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Friday June 6th, 2014 at 9:57 pm

Below are some links that I’ve found to be very helpful if you’re living, visiting, and traveling around Japan.


Airbnb is a really nifty resource to use when traveling. You can search for places to stay in over 34,000 cities and 190 countries! With airbnb, you have your choice of renting an entire place, a private room, or shared space. The website itself is very user friendly. You can see what a place/host is like before hand by reading reviews written by people who’ve already stayed at a particular place. Next time you visit Japan (or any place), consider looking for rentals on airbnb versus a hotel for a real cultural experience. A lot of hosts will also be able to recommend popular places to eat and visit that would normally be overlooked and help with travel questions/arrangements if you are unfamiliar with the language.


Hyperdia is your one stop shop for railway travel in Japan. I really wish I knew about this website the first time I visited Tokyo. Simply enter your starting station location, your ending station location, and preferred time and Hyperdia will pull up all possible options including train fare and time in transit!

Japan Guide

The name of the site speaks for itself. When I went to Tokyo, I used Japan Guide to find sightseeing spots while I was there. The website provides many popular locations for touring all over Japan complete with history, info, and images. You can also read up on travel news, events, living, restaurants, shopping, and more.

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