My Glam Overall Review/Insight

Sunday May 13th, 2012 at 1:15 am

This is a subject I thought I would just touch up on a bit. For the record, I am in no way affiliated with My Glam. I support them because there are certain things about the company that I particularly respect, but am in no way saying everything they do is perfect. These are just my opinions and views as well to my knowledge/experience as to how everything works.

My Glam is currently entering it’s 6 month in the business industry. Having had a rocky start, they’ve built up a reputation with many people that may be less than acceptable. Over time, My Glam has worked to improve these issues but seem to still have a love hate relationship with most of it’s members. Half a year in the business gives many people the reason now to say that they can longer use the “new business” aspect as an excuse.

Billing is a small issue, but still something that is guaranteed to pop up every month. My Glam’s billing occurs the first of every month. Depending on your bank, it may take several days for the statement to show up. There’s nothing to worry about if you do not see a charge on your credit card statement the first couple of days. If it’s been several days or more and you still do not see a charge, you’ll probably want to contact My Glam at this point. There’s no reason to panic and post on My Glam’s wall repeatedly on the first day if you do not see your credit card charged. It can also vary from month to month. I usually see a statement charge by the time I’m at work the morning of the first but this month’s didn’t show until the night of the second.

Shipping is and will probably always be one of the biggest issues My Glam has, and to be honest..I don’t understand a lot of it. I have mixed feelings on their shipping process to begin with, there’s aspects that I think are fine and also aspects that I think could be improved although they are not obligated to do so. My Glam’s shipping is schedule for the middle of the month, there’s no set date although it’s generally around the 10th without fail. For some reason, many people decide they want to pick the few days before the 10th to start questioning the shipping and a couple days after the 10th to panic about not receiving their bags. My Glam will always announce when shipping will start. Unfortunately, it does take a few days to fully ship out the bags. It’s perfectly normal for someone to receive their bag before yours is even shipped. Again…unfortunate but if you want to solve this, I suppose you can always get up and move to a different area of the US.

Shipping time will vary from person to person for a few reasons:

  • When your package is shipped from the warehouse compared to everyone else’s.
  • Where you are located in the US
  • How UPS MI is feeling that day
  • I think back in February is when My Glam made an announcement that they will ship east coast bags first to ensure a more even distribution as to when people received their bags. I have not heard anything about them either continuing this or discontinuing it. All I can say is that even though I live on the east coast, I’m usually one of the later people to receive my bag. I usually get mine 7-10 days after it’s shipped so how much truth there is in people getting their bags shipped in the east coast first is debatable, especially when people in the west coast have already begun to receive their’s before I even get my tracking. At the end of the day, it’s most important to remember: Your bag will be shipped when it’s shipped.

    Tracking information is not always sent when your bag is shipped. Why this is…I have no idea. It can be a little annoying, even for me. I’ve had times when I receive my tracking after my bag is already in transit and I’ve had times when I receive my tracking and my bag doesn’t even receive it’s first scan until 2 days later. It’s a toss up. This is probably the only inconsistency I can think of at the moment with the company. I wouldn’t worry about not receiving tracking almost immediately. If it’s been like a week and you still don’t receive tracking, send an email. Otherwise, sit tight a little bit. An email suggestion to My Glam regarding how emails should be sent out wouldn’t hurt either.

    Everyone knows location is a factor when it comes to shipping. Locating in CA, anyone living east of it will have to expect longer transit times for obvious reasons. UPS MI (Mail Innovations) has become one of my most hated services. I understand why a lot of companies use it, both Birch Box and Glossy Box use the same service. It’s cheaper than USPS First Class and even Parcel Post. How UPS MI works is that the packages are picked up and shipped by UPS and delivered by USPS. Once the packages reach a certain destination, USPS will pick them up and deliver them. The catch here is that UPS MI is not obligated to any type of transit time limit and can move these packages whenever they see fit, as long as it’s in a timely manner…hence the cheaper rates. USPS will then have to pick them up, sort them, and set them off for delivery, adding another step into the process. With My Glam, my average transit time is about 7-10 days with there being days where my package will sit for no reason. My guess is that Atlanta is the pickup point for USPS since that’s generally where my packages like to chill for a couple days before moving again. Glossy Box is based in New York and my first box took 5 business days to reach me. First class mail would have only taken 2 days, 3 at the very most. After packages leave the My Glam warehouse, it’s out of My Glam’s control. They can, and generally do, ship the packages on time but it’s hard to guarantee the same amount of time in transit every month. That you will have to take up with UPS MI.

    Another thing to keep in mind is where the weekends fall that particular month. There have been people saying that this date last month, they had already received their packages…not considering how the week went. In April, the 10th fell on a Tuesday. Bags were shipped starting the 8th or 9th so it’s highly possible a lot of people got their bags by the 12th. However, this month, the 10th falls on a Friday. UPS is not in transit at all during the weekend, unless it’s something going air. You will lose 2 days of transit time because of it. USPS might deliver on Saturdays, but the only way for that to happen is if USPS gets a hold of your package by Saturday morning. With the 10th being on a Friday, the chances of that happening aren’t very high…possible, but not likely.

    Now, there are a couple things I can My Glam can do to lessen the amount of shipping questions. They are nice enough to post a facebook and twitter announcement but it’s understandable that not every one keeps up with either social media nor will take the time to scroll down half a page to find the info. They will, however, have plenty of time to post the same question repeatedly on My Glam’s wall. This, I will never understand. Anyhow, it would be much more effective for My Glam to send an automated email to subscribers and to update the website. I do find this to be a bit over excessive and will feel sorry for My Glam having to do extra work because some people are too dumb to realize that it really is the same process month after month. This comment is in no way aimed at new subscribers. I understand that being new, it’s hard to know how shipping schedules work unless you’ve kept up with it. Having emails for new subscribers will definitely be worth it. On top of that, the website does already say shipping will occur in the middle of the month. Depending on how you want to split the month up, it can mean the 15th or it can mean the 10th through the 20th if you want to split it into thirds. They are in no way obligated to ship it by the 10th.

