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Wednesday March 28th, 2012 at 11:26 pm

Finally got to watch the Hunger Games tonight. As excited as I was for the movie, I wanted to wait until the crowd died down. I’m not particularly into watching a movie with a full theater. Having read and loved the first book, I have mixed feelings on the movie. Overall, I think the movie was very well done. Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress in my opinion. While I understand that no movie will ever have as much content in the book, I’m sad that the movie left out certain parts of the book that I felt like would have explained the story much better for someone who has not read the books. It felt rushed. Am I the only one who would consider sitting in for a 5+ hours movie? :P

My Beauty Fix order came into today and I can’t wait to start trying some of the products, especially the hair ones. I will be doing a short review possibly tomorrow or later this weekend. Some of the samples are full size and even though most of them weren’t, I’m glad they still came in containers instead of tiny packets.

Also, for anyone interested…Julep is currently offering a promotion where you can get your first month for only $0.01, just use code COLOR2012! After that, it’s back to the $19.99 per month but you get $40 worth of nail products every month. You can choose whether or not to continue the service or you can cancel after the first month. At a penny for the month, I couldn’t pass it up, but since I don’t ever really use nail products I’ll probably end up giving away the box at a later date. I’m not sure how long this deal will be running so it’s better to get it quick.

Still debating what to do for the remainder of the night. I might work on the layout a bit more or I might just call it a night early. I’ve been on the lacking side of sleep lately and it’s starting to take its toll a bit.

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  1. shwinlewin says:

    work on layout~~ and I have no comment for that movie or book since I’ve yet to read or watch it :( i don’t know but for me anything dystopia related reminds me of battle royale and the one and only lord of flies. Sigh~~

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