Maleficent Review

Sunday June 1st, 2014 at 12:08 am

WARNING: Spoilers under the cut.

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Zombie Modeee

Wednesday April 2nd, 2014 at 2:23 pm

I’m so fickle. I want a new domain name already, something Final Fantasy related. I blame FFX’s remaster release.

I’m super tired today. I was up to 3 AM in the morning re-writing my enter lesson plan for Saturday’s class. My teachers weren’t kidding when they said it can take 3 hours or more planning out lessons when you first start. Part of this is my fault, I finished dinner around 10 PM and played FFX for a couple hours to relax so I could have been in bed by 1 AM :/ I wasn’t feeling the context of the lesson plan I made last Saturday. We had a practice presentation of our lessons in class last night and mine fell apart quickly, leading to the decision that I need something different. I more or less had to re-structure the one I originally made so it wasn’t absurd to just write a new one altogether. I like the context of this one better, comparing cats and dogs. It’s simpler and it allows me more room to play around with it. I’m just hoping I can make the lesson flow come Saturday.

I haven’t heard back from Joy Talk but I’m not surprised. It seems they are interested in immediate hires, as with most job postings in Japan. The soonest I can leave is late May. I prefer July-August, which is what I think I will be shooting for instead of leaving when I’m not ready. There are 4 more jobs I will be applying to when I have more time on my hands. With Saturday being my first teaching class, most of my time is going into making sure it’s not a disaster. I hate the jobs that require me to submit a professional photo ;_; . I don’t have any nor do I have any professional clothes. Working in the music business can be pretty laid back, I mostly wear jeans a t-shirt to work. I may go out at some point this month to buy some suits. If I plan on moving to Japan, I will have to eventually anyway.

I’m super looking forward to the new Captain America movie coming out tomorrow! This year seems to be filled with super awesome pumped up action movies. I saw Noah this past weekend and it was decent. There were quite a few plot twists for theatrical purposes that strays off from the original story but overall it was a decent movie with great special effects.

I’m nervous about Saturday but I’m ready to see how I do and how I improve in the weeks to come.

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Total Recall + Sad dog story ??

Thursday August 9th, 2012 at 1:46 pm

I want to make more efforts to blog more often. While I like doing reviews, it’s not something that I want the blog to focus solely on. I used to enjoy blogging almost daily back in high school. Then again, I might have also had more going on then.

Sooooo…starting today, I’ll make more efforts to make more boring posts! We can call it a mid-August resolution. o_o;

I went to go see Total Recall last night, the movie was not bad at all. I never saw the original and from what I hear, it’s quite different but a really good remake. Kate Beckinsale gets hotter every time I see her.

She totally makes one sexy baddie.

I’m not the biggest Jessica Biel fan but after watching her in this movie, I can say I’m not entirely opposed to her being in the upcoming Wolverine movie now. She did surprisingly good.


Am I the only one who thinks he looks weird with that hair color and mustache combo?

Haha, he will always be Harold to me <3 Anyhoo...I wouldn't call the movie the must see of the year but if you're looking for something to do, it's definitely not a waste of money. I'm a sucker for pet stories :/ Has everyone seen this yet?

The story behind the photograph is that this 19 year old German Shepard has arthritis and his owner, John Unger has found that water is therapeutic for the dog. Every night he carries his dog into the lake to help the dog fall asleep.

You can read the full story here.

Not many people treat animals as one of their children…heck, a lot people don’t treat their children as one of their children. GAH! to people with a heart. I could cry.

It makes me want to get a dog, just look at how that dog is smiling! I much more of a cat person when it comes to pets but dang, a lot of these dog stories are inspiring!

Okay, no more sad, puppy stories.

My left eye has been acting up all week, it looks horrible x_x I might throw out the pair of contacts I’m using now and try a new pair but I don’t understand why they would be bothering me when they are a pair of new contacts. I hope nothing is wrong with my eye, I would hate to have it to looked at and then get told I need surgery.

I’m working on a review, I promise. I know it’s been a little while since I last did one. Photoshop isn’t exactly doing what I need it to do so I got a little demotivated. I might also have been sucked into playing Maple Story again, which is bad. I’ve always like the game but it’s so time consuming.

Someone should pay me to play games, that would solve a lot of my problems.

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Men In Black III

Sunday May 27th, 2012 at 12:15 am

*sidetracks* I think I forgot to rant this a few days ago but WHO DECIDED TO POSTPONE GI JOE: RETALIATION TO MARCH 2013?? WHO??!!! And for 3D?! *sigh* I’m so disappointed. This was one movie I was super excited to see this year. Now I have to wait until 2013 to get me some more Rock action :/ and I don’t even see movies in 3D.

MIB 3 was released yesterday, wooo! Finally, a movie worth watching at a movie theater. Sadly, MIB 2 was slightly disappointing but I enjoyed every minute of MIB 3!! A little recap and introduction to some of the characters. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers!

