Glossy Box USA is officially open!

Thursday May 10th, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Days of stalking Glossybox.com has finally paid off. They have kept their promise of an early May launch and the site is officially ready for subscriptions. There are currently a few kinks being worked out here and there. Any problems should be contacted to Glossy Box so they can help fix them. Chances are if you’re having problem with something, so is someone else. You can either email them via the contact us page or call them toll free at 1-855-738-4842. Their business hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 6 PM EST.

Subscriptions are as follows:

  • $21 per month
  • $115 per 6 months (saves $11)
  • $220 per 12 months (saves $32)
  • I went ahead and nabbed the monthly subscription since I like the freedom of canceling anytime. You never know what can happen.

    There are still a few bugs here and there that Glossy Box is working on.

    Paypal seems to not work for a lot of people so it is recommended that you purchase with a credit card for now to ensure your subscription.

    I’m having problems updating my billing and shipping address to different addresses. If I try to use different ones on the order form, it will not let me finish subscribing, saying that I do not have a state specified on my shipping address..which is not true. If I try to manually type in a shipping address, I get a blank field for the state. I can’t even select one. I went ahead and used the same address for both. I’m also unable to update the address individually on the my account page. If I update one, it automatically updates the other to reflect the same address.

    It seems people are still having problems with the beauty quiz as well. I did not run into this problem when I subscribed, so there’s not much I can say on it. If you are having problems finish the beauty quiz, I would just sit tight as this is something being worked on.just skip it for now. They are working out the bugs and it will not affect the May box even though the boxes may not be the same for everyone, but will be products that can applied to everyone. So it seems the boxes will be sent out at random regardless of the beauty quiz answers.

    For anyone unaware, subscriptions will start with the second Glossy Box. The first box was only given to select people and contest winners. Details and reviews on the first box can be found here. The second box will be the May box. Billing occurs the middle of every month and boxes will be shipped out towards the end of the month.

    $21 puts Glossy Box as (I think) the highest monthly paid beauty subscription service.The boxes will definitely be valued at over $21, whether or not the items will be worth it to you is up for debate. If you’re into trying higher end products and international brands, I would definitely give Glossy Box a try. It’s a good idea not to compare Glossy Box to services such as My Glam or Birch Box that run $10 a month. While their prices are more affordable, they lack in term of item quality. It’s like comparing filet mignon to a hamburger from McDonalds. Food is food but it’s the quality of the food that you get. Glossy Box has released some really nice products in other countries. They’re biggest competition will be to keep up with those boxes here in the US as many people subscribe due to what they have seen before.

    I’m officially the 59th member of Glossy Box! 58 people stalk better than I do ;]

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