Men In Black III

Sunday May 27th, 2012 at 12:15 am

*sidetracks* I think I forgot to rant this a few days ago but WHO DECIDED TO POSTPONE GI JOE: RETALIATION TO MARCH 2013?? WHO??!!! And for 3D?! *sigh* I’m so disappointed. This was one movie I was super excited to see this year. Now I have to wait until 2013 to get me some more Rock action :/ and I don’t even see movies in 3D.

MIB 3 was released yesterday, wooo! Finally, a movie worth watching at a movie theater. Sadly, MIB 2 was slightly disappointing but I enjoyed every minute of MIB 3!! A little recap and introduction to some of the characters. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers!

Nicole Scherzinger was hot! hot! hot! in the movie!! No one could have done it better, I absolutely loved her. Can I say she’s got a spectacular pair of assets? x3

Boris the Animal…or rather, it’s “Just Boris”, is out on a rampage for some much overdo revenge to assassinate Agent K and to change history after having an altercation with Agent K back in 1969 that cost him his left arm. Having been in jail for 40 years has made him slightly cranky. It also gave him this great opportunity to plan some shit out nicely, such as time travel cause…that be important.

Hi Agent K…meet Agent K. Agent K is again the main honcho of the movie (although again, he doesn’t do as much…) Through a little bit of time travel, we dig a bit into K’s life as well as what events caused him to change his character to become the K we all love so much in MIB 1, 2 and part of 3. Yes, the one that has slightly more expressions than Kristen Stewart. K’s 29 year old counterpart sure has some good looks.

The hero of the movie, again. Agent J must travel back in time to save his dear friend and partner and to prevent history from rewriting itself. Along the way, he runs into certain uh…hardships?? of the late 1960s. Okay, not really. Life’s not too hard when you have special gadgets but that’s not the point! Props to Will Smith for too much humor and quick thinking, see how we have no aliens on earth? Or maybe I’m just misinformed :/

MVP of the movie!! Unfortunately, Griffin doesn’t seem to get enough love for him to have his own screenshot (yet I’ll get a picture of Loki when googling for Griffin?) but he is the awkward looking guy in the middle. Griffin is an alien who is able to see multiple timelines at once. Depending on what happens, he’s able to see which possible future will occur out of a pool or possible futures. Confusing? A little. Griffin holds the key to defeating Boris and on top of that, I just found his character to be adorable!

Overall, MIB 3 takes a slightly new twist on the MIB franchise. While not as packed in action as the first one, MIB 3 had enough comedy to keep you laughing the majority of the movie. You can thank Will Smith later. There’s definitely a lot more to the movie and totally worth the time and money!

Screenshots were taken from here. Thanks for all the great shots!

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