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Monday May 12th, 2014 at 10:16 pm

I am happy to announce I am now officially going on an Alaskan cruise come June :D !! I’m so excited my parents were able to work this vacation out for me since they’re both super busy and they recently came from a 2 week stay in China. I’ve been on two cruises in the past in the Caribbean so I’m looking forward to a change of scenery. I haven’t had a vacation in a year (first world problems) and can definitely use one, especially one with all you can eat super yummy foods. I love to travel but the opportunity doesn’t come up often. So when it does, I get super giddy.

So those stupid, effing medical compensation guys are still bothering me (original post here), more so in the last few days which is why I’m a little irritated. Normally I ignore their calls but they’re calling multiple times a day now. I would actually be less irritated if it was different people calling me but it’s literally the same guy every. single. time. I honestly don’t know if he’s just stupid enough to think I’m that stupid or if he has serious issues. We go through the same song and dance every time and he acts like he’s never talked to me before. He doesn’t know proper English and will only resort to two things 1) his script 2) whatever lame, random insults he knows (today was “go to hell”). Why are you going to call and bother someone and then tell them to go to hell if they decide to bother you?

I’m so happy I won’t have to deal with him anymore in 7 weeks. I can’t get him to stop calling all hours of the day and night and there’s no way to block the calls since they either come from different numbers or from an unknown number. Does this guy actually get anyone dumb enough to fall into the scam? One of these days, I’m going to play along to see exactly what he is phishing for. But omfg…STOP CALLING ME! Or at least learn some freaking English.

I should have part 2 of my Japan trip from last year up this week. I’ve been getting a little sidetracked lately. I think I’m doing good with cleaning. I cleaned out a lot of my stuff at my parents house. I feel like I threw away half my childhood but a lot of it was stuff that I should have thrown away when we moved some years back. Out with the old, in with the new? :wink:

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