Grocery shopping should not be this hard.

Thursday April 19th, 2012 at 12:11 am

I have no luck grocery shopping, most of it is probably because I don’t do any research. I have a craving for something, I’ll just go directly to the nearest grocery store hoping to find it on sale. It never really works out that way. I’ve recently started making peach smoothies for breakfast. They’re easy to make, healthy, and keep my full until lunch. Of course as soon as I want to start making peach smoothies, they go out of season. I think I was only able to buy them for a couple weeks before I could not find them in stores at all. So after going argh a few times, I started substituting nectarines. I guess nectarines are out of season as well since I only got a couple weeks out of those before I couldn’t find anymore earlier this week. The last few that I bought were also over ripe and not as fresh. I’m not sure what I want to do for a fruit smoothie in the mornings at the moment. I think I’ll try some banana combinations. Peach yogurt is my absolute fave so I much prefer to have peach smoothies but I might see how banana and peaches taste or try strawberry banana smoothies. From what I’ve heard, peaches should start coming around pretty soon.

Speaking of yogurt, this is what mainly led to the post for tonight.

Someone almost wiped out the entire yogurt section at Krogers D: Needless to say, I could not find any of the yogurts that I wanted for my breakfast so I picked up a strawberry banana one that will do and check back again this weekend. I’ve never seen the yogurt section so empty.

I’m going to make some orders at Pretty and Cute soon, probably next week. Most of the face masks that I want to buy and try are currently sold out. I was told that they will restock sometime next week but unfortunately the one mask that I want most will not be restocked :( I have to say that I’m already very pleased with Pretty and Pink’s customer service. I sent them an email about restocking and received a reply within 10 minutes I think and received my second reply almost instantly! They also replied to my tweet later that night. It’s things like this that makes me a very loyal customer so I can’t wait to pick out some new things to try.

My face is finally starting to clear up. I stopped wearing my contacts for the day today even though I hate wearing my glasses for long periods of times. Since I started using the visine eye drops last night and taking out of my contacts, my eye has started to get better. It’s still red towards the bottom but the sides of my eyes seem to have cleared up. I’ll probably hold up on putting back the contacts for a couple more days but I’ll definitely be throwing out the pair that I had. After this, I think I will also seriously look into lasik.

I also want to make some slight edits to the layout soon. I tried making a new one earlier tonight but it went nowhere so I think I’ll play around with this one.

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