I’m ready for another weekend already.

Monday April 2nd, 2012 at 12:07 am

There needs to be more days in the weekend :/

I can’t really say if the weekend was more productive or less productive than what I would have liked. For the most part, I’ve figured out the problems with coding the layout and the biggest issue was working around it to make it compatible with Google Chrome. Now as much as I love browser, as it is my default, it had beyond annoyed me this weekend *sigh* Everything has been fixed minus one issue that I cannot figure out even though I spent hours trying to fix it last night. Every time I fix the problem, it creates another one and once I fix that, another one is created. So at this point, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I wanted to have it up by the end of tonight but that probably won’t happen.

My Julep package arrived on Saturday while I was at work, which was a very nice surprise. I haven’t looked at the contents specifically yet. I can’t wait to review it but I’ll probably have to wait until after next weekend to review both the Julep package and the Beauty Fix one as I have a 3 day anime convention this weekend and most of this week will be spent getting ready for it. I really am fantastic at procrastinating, which usually screws me over one way or another. I needed to sew some fabric onto one of my things but luckily for me, this was the week that my mom lent the sewing machine out. I actually can’t even remember a time she has done that.

It’s shower time. I’m currently using the Freeman cucumber peel-off face mask that I received with my one of My Glam bags and I love this stuff. It’s cheap but it makes my face feel amazingly smooth afterwards. I am sad I did not discover face masks earlier, they really are a treat.

I saw this on Shwinlewin’s blog and am considering taking on the challenge although I will definitely not be able to post daily and will most likely be doing multiple days in a single post. It seems like a fun idea and would get me into taking more pictures, which is something I like to get into the habit so we’ll see how it works out.

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