Holy Shit 2015

Tuesday January 6th, 2015 at 11:26 am

One of these days, I’ll keep up the habit of blogging regularly ^^;

So much has happened in the past 7 months, I don’t even know where to start but I’ll leave backtracking for another day. I’ve had plenty of ups and downs since moving to Japan in July but overall it’s been an amazing adventure and learning experience.

However…as of Saturday, I really think my downstairs neighbor is CRAZY!! I came back from my Kyoto trip on Saturday and received a letter in my door. I thought maybe it was a noise complaint (the letter didn’t specify) and disregarded it. My friend was over for a couple of weeks so I thought maybe we were too loud at times, although we never stayed up too late. He left on Dec. 30th and noise shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

On Sunday, I was gone from 8:00 am to 11:30 pm. When I came back, I had two letters with the exact same thing. It says something along the lines of that I’m being annoying. Even if it was a noise complaint, the only noise I would have made was a short Skype call Saturday night but I wasn’t loud. I called the Leopalace office on Monday because I was getting a bit worried and they told me they would contact the person downstairs and get back to me but they haven’t yet. My guess is maybe they haven’t been able to get in touch with the person.

Yesterday (Monday), I was also gone all day and spent the night at a friend’s house. When I came home today around 6 PM, I had another TWO letters WITH THE EXACT SAME MESSAGE. I firmly believe the person below is crazy. It’s one thing to write 5 notes, but another to write 5 notes with the same sentence repeatedly. I have not been home enough for the past week to be an annoyance to anyone. I won’t get a chance to call the office again until tomorrow.

Not exactly the way I wanted to start 2015…

But new year, new beginnings…although I’m as bad as they come when it comes to keeping resolutions. However, I think making them is better than not making them so here are my 2015 resolutions and goals.

2015 Resolutions/Goals

  • Blog regularly. It’s not that hard and every inch of me wants to, I just get distracted easily.
  • Study Japanese everyday, even if it’s a little. Again, not hard…I’m just lazy D; I even have the textbook on my phone so there’s no excuse.
  • Exercise!
  • Travel! I want to make 2015 the year of travelling, at least as much as my wallet and job will allow. So far I already have Korea and Australia planned but I want to travel around Japan a bit more too and maybe Taiwan or somewhere else at the end of the year.
  • Buy a new laptop that’s actually decent. I probably could have already done this if I stop wasting so much money playing UFO catchers every month :/
  • Cook more at home. I need to fund my UFO addiction somehow.
  • Buy a new 3DS.
  • Stretching it on this one but maybe start vlogging? Although I have no idea what I would vlog about and I’m not that good in front of a camera but I think it would be fun.
  • And lastly…just enjoy life more, I don’t think I do it enough.
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    It’s going to be a busy year I think but I’m looking forward to it :)

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