Nicole Scherzinger was hot! hot! hot! in the movie!! No one could have done it better, I absolutely loved her. Can I say she’s got a spectacular pair of assets? x3

Boris the Animal…or rather, it’s “Just Boris”, is out on a rampage for some much overdo revenge to assassinate Agent K and to change history after having an altercation with Agent K back in 1969 that cost him his left arm. Having been in jail for 40 years has made him slightly cranky. It also gave him this great opportunity to plan some shit out nicely, such as time travel cause…that be important.

Hi Agent K…meet Agent K. Agent K is again the main honcho of the movie (although again, he doesn’t do as much…) Through a little bit of time travel, we dig a bit into K’s life as well as what events caused him to change his character to become the K we all love so much in MIB 1, 2 and part of 3. Yes, the one that has slightly more expressions than Kristen Stewart. K’s 29 year old counterpart sure has some good looks.

The hero of the movie, again. Agent J must travel back in time to save his dear friend and partner and to prevent history from rewriting itself. Along the way, he runs into certain uh…hardships?? of the late 1960s. Okay, not really. Life’s not too hard when you have special gadgets but that’s not the point! Props to Will Smith for too much humor and quick thinking, see how we have no aliens on earth? Or maybe I’m just misinformed :/

MVP of the movie!! Unfortunately, Griffin doesn’t seem to get enough love for him to have his own screenshot (yet I’ll get a picture of Loki when googling for Griffin?) but he is the awkward looking guy in the middle. Griffin is an alien who is able to see multiple timelines at once. Depending on what happens, he’s able to see which possible future will occur out of a pool or possible futures. Confusing? A little. Griffin holds the key to defeating Boris and on top of that, I just found his character to be adorable!

Overall, MIB 3 takes a slightly new twist on the MIB franchise. While not as packed in action as the first one, MIB 3 had enough comedy to keep you laughing the majority of the movie. You can thank Will Smith later. There’s definitely a lot more to the movie and totally worth the time and money!

Screenshots were taken from here. Thanks for all the great shots!

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Off to a great start

Friday May 4th, 2012 at 6:34 pm

First of all, May the 4th be with everyone!

I’m already having a great start to the weekend, and that’s rare to say. Minus the fact that I have to work tomorrow, I think this is going to be a pretty nice/relaxing weekend.

TGI Fridays is offering their occasional (super (as I like to call it)) special! Buy one entree + 2 beverages and get one entree free. I think in the past, you only had to buy one entree to get one free and weren’t forced to buy a drink. I almost cried when I saw this because I won’t be able to take advantage of it this time around, at least I don’t think I’ll be able to. I over spent a bit on eating out last month so I’m trying hard to stay good this month. As long as I have no outside influences, I’ll be good. I’m too easily influenced when it comes to food ;_; but how I miss their Jack Daniel’s sauce. It’s TGI Friday’s signature special sauce. Anyone who hasn’t tried it, needs to! You can print the coupon here.

Last night was the premier of The Avengers. I went with a group of friends to see the midnight release. I think the last midnight release movie I saw was The Green Lantern? So it’s been a while and I only went to see that at midnight because I was bored. The Avengers movie was totally worth seeing. I’ve been hearing nothing but rave reviews on it ever since people were able to watch pre-screenings and were able to watch it first in other countries (lucky people). I had high expectations and it still blew my mind. I won’t give out any spoilers but it’s definitely a movie no one wants to miss. They incorporated A LOT of comedy into the movie, similar to Iron Man but it was packed even more with laughs. I didn’t know what to think of Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow prior to the movie but she did a fantastic job. Hawkeye quickly became one of my favorite Marvel characters. Jeremy Renner is one of my favorite actors so that probably contributed to that a lot. Of course, Robert Downey Jr. is always love. With the amount of screen time he got, it’s easy to see he’s popular among most people. The movie is packed with nothing but action and comedy. I almost feel sorry that both Spider Man and Batman are being released after the Avengers. I feel like they have a lot to live up to. At the same time, with all the hype behind the Avengers, I also see both movies getting a lot of hype as well. I’m definitely excited to see both movies this summer but it’ll take a lot to beat out the Avengers.

Needless to say, I did not make it out of bed on time for work. I’m horrible with getting up, and that’s even if I’m in bed at a timely manner. Luckily for me, my director bought donuts for everyone. Nothing like a nice sugar rush in the morning and we also had bagels available during our meeting.

I’m also super excited to say that I won He Qi Crystal Designs Giveaway Day 3. Right before we left for the movie, I saw on twitter that she announced the winner and couldn’t believe that it was me! I love her jewelry, they’re made with a lot of care and time and it’s totally apparent in the jewelry. I can’t wait to receive the items. You can see a list of everything I won here. There will definitely be a blog post about it once I receive it ;) There’s one item in there that I am beyond SUPER excited for. Be sure to enter her Day 4 giveaway and keep and eye on her blog/twitter for giveaways day 5-8.

Not too sure what I’ll end up doing tonight. I still have the My Beauty Diary face masks that are sitting around just waiting for me to try. There’s isn’t a whole lot going on, which is nothing new unfortunately.

