I still cannot bowl.

Thursday March 29th, 2012 at 11:39 pm

I had a great time bowling with some of my co-workers after work today although I still cannot bowl. I am really out of practice though. I usually do not do well but not as badly as I did today :( nevertheless it was still fun and of course it was all for charity. I am not sure how much was raise by the end of the night but before I left we were at around $24,000! :)

With the mega millions at 540 million, I could not help myself but buy several tickets to play just for fun this once. Now, I’m not one to be into the lottery but I’ve been doing well in terms of money spending this month and decided why not play for the enjoyment. Of course I would like to win so who knows ;D

I meant to attempt coding once again but instead ended up watching Super 8. I have to say I rather enjoyed it although alien movies are not my preference. The acting was well done and the ending did not suck like a lot of movies that I’ve been watching lately. Tonight I will definitely head off to bed soon. I don’t particularly want to end up feeling like a zombie again in the morning.

I cannot wait for the weekend to roll around. It’ll also give me a chance to try out some of the beauty fix items I received but are still lying on the floor :( I’m aiming to get the review posted this weekend.

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