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Saturday July 28th, 2012 at 12:38 am

I said during my last The Look Bag review that I was having some issues and I wasn’t going to go into detail until I reached a conclusion. The Look Bag pretty much made that conclusion for me. Last week on July 18, The Look Bag announced suddenly that they were going to discontinue the service and focus more on The Look Store.

I originally signed up for the service back in May to give it a try. It wasn’t something I expected to keep and I was going to cancel by the time Glossy Box rolled around to save money. After I received my first bag, I knew I had to keep it. $10 extra a month was more than worth it. On top of quality sized samples and brands, The Look Bag was one of the few companies that did not skimp on shipping. With them shipping First Class, I always received my bag within 2-3 business days as opposed to almost 2 weeks with every other service I subscribe to minus Sample Society.

The following month, The Look Bag started running into a few issues. I was lucky enough to not have much of it affect me. Bags went out a bit late this month due to them getting a shipment in late, which was okay with me. I still received my bag around the middle of the month. The only issue I had this month was having to deal with my bag being shipped to my billing address. It isn’t a huge problem but quite an inconvenience as my billing address isn’t close to where I live. I still received my bag just fine, loved it, and moved on.

July came with more problems even though The Look Bag had said in June that they were growing. One morning, I received an email saying that my account had been canceled back in June. I assumed this was a glitch but decided to check my credit card statement anyway. I never noticed it before but I had not been charged for July.

I checked Face Book and many people received the same email. I left a message on their wall saying that I had received an email and that I wasn’t concerned but I wanted to know why I was not charged. I also mentioned my bag last month was shipped to my billing address and I did not want it to happen again. Not too long afterwards, my post along with everyone else’s post was deleted. Anyone who had mentioned they received a cancellation/expired email had their posts deleted after The Look Bag posted a message saying that they were working with IT on fixing this system wide glitch.

Personally, I find for a company to delete Face Book posts very unprofessional. In addition, not only did I say I was not concerned about the email but I wanted to know why I was not charged. My question was not answered. I then posted a short comment on one of their posts asking why I had not been charged. Someone from The Look Bag responded quickly telling me to not worry because I will get a bag.

This didn’t answer my question but I decided to put faith into them. If they say I’m getting a bag then I’m getting a bag right?

I then tried getting in touch with customer service later that day at work, not because of the email but because:

  • I had not been charged and they charge the 1st of every month
  • I wanted to make sure the bag will not be sent again to my billing address.
  • I called several times that day at different times and no one picked up. Several phone calls later, I was getting tired of redialing.

    Somewhere during all of this, The Look Bag disabled their Face Book wall completely. Anyone outside of The Look Bag was not able to post anymore to their page. In response to the negativity, The Look Bag said that all customer services issues should be taken care of via phone or email. They wanted to use Face Book for contests, giveaways, user participation, upcoming beauty trends, and blogs. Any further issues on the Face Book were either deleted or responded with a simple “Please call customer service”.

    This would not be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that CS was almost entirely unreachable and that they were not returning many calls, if any. I decided to send an email hoping to have better results. Someone replied quickly but the answer seemed to be a copy and paste.

    Again, my questions were not addressed and all I was told was that I’m going to receive a bag this month.

    Six days later with few updates, minus the fact that shipping would start on the following week, The Look Bag announced that they had though long and hard and their final decision was to discontinue The Look Bag while they refocus on The Look Store. Anyone who had paid would receive a July bag and anyone who has not paid would not be receiving one.

    Of course I’m one of the people who never paid because I was never charged. During this time, all of my efforts to figure out why I was not charged didn’t get me anywhere. No one was willing to tell me why I had not been charged. While it may not be the case, I can’t help but feel like I was getting the “you will get a bag” response as a way to shut me up. Twice I was told that I will definitely get a bag, which proved nothing to be a lie. This was absolutely ridiculous. Don’t make promises you can’t keep!!!

    I really liked The Look Bag but unfortunately, situations like this makes my experience very sour. They had horrible customer service and in my case, non-existant customer service. I don’t know what problems they were having internally but I don’t know of any starter company that doesn’t run into some problems. Anyone who has had experience with My Glam know they had a rocky few months but they stuck with it, worked through it, and are now well on their way to being a reputable company.

    The Look Bag has every right to decide on what they want to do but regardless of the decision, I feel like the customers should still be important. Once they made a decision to cancel, no one seemed to matter to them. They took care of the people who paid whether it was because it’s easier than refunding money or if they felt like they had some type of obligation but paid little or no attention to those who did not.

    I liked The Look bag well enough to say that if in the future they decide to reinstate their service, I will definitely consider trying it again. However, with the way things were handled and how I was not able to get any form of customer service even though I tried all of my options, I will definitely not be purchasing anything from The Look Store.

    On the bright side, at least I’m $10 richer a month? However, now I’m looking into Wish Box and they are around $30-$40 a month but filled with some awesome Korean goodies. I need more money to spend x_x

    UPDATE: The Look Bag has announced on August 3 that they will continue The Look Bag by September 1 due to “overwhelming demand”. This sudden decision to be back after everything they’ve done/said makes me a bit iffy but I did say if they came back, I would give them a second chance. Here’s to hopefully less shit happening the second time around.

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