Maleficent Review

Sunday June 1st, 2014 at 12:08 am

WARNING: Spoilers under the cut.


I’m not a fan of Angelina Jolie at all but her portrayal of Maleficent was very powerful and absolutely stunning. Not only did she achieve the look of a wicked queen, but she put behind enough personality for you to really connect with the character. Casting has once again surprised me.

Great casting on all of the other characters as well.

CG/Special Effects/Background/Detail/Artwork/ETC was all beautiful! I especially loved the work done on The Moors.

The added humor was great! It was a bit corny at times but it added nice, little spurts of laughter throughout the movie and made it more enjoyable.


There was too much creative freedom on the character/movie. I like the twist but I felt like it it took away a lot of things that made Maleficent, Maleficent. Much like her name would imply, she’s the Mistress of All Evil. However, the majority of the story involved her being no different than any other fairy outside of her power and a love story gone wrong. (Yes, I know the slogan is “Don’t believe the fairy tale.”)

The prince ended up with the princess for really no reason outside of the fact she fell in “love” with him in the 2 minutes they encountered one another. He was not her true love, so it makes you wonder. He also did not have to fight anyone, go through the trouble of saving anyone (Maleficent did that for him), or even talk much. I don’t think anyone else has ever gotten a princess in any easier way.

The fact that Maleficent fell in love with Aurora (see first dislike point) and watched over her since she was a baby, as cute as it was. I’m sure this can be explained in that part of Maleficent’s gift was Aurora would be loved by all who know her.

The final battle was a bit underwhelming. The soldiers were, for some reason, strong enough to hold down a giant dragon but had bad aim with every type of weapon. I guess they trained their arm muscles and not their accuracy.

The plot can be summed up as a woman had her heart broken by a man and became a lesbian.


Overall, I thought the movie was decent but not what I was expecting. Much like the narration says, this is the story you didn’t hear. The neat thing behind stories if you’ll always get a different version based on who’s telling it. Disney did a pretty good job with this version so I’m not entirely disappointed. However, since so much time was spent on building the story to the climax, the latter parts of the movie felt rushed and missed crucial events that would have made the story more complete. I’m also a bigger fan of the original Maleficent character and wished the character stayed a bit more true to the origins. I would not have been mad to wait until Redbox to see the movie.



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