New Layout!! + Some new hauls

Saturday July 28th, 2012 at 4:53 am

I’m loving Kelly Clarkson’s Dark Side right now, not to mention she’s gorgeous.

Finally a new layout! I’ve been saying for probably months now “I need a new layout, I need a new layout”. I’m surprised I was able to mostly finish it tonight (even if it took me until 4:30 am). My last layout took a week to finish @_@ but that’s the joy of already figuring out most of the coding, you can reuse and go from there. There’s still some minor tweaking to be done here and there.

  • Need to make new header images for the sidebar.
  • Need to revamp the sidebar a bit content wise and looks.
  • Not every link above works yet, I need to spend some time one of these days to write content.
  • Color scheme here and there, I’m still playing around.
  • And whatever else my fickle mind decides to change
  • It’s a little plain but this layout is much simpler and easier on on the eyes than the previous one. I was getting so tired of the orange :/ I was originally going to use hearts but decided today to go with cherry blossoms since I might have a slight obsession with them.

    This probably would have taken less time had my FTP not expired on me when I needed to use it. Even though I should have been able to renew my FTP for free, it wasn’t working so I said fuck it and downloaded a new one. I’ll miss WS_FTP LE, it’s been my favorite FTP since high school. FileZilla works well but I’m as fond of it.

    I’m such a night owl. I’m far more productive at night than I am during the day :x

    My friend recently came back from Korea and brought me a lot of stuff, some I bought and some are gifts. Expect reviews to come in the future for most of these!

    The Hello Kitty perfume is awesome. It has a tropical, sweet smell that I love. If I can buy it online I’ll probably buy more in the future. The nail polish I got for fun. I might play around with it later or I might include it in a future giveaway.

    These hand creams are adorable! I couldn’t help but get the set and then some. They’re shaped like little eggs and even came in a egg carton like packaging.

    Etude House gave me a giant lip pillow for free because I apparently spent so much money there o_O

    Isn’t this panda freaking cute? The phone is mine but the charm and phone jack were gifts :3

    Jade Valerie is my favorite artist. Even though she’s no longer with Sweetbox, I really wanted one of her CDs.

    I forgot to take a picture of it but I also got a pair of white sandals with wings.

    These were a few items I bought myself some time back and they’ve just been sitting in my living room. The kitty paw cell phone charm also doubles as a screen cleaner! How cute is that?

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