Dinner and a movie, just not in the same night.

Thursday April 12th, 2012 at 9:25 pm

Dinner’s cooking on the stove, although it’s a little strange I’m not exactly hungry. I blame it on the brownie I had at work before I came home. There’s nothing too special for dinner tonight, just some good ol’ congee (rice porridge) and some side dishes I’m making. It’s easy and quick to make and also somewhat of a comfort food for me. One of my favorites is cucumber sprinkled with a bit of salt and a light drizzle of sesame oil mixed together. It may sound weird but it’s quite delicious. My mom used to make congee a lot when she didn’t feel like spending too much time on making dinner or when it’s cold. Lately it’s been quite cold, including tonight. Tennessee always has a cold front come in early to mid April after we’ve had weeks of fantastic weather. It’s supposed to be back in the 80s this weekend.

I went to go see Wrath of the Titans last night with a friend of mine. Overall, I’d say its a decent movie. I generally like movies about Roman/Greek mythology even if they end up being the same story. I probably wouldn’t say it was better than Immortals but still a decent watch. Wrath of the Titans follows the story of Perseus after he has slain the mighty Kraken and now faces the return of Kronos.

So, good news and semi-bad news today. The good news is I finally received my invitation to sign up for birch box. I snatched it up right away and I can’t wait. I’ve heard mixed feelings on birch box but they seem to be a great alternative to My Glam. I’m excited to be able to do reviews on both subscription services. I’ll most likely keep birch box for a while since it’s one of the more affordable and better services.

The semi-bad news is that Glossy Box recently announced their pricing, $21. I’ve been excited for Glossy Box since hearing about it, their foreign boxes look absolutely amazing. It makes me want to subscribe to those instead. At $21, Glossy Box US is already higher priced than most other countries. Australia, Canada, South Korea, and the UK all offer the box at around $15 USD, which would be a more reasonable and manageable price for me. The only thing I can factor in to the price difference at the moment is the currency exchange and the economy. China’s box is estimated at about $37 USD and that’s a lot of money in China. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to start Glossy Box, even if it’s for a little while. I’m hoping they will provide some of their foreign products to try, that would totally be worth it to me. I’ll most likely give up Beauty Army, which I don’t have a problem with and hold off on Sample Society. Ahhh..too many to try, I need a third job @_@. Glossy Box has also announced they will release memberships this spring, which pretty much only leaves May and June. Since their first box will be given away to prize winners, I see sign ups for the second box being available more towards June.

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