Half way there

Saturday April 12th, 2014 at 5:24 pm

I was so sad to miss this year’s cherry blossom festival since I had to teach in the morning. The weather was perfect! In the past, it would either be cold or rainy or both. Unfortunately, the festival this year missed the cherry blossoms by a week or two but everyone still had a lot fun. Hopefully, next year I’ll be in Japan to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom :<3

My second practicum went fairly well. I still have a hard time getting timing right but the students enjoyed the activities. I made a matching game and a crossword puzzle for them. Last week I went over by about 10 minutes, this week I was short about 10 minutes :( This week's lesson was easier to teach and the students had a much easier time learning the language. The benefits of teaching vocabulary versus grammar, I guess. I'll get it right next week, third time's the charm?

I applied to a couple more jobs yesterday, I hope to hear from them within the week. Applying for jobs is kind of stressful when you're not making any progress. I say this and I've only interviewed for 2 jobs *needs more patience*.

Photo moments from the last 2 days:

My first tonkatsu ramen, it’s impossible to find these in Nashville. I can’t wait to try some in Japan since I didn’t get a chance to in my last visit to Tokyo. The flavor is good but I thought it was a little too salty and had too much grease. Are they normally like that? The pork was amazing though, I’d take a few of those with rice any day.

The last of my birthday presents from a friend finally arrived, Sailor Moon headphones from Japan. These were on back order for months! They are super comfy and the sound quality is great.

What chuu looking at?

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  1. Theresa says:

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    • Ebony says:

      Yes, it felt like being in another world, surrounded by those colors, and the transition to &#e280;hom2” or the present moment was marked solidly by a change in colors as well…even in dreams. Peace.

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