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I started blogging back in high school where I was kindly hosted by a few people before I bought a domain of my own, only-dreaming.net. Back then, there were so many people making personal sites, fan sites, blogs, etc. In a way, I felt like there was more to do on the internet back then and miss seeing amazing graphics/layouts done by other people. People interacted with one another more on a personal level. I’m still in contact with some of the people I met on the internet over a decade ago! I really miss those days. After I started college, I didn’t have time for blogging anymore and quit for a while. Some years later, I really missed blogging and wanted to get back into it, especially since I was making some changes in my life. The blog has had a few bumpy rides in the last couple of years as I was trying to figure things out but I think I’m back in the groove now. I decided I wanted a new domain name and pristine.nu was registered.


I’ve always found one word domain names to be very cute. As for why I chose pristine, I’ve always liked the way it sounds.

According to Merriam and Webster, the word pretty much has 2 meanings:

    1) in perfect condition : completely clean, fresh, neat, etc.
    2) not changed by people : left in its natural state

The idea of something being pristine sounds very beautiful and mysterious to me.


Because it’s short and cute. That is all.


The current theme features fantasy artwork I found randomly on Google with noob coding done by me (It’s a learn as you go process). I love fantasy and always wanted to make a layout from artwork.


Of course I can’t do everything by myself. Credits due where given and I’m pretty sure I didn’t leave anything out.

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  1. Jeanette says:

    Hey, just checking out if someone used my old domain name. Glad it is a personal blog and not some business. Liked the design a lot.

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