Giveaway: May My Glam Bag + Extras

Thursday May 17th, 2012 at 7:19 pm

Woo, my first giveaway :) Hope this goes well.

Reviews of the May My Glam bag is located here if you would like extra information or my opinion about the items. Since this is my first giveaway, I will be adding a few extra items to the bag. I may do this in the future depending on how things go. These giveaways will occur monthly as I receive each bag :) Please follow the blog or me on twitter to get updates!

May’s Glam Bag theme is “Love is in the Air”, a bag filled with items perfect for a date/night out. I’ve added a nail polish to compliment the nail stickers as well as an eyeshadow and night cream.

May Glam Bag contents include:

  • Make Up Bag in Blue with Pink Lips
  • Studio Gear Lipstick in Cozy
  • My Glam exclusive concealer brush
  • My Glam exclusive eye liner brush
  • Nail Bling Heart Stickers
  • Philosophy Love Sweet Love Fragrance
  • Extras include:

  • OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips Nail Polish
  • L’Oreal Wearable Infinite Pressed Eyeshadow in Sweet Chemise (limited edition)
  • Befine food skin care Night Cream
  • Facebook: How to find link of post?
    Every post comes with a time stamp (ie: 5 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, 1 day ago). Simply click on the time stamp and it will take you to an individual page with the post only. Copy and paste the link at the top into the raffle copter to qualify for the entries. Please remember to set the posts to your own wall as public. You do not have to set your entire facebook settings, just the posts related to the giveaway.

    Giveaway ends: June 1, 2012
    Giveaway is open internationally.

    Please make sure you are filling the form in completely for every entry you are submitting. I have a lot of submissions with missing field info. If you only hit enter to submit and don’t meet the qualifications for that entry, it will automatically be thrown out when I’m selecting the winner.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Any questions, please feel free to ask.

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    88 Responses to “Giveaway: May My Glam Bag + Extras”

    1. shwinlewin says:

      More personally related beauty entries like your experience so far with beauty products :3 your favorite so far and etc!

    2. jocelyn says:

      I would like to see more giveaways!!

    3. J says:

      I would like to see more reviews of products that I am interestd in

    4. Tiffany says:

      More reviews on new make-up brands and skin care items! :)

    5. Alina says:

      I’d love more beauty posts – reviews or tutorials :D

    6. Blanca says:

      More giveaways! :)

    7. Jacqueline says:

      I would like to see maybe a little more about hair stuff

    8. Krish says:

      Beauty product recommendations and giveaways :3

    9. I agree with Krish, beauty product recommendations would be great and more items regarding hair care. Giveaways are always fun too!

      I love your review of myglam, btw!

    10. Lauren says:

      anything! beauty recs, giveaways, etc :)

    11. Szappanbubi says:

      I’d like to see more beauty & bath product reviews especially blushes, mascaras +perfumes :)

    12. Rentrop says:

      I think you should do more reviews on beauty products. Giveaways are always awesome too! :) Nice work btw.

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    14. more reviews on beauty products and subscription boxes and more giveaways too! :-)
      thank you for the great giveaway!

    15. Vicky Hoang says:

      I would love to see more swatches of the products that you show. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!


    16. Karen says:

      I’d like to see more hauls!

    17. Sierra Lynn says:

      reviews are always informative and giveaways are always fun :)

    18. […] Only Dreaming is Giving away: May My Glam Bag + OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips Nail Polish, L’Oreal Wearable Infinite Pressed Eyeshadow in Sweet Chemise, and Befine food skin care Night Cream (ends June 1) […]

    19. Rincewind99 says:

      I like to see more swatches and product reviews :)


    20. Memento says:

      Well… sincerely… more giveaways? :))

    21. april says:

      i’d like to see more food-related posts :D

      and of course, make up :)


    22. nanci says:

      hair tips for long, thick hair!

    23. Lauren says:

      I love beauty recommendations, keep them coming.

    24. Liz says:

      I’d love to see more nail polish!!

    25. Marija says:

      Maybe beauty tutorials.. :)

    26. Ezgi Onay says:

      DIY and Nail Tutorials! :)

    27. Elif says:

      I love beauty related posts and giveaways. They are both much fun to read and participate in!

    28. Maria Luís says:

      More hair tutorials please :)

    29. elven johnson says:

      My Glam reviews & nail polish!!!

    30. Kendra Warstler says:

      Makeup tips and tricks

    31. sofia says:

      makeup tricks :)

    32. Experience with foundations

    33. Angela Gross says:

      More reviews, please!

    34. Lauren says:

      I always love reviews, giveaways, and coupons

    35. AGNES says:


    36. teresa says:

      id like to see more giveaways!:) my email- teresa.giveaway@gmail.com

    37. Mindy McCrea says:

      More giveaways!

    38. Norleans says:

      Thanks for the chance to win. I’d like to see more beauty tutorials.

    39. colleen boudreau says:

      More giveaways. :)

    40. jessica edwards says:

      product recommendations

    41. Maria says:

      I would love to see more beauty tutorials!

    42. Jen says:

      Beauty tutorials! One can never stop learning! :)

    43. Lindsey says:

      I think more reviews, a deeper look into products, recommendations for certain price and skin type ranges

    44. Emily R says:

      More giveaways if possible

    45. Robin says:

      i would love to see hauls and reviews.

    46. Juliet says:

      I would like to see more reviews!

    47. Marta says:

      i would like to see more reviews on makeup products and more giveaways!

    48. Stephanie says:

      i love seeing reviews

    49. Kasia says:

      More reviews would be great!

    50. Shamara says:

      I would love more nail stuff!!

    51. Andrea says:

      would love to see more beauty tips and more giveaways

    52. jacqueline says:

      more tutorials!

    53. Alcor says:

      I’d love to see more hairstyling tutorials. Thanks for the giveaway!


    54. Muriel says:

      Please do more nail art tutorials. Idiot-proof ones preferably, since I need all the help I can get.

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          Hmm… not sure. I do think they would be cool for editorial shoots- definitely close ups, so you could see the details and colors. I think the only person who could get away with it in their daily wear would be Lady Gaga haha

        • Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve cheered me up!

        • cracking up at the accents!! hilarious! i LOVE accents! had never read mta bus driver before and i was cracking up! lolol. venom is an awesome name! makes me want to change mine!

      • http://www./ says:

        I can't wait to make myself a set of placemats using your technique. Come to think of it, this would be a perfect project to do with my 11 year-old over summer break. Just gorgeous!

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    55. Gillie says:

      I’d love to see more about nail art, something I’m definitely interested in!

    56. Diana says:

      More giveaways and makeup!

    57. sharon says:

      Hi, Thank you for this kind giveaway!!!
      I would love to see a review on a good BB cream :)

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    58. mojemakaze says:

      more reviews on beauty products

    59. melita says:

      I’d love to see more reviews

    60. Helen Tracy says:

      I’d like to see more product reviews – I rely so heavily on blogs for product reviews before buying :)

    61. I love to see more and more lipstick review and swipe

    62. Tara says:

      I would love to see product reviews.

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