provide some kind of outline as how the company currently works. People will have different experiences and I am sorry for those who have had poor experiences.

    PS: Actually reading the My Glam facebook change can do wonders. Most people ask the same question over and over again. Spending 2 seconds to look ahead of time can be beneficial to you. 1) You save time not having to type a status and 2) you get an answer immediately! It doesn’t get better than that.

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    You win some, you lose some.

    Thursday April 26th, 2012 at 1:39 am

    I’m sitting here debating a blog post, so I figured I might as well do it. I’m having a hard time putting what I want to say into words for some reason. I actually can’t think of everything I wanted to blog about last night. Writer’s block?

    First things first, this is something I wanted to touch up on a bit. I’m starting to lose any bit of hope I have in humanity slowly but surely. I don’t understand why people do the things they do sometimes. This didn’t happen to me but it did happen to someone I know. I’ve had similar situations, just not in the same extreme. Long story short, she had gotten side swiped while driving by this old couple. After they got out of the car, the wife in the other car began freaking out. She found out that they were looking for a hospital and did not know the area very well. Turns out, they were heading to the same place that she was so she offered to help them. She spent quite a bit of time trying to comfort the woman as well as get them where they needed to go and ended up being late for her own appointment since she made them a priority. She later finds out that this couple is claiming to the insurance company that it was my friend who had hit them, not the other way around. The pictures prove otherwise but as long as they won’t acknowledge that they hit her, it puts her in a situation to where she will have to deal with unnecessary shit.

    People being ungrateful, rude, and just plain dumb have been rubbing me the wrong way for a while now. I’m up to a point to where I have little to no patience for any of it no matter how small or big it is. How hard is it to say thank you? How hard is it to learn how to drive properly? How hard is it to show respect? How hard is it to man up to your own mistakes? How hard is it to take responsibility? I can go on but apparently it’s fucking ass hard for a lot of people out there and it’s these same people having kid after kid? No wonder why society is going to hell. Dumbasses will generally raise dumbasses and ignorant fools will generally raise ignorant fools. It’s one main reason why I don’t really keep up with the news anymore. Any important headline is usually overshadowed by some idiotic person or it’s just plain depressing. A black woman murders someone and takes her white baby? Really??

    Work ethic is another thing that has really declined over the years. The fact that there are enough people out there who think they deserve certain things just for being alive I guess. They have no valid point as to why they deserve it but think highly enough of themselves to where they think they deserve handouts instead of having to work for it. I do, in a way, blame the government slightly for this…at least on a bigger scale. There are people who are not working “making more” than some of the people who are putting in effort for work. They’ve learned to take advantage of a benefit and have gotten comfortable and lazy because of it. There’s too many people out there bending the rules. There’s almost no sense of honor in people anymore. Of course, this isn’t targeted at everyone. I have the absolutely a great deal amount of respect for people who are truthful, responsible, hard working, nice, etc. These type of people are role models for me. It’s just a shame that there’s not more. I wonder what it is about people that makes them think 1) they’re better than everyone else or 2) they deserve more for less.

    I had a little mishap with My Glam today, I need to pay more attention to the things I do >_< I wanted to check my wait list account to see if everything was okay but when I tried to login, it said that the email was not subscribed. I was like "wth?" and got a bit worried since I had input my billing information and everything and I didn't want to lose my spot in line, especially if it means I might be able to start giveaways next week! I also did not want to see my credit card billed 3 times later on. I ended up sending an email to My Glam and during this time, I registered again with the email I wanted to since I wanted to secure a wait list spot. Not too long after that, maybe 5 minutes, I find out by accident that I had used another email to wait list the first time. My guess as to what happened is that I accidently selected the wrong email from the auto drop down list I use several different emails depending on what I'm doing. I canceled the subscription on the older email and kept the one on the email I intended to use to make my life easier in terms of remembering things. I quickly sent My Glam another email explaining my mistake but Amy from My Glam still send me a couple emails back and forth to make sure everything was okay. 2 thumbs up for customer service! I definitely don't regret purchasing a second bag from them. I know some people have had poor experiences but I've had no problems really with My Glam. Customer service can usually win me over on anything.

    While on the subject of customer service, E-starr is another one I’d like to touch up on. I had a little problem with my hosting a couple days ago. The server was down for 4-5 hours. I can’t remember but I was a little frustrated because I wanted to work on some stuff and there was also no notice given during this time period so I sent a ticket. I receive a reply the next morning with a detailed reply explaining everything. They did not have to do it, the servers had already been up for a while but someone still took the time to explain everything to me. I had no used E-starr in years. 8-10 years ago, I remember their uptime and customer service to be excellent, which is why I don’t mind shelling out $60 a year for hosting. I’m a firm believer of you get what you pay for. I’m glad to be reassured that they have not digressed in terms of quality and service.

    Great service deserves plugs!

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    Review: My Glam April Bag

    Tuesday April 17th, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    My Glam‘s April bag arrived last Friday but I didn’t get a chance to review it until now. I’m glad to be reviewing the April bag for my first review, it really is a decent bag in my opinion. For those who are unfamiliar with My Glam: My Glam is a fairly new makeup/beauty subscription service that offers 4-5 deluxe or full sized samples every month for $10, similar to Birch Box and The Look Bag. The company started with their first bag last December.

    My Glam seems to have finally fixed a lot of their kinks by their fifth bag and have done great listening to feedback from customers. Shipping for this month definitely improved, especially for me. March’s bag took a total of 10 days to reach me after I received my tracking number. April’s bag took about 5 days, and only because it decided to chill in Atlanta for 2 days doing who knows what.

    Bag contents for April include:

  • Dermstore Lip Quench
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil
  • My Glam Eyeshadow Brush
  • My Glam Eyeliner Brush
  • All-Belle Eyelashes

  • click to read more »

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    Lunch Break!

    Thursday March 29th, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    Making good use of my lunch time at work, just finished another episode of Fruits Basket and now for some blogging and I may attempt to work on the layout some more. Lunch time seems to be the only time I have nowadays to watch netflix, it’s kind of sad. I’m so behind on anime @_@ luckily for me, Netflix has a bit of the older animes that I never got a chance to watch and am now catching up on.

    My Glam is currently offering limited subscriptions, although it may be only limited to those waitlisted. Either way, check it out quick to see if you can get a subscription in just in time for April’s bag :) Any current members will now finally be able to update billing information without having to cancel. On another good note, my Julep package shipped today! Anyone that’s interested in trying them out can get the first month for only 1 penny with code COLOR2012 at checkout.

    I definitely did not get to go to bed early enough last night. I finally headed off to bed around 2 am but it still took its toll on me this morning. I’m finally feeling fully awake, maybe thanks to lunch? Or it could be that it’s the afternoon. I ended up spending 2-3 hours trying to code the layout and got nowhere. I’m not entirely happy with the layout itself but it’ll be a good start and I’ll work from there. I’ve never coded a center div layout before, everything I’ve done previously have been aligned to the left. After looking into it and seeing how it works, it simple but mine would not do anything I wanted it to do :/ I’m going to make another attempt tonight but I’ll probably start coding the entire layout from scratch this time and see where that gets me. It’s possible I’ll find out exactly what’s wrong that way. My coding skills are decent but not as great as I would like them to be, it’s good practice that’s for sure but I’m finally back to those sleepless nights where I end up dreaming about coding anyway.

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