    Bag content will always be a love/hate relationship. There’s two things I want to touch up on about this.

    1) My Glam advertises 4-5 deluxe-sized or full sized samples. Just what exactly are deluxe sized samples? The website FAQ answers this as it being an item “that delivers multiple uses of the same high-quality product”. How you choose to make up this is entirely up to you. For most people, this involves something definitely not in a tiny packet even if you can get multiple uses out of it. The Pur~lisse daily moisturizer from March’s bag, while in a small packet, did last me for almost a month. Honestly, all of their packet samples have provided ample uses. If you do not get more than 2-3 uses out of one, your probably using too much. Most of these items don’t require you to use a lot each time. With that being said, even I personally hate tiny packets. They are hard to keep up with and look cheap. I also have to buy small containers to keep them in as I use them. Regardless of how long I can use one, I vote a definite no on the tiny packets as well. I’m not sure if this is something My Glam can control. They can always look for other companies I suppose that do not offer packets.

    2) You are guarenteed 4-5 beauty products every month. There is no limit as to what these items can be or what the bags should consist of. You may receive a bag that’s completely skin care or completely filled with nail products one month. They have the right to do it although I highly doubt the will since it seems they like to keep a variety in their bags. Please do not subscribe to these type of services (I’m not only talking about My Glam) and start complaining about what’s in the bags. The main point behind beauty subscription services is that you pay less to try more. If all you want to do is try makeup, save your money and go purchase solely makeup for you to try yourself. Beauty is not only limited to makeup. You can have all the makeup in the world but if you have bad skin or bad hair, do you really think makeup will make you look gorgeous? If you like to subscribe to these services, you will need to keep an open mind. There will most definitely be items that you don’t like to use or know you won’t use. I keep getting nail polish from various services and I absolutely dislike using nail polishes but that’s the gamble you take. You’re paying money for a bag of items to try, not for a bag of items you definitely will need. I am in no way saying, you cannot have negative opinions or complaints about the items in the bag. Everyone has their likes and dislikes but to bash My Glam over it is a little excessive. There’s many ways to say you dislike a product and would like to see something else. Just keep in mind that this “something else” you love will be something else that someone else hates, and vice versa.

    So, what is My Glam really doing wrong? They’re not perfect in anyway but they offer a bigger interactive base with their customers than most other companies. You can’t even post on Birch Box’s facebook wall. People want email updates in regards to shipping when you have more established companies like Birch Box and The Look Bag who do not update you on shipping whatsoever. Bags/boxes ship in the middle of month and it’s the same month after month. You know your item will ship in the middle of the month when you sign up and that’s it. Is it because more established companies have weeded out the people who complain the most and have established a good base with people who have been with the service long enough to know how it works without question? It’s possible. It’s also possible that people are less likely to complain about box contents for the same reason. My Glam isn’t doing it much worse than anyone else. Comparing them to a higher paying service such as Beauty Army, Sample Society, or Glossy Box will be entirely unfair. Even $2 a month difference can and will change the contents of a box. If you pay more, you should expect to receive more. Birch Box offers its customers tiny sample packets and small perfume samples as well, yet there is so much less hate for them doing so? It seems My Glam is getting a lot of backlash for certain things that other companies either do or don’t even take the time to consider doing it. Am I missing something?

    Personally, I’ve had good experiences with My Glam *knocks on wood* While my packages might take forever to get to me, I’ve had no problems with. Customer service has always been prompt in helping me fix any situations. I like the fact that they are interactive and take the time to listen to suggestions. It’s things like this why I like to support a company, hence the monthly My Glam giveaways that will be occurring soon. One reason why I subscribe to more than 1 service is for the comparison. As someone who currently subscribes to: My Glam, Birch Box, The Look Bag, Sample Society, Glossy Box, and recently canceled Beauty Army, Beauty Fix, and Julep..I can say that My Glam is doing quite well in the competition. All companies will have mishaps and kinks they need to sort out but as far as My Glam’s overall process, it’s been steady, reliable, and improving. Everyone has different tastes so it’s natural for someone to prefer one service over the other whether it’s for the items and/or the service itself. That’s why we have so many options on different levels.

    These are just my opinions, some are fact…others are strictly opinions and experiences. It’s not meant to change anyone’s mind on My Glam but hopefully is able to provide some kind of outline as how the company currently works. People will have different experiences and I am sorry for those who have had poor experiences.

    PS: Actually reading the My Glam facebook change can do wonders. Most people ask the same question over and over again. Spending 2 seconds to look ahead of time can be beneficial to you. 1) You save time not having to type a status and 2) you get an answer immediately! It doesn’t get better than that.

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    1. Shirley says:

      I think I have to agree with you on girls just taking a couple extra minutes to scroll down. I’m seeing a lot in GlossyBox this month when boxes will be shipped.

      I thought people read the confirmation emails. Guess they don’t. I really appreciate how you broke down the mail service, was wondering about that myself.

    2. Rusty says:

      You, lucky man! Congrats two times champion! ;DReally glad to see you super happy and satisfied with today’s jumping..Was definetely your day, no doubts. And this col#dn&u8217;t be better news before new season, for sure.. Just one more week and everything will start again.. I already count the days till Lillehammer. Believe me or not but i have a good feeling that this season is gonna be really exciting for you.GOOD LUCK and don’t forget to be winner tomorrow as well.

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