Friday You win & He Qi Giveaway Winnings

Saturday May 12th, 2012 at 12:08 am

Friday has officially kicked my butt today. Good job Friday…you win this time around. Looks like updating my iPhone yesterday with music was a good call, it definitely got me through the work day. I seriously zoned out for the majority of the day and just submerged myself in music.

My friend bought me these adorable Hello Kitty headphones for Christmas last year. They aren’t anything too fancy but damn do they have great sound control. If I put both sides on, I can’t hear anything else around me as proven today. There was a pretty big car accident right outside my office earlier today that I completely missed out on. From what my co-workers told me, the crash was loud enough to where everyone else did hear and ran to go see.

The red mustang that was hit is behind the trees. The SUV belonged to a lady and her son, who couldn’t be more than 3-4 years old. They both were fine, fortunately. I can’t say what happened. These aren’t big roads so the speed limit is only like 35 miles or so. My guess she tried to run a red light and ended up hitting the mustang. I’m not completely sure whose fault it is. They were out there for hours until someone came to tow her car away. Most of her front end was falling off. Lesson of the day: please drive responsibly…especially if you have a kid in the car with you.

I spent a bit of time this morning trying to fix something that I seriously fucked up. I was attempting to clean out my gmail account a bit. I noticed that if I delete emails off my phone, they don’t go into the trash. Instead, they end up in the “important” folder which I thought made sense since the delete option on my phone is actually “archive”. I went ahead and deleted almost 4000 emails. I went back to my inbox to find that most of everything was gone. I probably lost 90% of the emails I had there, which really sucked since I keep everything I want to keep in my inbox. Anything I had put into folders were also missing. Turns out gmail is really a dick for doing this…for some reason, it will 1) randomly mark my emails as important and 2) mark all emails that I sort into folders as important. I don’t understand it and it really screwed me over. I tried to save as many emails as I could by moving them back to their respected folders. I managed to salvage most things but I still lost some important emails. It’s nothing that I can’t live without, but it does create more problems for me in the future. One email that I did lose was my Dragon*Con confirmation email. I don’t particularly want to have to go look for the information when it was sitting right in my inbox. Yes, I’m lazy but that’s why I keep things for a reason. I’ve never been so upset with gmail before. If I don’t mark my emails as important, clearly I don’t want them marked as important. PLEASE stop doing it for me.

The rest of the day mostly consisted of me doing work that I actually did not have to do, but by the time I realized it, I had already finished most of it so I finished it. It wasn’t anything hard, just annoying and repetitive. Yay for me overachieving?

I did pick up my xbox once I got home and my birch box also arrived. I finished setting up the xbox but haven’t had time to actually use it yet. I have a new found hatred for UPS MI. Yay for companies saving money, boo for me having to wait a week or more to get most of my packages. The birch box was okay, I cheated a little earlier so I knew what I was getting. It seems I don’t have much luck with birch box. There were much better boxes this month than what I received, reviews will be up later…most likely next week since I’m most likely going to have a busy weekend given it’s mother’s day and someone I know is graduating. I still don’t know what to get my mom!! D:

I received this Wednesday but didn’t have a chance to get pictures taken and then make a decent blog post about it. He Qi Crystal Designs recently had an 8 day giveaway where something was given out each day for 8 consecutive days. The giveaway was a thank you to everyone who supported He Qi. The giveaways were amazing and very generous! I was lucky enough to win Day 3’s giveaway, which was quite a surprise.

What I received:

  • He Qi Earrings: Golden Dresses and Bows
  • He Qi Beauty Clay Facial
  • Hello Kitty soft contacts case
  • Mary Kay Mascara
  • Mary Kay Lip Gloss/Balm
  • 2 He Qi Bracelets
  • Japanese Sakura Kit Kat
  • Missha Lip Palette
  • The giveaway is valued at approximately $80! Honestly, I think I won one of the best giveaways during those 8 days. Everything in this giveaway is something I can use or something I’ve always wanted to try. Nothing will definitely be going to waste :)

    Sakura Matcha Kit Kat

    This was something I’ve been dying to try ever since I found out about it. For anyone that knows me will know I LOVE cherry blossoms. I have no idea what a cherry blossom flavored candy would taste like but I’m excited to try. I tried to find these online but they’re not easy to get nor are they cheap. eBay has them for $2.99 a pack and you can only get them off of people who bought these directly in Japan. There’s only one website I found that imports these but it’s not cheap. Japan/Asia gets all the good food/drinks :(

    Sakura Matcha Kit Kat are only available during the spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming. They’re said to be infused with sakura and green tea flavorings and is made out of white chocolate. There will definitely be a separate blog review on these when I get to trying them. It makes me sad I only have one pack, that’s how much I think I will love them.

    Mary Kay Mascara and Lip Gloss/Balm

    The Mary Kay Mascara is supposed to make your lashes look long, thick, and voluminous with up to five times the volume. I wonder how this will look on my lashes, especially with fake lashes. The balm is supposed to moisturize dry, rough lips and while offering the benefits of a lip gloss. I love lip balms, my lips can’t live without them. I’m very grateful to have another one of these to use later on.

    He Qi Beauty Clay Facial

    He Qi Beauty Clay Facial is designed to be used on all skin types whether it’s oily, sensitive, or dry. I haven’t tried these yet but I have yet to read a bad review on them. This facial is packed with all sorts of goodies for your face. You can view more info on the item as well as purchase it from the shop here.

    Missha Lip Palette

    Missha is a Korean make up and beauty brand, first stepping into the US market in 2005. I couldn’t find this on the official Missha site so I’m not sure if you can purchase it anywhere outside of eBay. It’s a very cute lip gloss yet with five gorgeous colors. This is a nice addition to my make up stash.

    Hello Kitty Soft Contacts Case

    Along with cherry blossoms, I’m also a sucker for anything Hello Kitty :3 I already have a Hello Kitty travel lens case but this one can replace my generic contact lens case that I keep at home.

    He Qi Earrings: Golden Dresses and Bows and 2 He Qi Bracelets

    I can’t find these earrings or bracelets on the main website, so they’re either discontinued for given away only for this giveaway. Either way, I think you can always request to have them made. He Qi Crystal Designs offers a wide variety of jewelry and other items that are all hand made. They jewelry is just amazing. She prides herself in the time and effort put into the craftsmanship of these items and it shows incredibly well. The prices may be a bit high, but definitely worth it, especially if you’re looking for some unique yet beautiful pieces.

    Definitely cannot complain about the giveaway at all, I can’t wait to start using these items. Be sure to check out her website as well as her blog for updates. She’s constantly throwing out wonderful, new creations.

    I’ll be heading to bed early tonight, I have work again in the morning. I wish I knew some good but cheap Japanese textbooks I could buy online. Saturday’s would be a great day to study while there is downtime at work. eBay has some options but without actually looking at the books, I don’t know if they are what I want/need. I can’t carry Rosetta Stone with me everywhere and sometimes it’s just nice to study the old fashioned way. After work tomorrow, I’ll be going over to a friend’s to celebrate his graduation and then the majority of the weekend will be spent with family and friends.

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