Late night shopping

Tuesday February 26th, 2013 at 1:28 am

It’s past 12 AM and I’m still sitting here shopping on the interwebs. I should head to bed soon since I already know I’m going to regret this in the morning. I never learn.

I can’t believe another birthday came and went. Can I say this has been the best one yet? YES! Especially since I haven’t celebrated “big” for many of my birthdays. My friends were super awesome! It still sucks getting older. I think time purposely speeds up with every year you age.

I’ve been doing too much shopping on eBay lately (minus the camera that was purchased on Amazon). Here are some of the most recent purchases:

I LOVE this (fake) Hello Kitty bag. I bought it mainly for me to take as a carry on when I’m going to China. It’s big enough for me to take enough things for me to be comfortable and entertained while I’m on a plan for 97239472 hours. And not to mention it’s absolutely adorable!

These shoes I found on the internet some time ago and had to have them! Who would have thought I could find them on eBay and for a pretty affordable price. I did not expect the heals to be as high but I think I can manage without breaking an ankle.

I have several stockings but not a pair of knee high socks. These don’t go as high as I wanted them too (maybe it’s my fault for having longer legs than most Asians) but they are indeed comfortable and look fine.

I am crazy cat lady, so sue me. I bought a size too small (damn kitten just grew up too fast!) so I need to do an exchange. Who can say no to Hello Kitty Darth Vader?

I have a really bad habit of switching bags and leaving things I need in one bag or another. This should help, just lift from one bag and into the other.

Another one for Luna that she might not like. I didn’t buy this one but one in black with pink hearts. The image that was posted on the selling page was too ugly so I posted this one instead. It’s a bit smaller than what I would like but it fits! The only carrier I had was the cardboard box the animal shelter gave me when I adopted her :(

Trying out double eyelid tape for the first time. These seem to have gotten pretty good reviews online.

And of course my camera things…

Can. Not. Wait. For. This. To. Be. Shipped. ARGH. Hurry up!!

Accidently bought this refurbished since it was late at night and all I saw was “oh! save $10! must buy this one!” and realized the next morning when I was randomly checking my emails that I had bought a refurbished one (no wonder why I saved $10…) At first I thought I had accidently bought my camera refurbished until I saw the price. But it’s just a bag so no big deal. It was probably better to save the money on it.

Of course had to buy a remote for taking self shots with ease!

I am still debating a ring light for the Nikon but it’s $134!! x_x Must decide if I want to try and be that professional right now, it’s tempting to have.

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