Life Set Backs

Friday June 29th, 2012 at 4:24 pm

My excitement for getting LASIK has officially been crushed, and I was so close too! After going through all the research, work, appointments, etc I paid $150 for someone to tell me no, I can’t have LASIK done :/

Originally, I thought I was pretty lucky when it came to getting my eyes done. I had wanted to get them done as soon as I could and was disappointed to find out I couldn’t have them done in June. Since I have a friend coming into town the first week of July and I needed my contacts then, I was worried I would have to wait until August to have my eyes done. The institution I was looking at only had them done once a month and I needed to wait at least 2 weeks after the last time I wear contacts. After a semi-long conversation, everything had worked out perfectly. The next available appointment would have been exactly 2 weeks after my friend left and it was with the doctor I wanted to see! Sadly, the good news did not last long.

Apparently, the FDA requires your eyesight to remain unchanged for an entire year in order for you to be eligible for LASIK. This I was never told. My last eye exam was back in 2009. When I started working in 2010 and had my own eye insurance, it wasn’t accepted by the optometrist that I currently was seeing. Since I didn’t have a need for a new pair of eye glasses or more contacts, I never bothered finding a new one. Now it has officially come back to bite me in my ass!

The idea behind the requirement is if your eyes are still changing, they will continue to do so after LASIK..which means it’s possible I would need contacts/glasses or even LASIK done again in the future. I always thought this was natural. No one’s eyes really stops changing but I suppose after a certain point, it slows down tremendously. I’m sure if I wanted to, I could still find someone to get my eyes done. Unfortunately, I will choose to listen to the good doctor and wait. In the mean time, I will work harder to listening to the people around me!

Since 2009 was the last time I went to see an eye doctor, that was the only information they had to go off of. It’s possible that my eyesight hasn’t changed since 2011, it’s possible that it has. Of course it has changed in the course of 2.5 years, I was 22 years old the last time I had my eyes checked! So, now I have to wait another full year before I can even see if I’m eligible for LASIK. I was so looking forward to being out of contacts officially with only wearing colored contacts when I wanted.

I shall continue to sulk with sulking turtle.

I will see if my insurance will cover the $150 since its technically an eye exam. I also need to have new contacts ordered as I am out.

Lesson of the day: Have your eyes checked every year.

I will try to get another review up later tonight, either my Look Bag or Sample Society.

In the meantime, nom nom panda makes everyone smile :)

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  1. Jacklyn says:

    I am so happy to hear you say you took a NAP with your hubs! That is sooo imantrpot to sometimes just stop, take a break, pull back a little bit and focus on what YOU need. Happy for you

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