Finally a breather from reviews.

Tuesday May 22nd, 2012 at 12:02 am

It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve written a non-review post. The joy of having most of my subscriptions come in the middle of the month also means I usually end up spending an entire week to review them. For now, I get a break until Glossy Box rolls around early next month :) I think my first Sample Society arrives around that time too! I can’t wait for both. Glossy Box will be debuting their official first box to the masses so it will be interesting to see what will be in an official Glossy Box USA box. I’ve heard great things about Sample Society and given I was on a waiting list for 2 months, I’m hoping it will be great.

Speaking of Glossy Box, anyone want to help me win a 3 month Glossy Box subscription? I’ll be forever grateful :) You know you want a box~~~~~ Link is http://bit.ly/JRj1xz!

I forgot to mention this earlier but I canceled my subscription for Beauty Army. They just weren’t for me at all. For $12 a month, I could not really find anything worth having/using in the selections. I would have stay subscribed just for the sole option of being able to skip months but I figured it would be better to cancel and avoid the hassle. Having signed up for Glossy Box and Sample Society pretty much meant I had to give up something so Beauty Army had to go. The first month I subscribed I kind of had to in order to maintain my place, otherwise I would have had to wait list again. The second month just had nothing that seemed worth it to me. I’ve posted a screenshot of my sample choices.

From left to right:

First row: Rosie Jane Leila Lou Fragrance 0.1 fl oz, Lucy B Pink Frangipani Fragrance 0.1 fl oz, Control Corrective Redness Relief Serum 0.1 oz
Second Row: NYX Le Chick Flick Mascara, Korres Guava Shower Gel 0.3 fl oz, La Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser 1 wipe
Third Row: Weleda Refining Toner 0.34 fl oz, Ruddy Water Blushed Fragrance Pouch 1 towelette, Cocktail Eau De Parfum 0.1 oz

So as you can see…3 were small perfume samples, 2 were small packets, 2 only had 1 wipe, and only the mascara and refining toner would probably have been worth getting. I know some people really like Beauty Army and from what I know, you can always shift your quiz results around to get different samples but I don’t particularly want to invest the time in it. Some of their selections offer much better sized samples. I do have to say, their customer service is great. I’ve had no problems and have always had a fairly quick response. For anyone that doesn’t know, Beauty Army will always take the $12.00 from your card when it’s time for you to select your samples. You will receive a refund later should you choose to skip the month or cancel.

On a random note, earlier last week I had fallen asleep on the carpet. I woke up feeling like there was a bug on my arm but after swatting my arm a few times and saw nothing, I assumed it was just my hair. After I got on the couch, I felt the same thing..swatted again and there was nothing so I assumed it was my hair again. I went to the restroom, felt it again, swatted my arm, and a bug fell off..it scared me :/ Thank goodness it wasn’t a spider, but I hate living on the first floor for this reason. I had a much less bug problem living on the third floor last year.

The weekend flew by so quickly. A friend of mine had organized a kickball game/cookout on Sunday. While it was a lot of fun, my muscles are so sore today. I didn’t realize a little bit of running could do so much, then again…I don’t really run. My legs are already sore from P90X but now it’s my legs, butt, and backside that are sore. It was still totally worth it in my opinion. I had forgotten my camera that day (boohoo) but someone else took some pics. A few images of me although they aren’t the best:

I look so intrigued…the weird expression comes from me talking and passing out plates for food.

Yay, I made it home. I love this shot :)

Big smile!

The weather was beautiful that day. There were rumors of rain but we didn’t even get big clouds. It was hot but a nice breeze make it better. I would love to do it again sometime. I just have to remember to buy bug spray next go around. I have this huge bug bite on my stomach and it itches! Mosquitoes have always loved me.

I ended up taking half the morning off of work hoping to get some decent rest. My apartment complex decided to pick today of all days to clean the pool and get it ready. There was this huge motor sound running nonstop all morning and I’m almost right next to the pool. It felt like such a waste of personal time off. Once I got to work, I completely forgot how long I had to work on a half day and ended up working 30 minutes more than what I should have. Yay for getting more work done? I did get my bonus check though so yay for paying off all the money I already spent in advance ;) It pretty much pays off the xbox, car insurance, random eating outs this month, and my yearly subscription for taekwondo I have coming up due next month so I am officially back to being broke.

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