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Dinner and a movie, just not in the same night.

Thursday April 12th, 2012 at 9:25 pm

Dinner’s cooking on the stove, although it’s a little strange I’m not exactly hungry. I blame it on the brownie I had at work before I came home. There’s nothing too special for dinner tonight, just some good ol’ congee (rice porridge) and some side dishes I’m making. It’s easy and quick to make and also somewhat of a comfort food for me. One of my favorites is cucumber sprinkled with a bit of salt and a light drizzle of sesame oil mixed together. It may sound weird but it’s quite delicious. My mom used to make congee a lot when she didn’t feel like spending too much time on making dinner or when it’s cold. Lately it’s been quite cold, including tonight. Tennessee always has a cold front come in early to mid April after we’ve had weeks of fantastic weather. It’s supposed to be back in the 80s this weekend.

I went to go see Wrath of the Titans last night with a friend of mine. Overall, I’d say its a decent movie. I generally like movies about Roman/Greek mythology even if they end up being the same story. I probably wouldn’t say it was better than Immortals but still a decent watch. Wrath of the Titans follows the story of Perseus after he has slain the mighty Kraken and now faces the return of Kronos.

So, good news and semi-bad news today. The good news is I finally received my invitation to sign up for birch box. I snatched it up right away and I can’t wait. I’ve heard mixed feelings on birch box but they seem to be a great alternative to My Glam. I’m excited to be able to do reviews on both subscription services. I’ll most likely keep birch box for a while since it’s one of the more affordable and better services.

The semi-bad news is that Glossy Box recently announced their pricing, $21. I’ve been excited for Glossy Box since hearing about it, their foreign boxes look absolutely amazing. It makes me want to subscribe to those instead. At $21, Glossy Box US is already higher priced than most other countries. Australia, Canada, South Korea, and the UK all offer the box at around $15 USD, which would be a more reasonable and manageable price for me. The only thing I can factor in to the price difference at the moment is the currency exchange and the economy. China’s box is estimated at about $37 USD and that’s a lot of money in China. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to start Glossy Box, even if it’s for a little while. I’m hoping they will provide some of their foreign products to try, that would totally be worth it to me. I’ll most likely give up Beauty Army, which I don’t have a problem with and hold off on Sample Society. Ahhh..too many to try, I need a third job @_@. Glossy Box has also announced they will release memberships this spring, which pretty much only leaves May and June. Since their first box will be given away to prize winners, I see sign ups for the second box being available more towards June.

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I still cannot bowl.

Thursday March 29th, 2012 at 11:39 pm

I had a great time bowling with some of my co-workers after work today although I still cannot bowl. I am really out of practice though. I usually do not do well but not as badly as I did today :( nevertheless it was still fun and of course it was all for charity. I am not sure how much was raise by the end of the night but before I left we were at around $24,000! :)

With the mega millions at 540 million, I could not help myself but buy several tickets to play just for fun this once. Now, I’m not one to be into the lottery but I’ve been doing well in terms of money spending this month and decided why not play for the enjoyment. Of course I would like to win so who knows ;D

I meant to attempt coding once again but instead ended up watching Super 8. I have to say I rather enjoyed it although alien movies are not my preference. The acting was well done and the ending did not suck like a lot of movies that I’ve been watching lately. Tonight I will definitely head off to bed soon. I don’t particularly want to end up feeling like a zombie again in the morning.

I cannot wait for the weekend to roll around. It’ll also give me a chance to try out some of the beauty fix items I received but are still lying on the floor :( I’m aiming to get the review posted this weekend.

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Hunger Games & Beauty Products

Wednesday March 28th, 2012 at 11:26 pm

Finally got to watch the Hunger Games tonight. As excited as I was for the movie, I wanted to wait until the crowd died down. I’m not particularly into watching a movie with a full theater. Having read and loved the first book, I have mixed feelings on the movie. Overall, I think the movie was very well done. Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress in my opinion. While I understand that no movie will ever have as much content in the book, I’m sad that the movie left out certain parts of the book that I felt like would have explained the story much better for someone who has not read the books. It felt rushed. Am I the only one who would consider sitting in for a 5+ hours movie? :P

My Beauty Fix order came into today and I can’t wait to start trying some of the products, especially the hair ones. I will be doing a short review possibly tomorrow or later this weekend. Some of the samples are full size and even though most of them weren’t, I’m glad they still came in containers instead of tiny packets.

Also, for anyone interested…Julep is currently offering a promotion where you can get your first month for only $0.01, just use code COLOR2012! After that, it’s back to the $19.99 per month but you get $40 worth of nail products every month. You can choose whether or not to continue the service or you can cancel after the first month. At a penny for the month, I couldn’t pass it up, but since I don’t ever really use nail products I’ll probably end up giving away the box at a later date. I’m not sure how long this deal will be running so it’s better to get it quick.

Still debating what to do for the remainder of the night. I might work on the layout a bit more or I might just call it a night early. I’ve been on the lacking side of sleep lately and it’s starting to take its toll a bit.

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