Hypocrisy in Cosplay

Wednesday May 21st, 2014 at 11:16 pm

So, last night I was involved in an (rather immature) argument and it all started with a girl commenting that Jessica Nigri needs to stop trying too hard. One thing let to another and I started to realize why I lost interest in cosplaying and conventions. The argument has nothing to do with her comment per se, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

I started cosplaying back in 2010 I believe when I moved back to Nashville. The first couple of years I spent a lot of money on cosplays, hotels, props, travel, etc but I didn’t care…I was having fun, no regrets there. Most conventions I went to were small with the biggest one being Dragon*Con.

When I first got into cosplay, there weren’t many big cosplayers outside of Yaya Han and VampyBitMe. The idea of making money or a living off of cosplay was a dream many people had but few achieved. I originally wanted to do the same. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend their life dressing up as their favorite characters, taking photos, going to conventions, and having fun with their friends? However, I was only in love with the idea. My sewing practice never got past a straight line and I never pursued much of anything outside of conventions.

Fast forward a few years and cosplay has evolved. It’s almost a whole different world with limitless opportunities with a slew of top cosplayers at the helm. While conventions have been around for decades, even more so in Japan, now we’re in an era where cosplaying is recognized more than just nerds dressing up and role playing.

I stopped cosplaying for a few reasons. It’s was too expensive, I lost interest since I wasn’t making my own cosplays, and I started pursuing a new goal (one that had been on the back of my mind for years) so I lacked the time. After the argument I was having last night, I realized another reason why is because I didn’t like what the cosplay community had become.

One thing you hear constantly around the community is “Cosplay is about fun”. And it is…or at least it should be. Cosplay has become a competition, and shows such as Heroes of Cosplay, really don’t help the cause. Instead of looking for what’s right about a cosplay, everyone looks at what’s wrong. That may just be human nature.

Back to the argument I was having last night, the biggest part about cosplay that bothers me is the hypocrisy and double standards. What heated the argument was I posted a reply with a picture of the commenter at this past year’s MTAC with very little clothing. It was your typical “I’m at a convention and I’m going to wear an “original” getup that involves covering up some of my boobs and booty shorts” type of deal (It could have been a cosplay but I have no idea). Honestly, I have nothing against it. If that’s your idea of fun, go for it. I was a bit mean in my comment in pointing out the obvious but the hypocrisy irritated me. She was hating on someone for a reason she was okay with when it came to her own body. The only difference is one looked better and more successful. And no, I didn’t stalk anyone. Someone had pointed the image out to me because they remembered seeing her.

Unfortunately, since I did not have prior knowledge on a couple of things, I don’t think my point ever got across…either that or she and her boyfriend didn’t care and were more concerned about insulting me than seeing the issue for what it was, but it’s not like I’m the best debater. I was accused of white knighting among other things (such as a bitch with no life and an insane cunt o_O). I might have white knighted a little bit (if that’s what it’s being called nowadays). I made my typical “she works for it” “she doesn’t need to try hard” “people hate on her because she’s doing it too right” etc etc speech. *holds up GO NIGRI flag* (okay not really) I think if I left it at that, nothing would have came of it. We would have been two people with an opinion, but I felt like pointing out hypocrisy for once. If I’m a bitch for that, then I am but hey…I have a life :( (While we are on the subject of pointing out hypocrisy, I get crap for “white knighting” a cosplayer but when her boyfriend white knights her, she’s totally okay with it and praises him.)

I couldn’t care less whether or not she or anyone out there liked Jessica Nigri or any other cosplayer. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has a different one. However, I don’t understand when people dislike others for the very exact same things that they will do themselves. Had she disliked JN just for sexualizing her cosplays, yea ok…I can see why people dislike that. To find her doing the exact same thing, well…I don’t understand. To add to the hypocrisy, I was also pointed out a picture of her female Ash Ketchum cosplay which is almost a direct replica of the one Jessica Nigri did. I think the only difference was booty shorts instead of an ultra short skirt. It’s no different than people who hate liars but constantly lie to others. Or one of my favorites, women are sluts for wearing as little as bra and underwear but these same people will either wear bikinis or check out/hit on chicks in bikinis.

That is just one example of why I no longer care to cosplay. I still love seeing amazing cosplays and the work put into them, but I’ve lost interest (for now) in cosplaying and attending conventions. Everyone knows that sex sells. Just look at the characters that people are cosplaying…scantly dressed characters with large tits are everywhere in anime, gaming, comics, and tv shows. Women are being hated for one of the very reasons why we like what we like. You’ll most likely never hear someone say “OMG the chicks in Dead or Alive need to stop trying so hard”. Walk around in a convention…you’ll probably see more cosplays and outfits done solely to attract attention than cosplays that people do for the art. So it makes no sense why it’s okay for one person to do it but not for others.

This issue goes way beyond what me and this girl were talking about last night, what that did was it got me thinking. Just read through any facebook post, instagram picture, youtube video, or internet article. The amount of bullying (both online and offline) is insane and people are okay with this. No wonder why you have kids out there committing suicide or shooting places up. Very little is being done about it and as long as nothing drastic happens, it’s totally okay for people to call women derogatory terms or make fun of a person’s looks/what they like. Who knows, maybe people do it because others do it to them. What does that really help in the end?

Hypocrisy comes in all shapes and forms and this is just one of the most blatant examples. We live in a society where success is measured by how many haters we have, and I’m not just talking about cosplay at this point. People can’t be happy for the success of others. Instead, it’s what we can say about them to make ourselves feel or look better. Women become sluts when success comes from their looks and men are hated for every reason possible. No one can be too good at something.

I have no idea what the main point of this novel is, I guess it’s wtf hypocrites? But it goes much further than cosplay, people need to start seeing the real issues. What we learned in kindergarten about doing onto others as we would want them to do onto us went out the window long time ago. Having an opinion is one thing, being a hypocrite is another.

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