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Friday May 4th, 2012 at 2:24 pm

It’s finally here! I was so excited to see this arrive today. The dang post office’s sucky tracking system did not update at all for me after the initial pick up scan, which was about 5 business days ago.

For those unfamiliar with Glossy Box, they are a UK based company with subscriptions available in over 18 countries! Simliar to Birch Box and My Glam, Glossy box is a monthly subscription service that delivers 5 travel-sized beauty products to you every month. Brands will be featured from all around the world, not just brands common in the United States. Currently, Glossy Box does not have subscriptions open although they will be releasing subscriptions this month. Anyone interested should sign up for the newsletter now in order to be among the first to receive the good news :) Boxes will run $21 per month, much higher than other beauty subscription services. Their foreign boxes have featured some really amazing items and it’s expected of their US boxes to do similar.

Glossy Box’s inaugural box is only limited to select people. You either had to be chosen by Glossy Box to receive a box and do a review in exchange or you had to be a contest winner. Contests ranged from random email picks, facebook giveaways, youtube contests, to twitter contests. The lucky winners were able to receive Glossy Box’s debut/first box! I won mine through Glossy Box’s first twitter party. I still can’t say enough how happy I am to have this opportunity. This box blew me away and makes me even more excited to subscribe. Read below to see what the contents~

Box Contents for April include:
  • BASQ Cucumber Tea Eye Gel
  • OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips
  • C.O.Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Body Lotion
  • CARGO Eye Bronzer
  • ERNO LASZLO Hollywood Collection
  • KRYOLAN High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine (toffee)
  • I received 5 full sized items and one sample! Now that’s a box worth trying.

    Glossy Box arrives in a beautiful, sturdy baby pink box. I thought Birch Box’s box was sturdy but this one beats it without a contest. It’s fantastic for storing things later on and is perfect for anyone into arts and crafts. I’m sure they could find many uses for this.

    Everything is packed so neatly inside with a black glossy box ribbon. Items are wrapped in light pink (matches the box) tissue paper with images from around the world and stuffed with black tissue grass. I wonder who does the wrapping for this, they took very good care to do it.

    The first thing thing you get is the Trend Guide. The Trend Guide has fashion and beauty trend tips from all around the world! Not only does it give you some neat, inspirational ideas but it also allows you to see how beauty differs from country to country or remain the same. I had a great time reading the little tidbits in the Trend Guide. In the back is some room for you to write your own little trend guide.

    Next is the information card. If you click on the image, you can read everything that’s on the card. You get the general welcome as well as a list of products that come with the box. I love how Glossy Box lists the price for each of the products. It saves a bit of work on my end and I can instantly tell how much my box is really worth. Keep this one up Glossy Box!

    ERNO LASZLO Hollywood Collection [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 1 0.5 oz Velvet Night Cream, 1 0.5 oz Instant Eye Repair, 1 0.5 oz Refresh Moisture Infusion, 1 0.5 oz Intense Porcelain Veil, 1 0.5 oz Morning Beauty Rescue ($125.00)
    Glossy Box Value: unknown (no size listed with samples)

    Description: This featured gift set commemorates 85 years of Erno Laszlo, with a selection of five luxurious formulas inspired by Dr. Laszlo’s most legendary and iconic devotees: Greta Garbo, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe.

    This is the only sample sized item in the box, but you do get a sample of all 5 items listed above.

    C.O.Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Body Lotion [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 3.4 fl oz ($9.00), 5.2 fl oz ($12.00)
    Glossy Box Value: 5.2 fl oz ($12.00)

    Description: An exhilarating formula that will moisturize and soothe your skin.

    You either receive the Lavender & Peppermint body lotion or the Lavender & Peppermint shampoo. To be honest, I’m disappointed that I did not receive the shampoo. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the body lotion, I love it actually. However, I have too many body lotions/butters sitting around waiting to be used. I would have loved to try the shampoo instead.

    This lotion is super creamy and not oily at all. The lavender and peppermint go well together. The smell is subtle, not too sharp or sweet. I really like how this feels on my skin after applying. With lotions, my hands tend to feel oily afterwards but this feels like it’s instantly absorbed by my skin.

    BASQ Cucumber Tea Eye Gel [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 0.5 oz ($24.00)
    Glossy Box Value: 0.5 oz ($24.00)

    Description: Refreshed, beautiful eyes no matter what the issue — lacking sleep, have the pregnancy “puff”, working too hard or just on a mission to improve your eye area! Cucumber is a natural coolant that really fights swelling and puffiness – there’s a reason spas place them on eyes! The antioxidants in Green Tea battle free radicals from the environment that cause damage to the skin and lead to aging. This gel is an ideal boost to your anti-aging routine, the Cucumber – Tea combo smoothes fine lines and improves skin tone. Keep in the fridge for an even greater, intense, cooling pop.

    This was the one item that I was most excited to try. The secret to getting me to try something instantly? Put tea or cherry blossom in the title. Reading the description, this is just what my eyes need. I hardly get enough sleep these days and it shows well in my eyes. They’re a little puffy and I have dark circles under them all the time. You can also use this as a primer before makeup.

    It comes in this pretty little bottle. There’s a really light, refreshing scent to this with a hint of menthol/mint? Just smelling it makes me feel like I’m in a spa room. Cucumber and tea goes well together. The gel itself is smooth and cooling. You can even put it in the fridge to make it cooler.

    CARGO Eye Bronzer [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 0.035 oz ($22.00)
    Glossy Box Value: 0.35 oz ($22.00)

    Description: Create the sunny glow of summer year around with CARGO’s easy to apply Eye Bronzer.

    I used to use CARGO’s concealer before I lost it and really like it. I was sad to lose it, especially since I did not get too many uses out of it before I lost it. To see a CARGO item in Glossy Box this month made me smile.

    This is a very shimmery bronzer, I’m actually not too sure if I will use it. It wouldn’t hurt to try but it’s really not my thing. The color is a bit bright in my opinion and I’m not really into shimmery makeup. Other than that, the application goes on very smoothly and you probably only need to go over your eyes once to get a good coat.

    KRYOLAN High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine (toffee) [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 4 mL ($18.10)
    Glossy Box Value: 4 mL ($18.10)

    Description: High Gloss is a newly developed lip gloss with special pearl pigments based on Mica providing the lips with extraordinary radiance. High Gloss is available in 16 vivid shades for the modern look. With High Gloss, the lips become the focus of each make-up. High Gloss can be applied like any other lip gloss from Kryolan. High Gloss can be applied on the lips as many times as preferred by the user.

    I don’t think you can buy this in the US yet, although they are launching soon. As stated on the Glossy Box card, this item is exclusive to Glossy Box before their US launch. It’s great to be able to try this before anyone else! KRYOLAN is a German brand. You can buy this lip gloss in a wide variety of colors but Glossy Box chose to give subscribers this gorgeous toffee color. I can never have enough lip glosses, it’s becoming one of my favorite makeup items. The consistency of this one is a bit thicker than what I’m used to but it still goes on smoothly.

    Swatches of both the eye bronzer and the lip gloss.

    OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 0.5 fl oz ($8.50)
    Glossy Box Value: 0.5 fl oz ($8.50)

    Description: A smooch-worthy shade of hot pink.

    I don’t think OPI has an online website, I couldn’t find it when I was looking for a place to purchase this item. You can find it easily on sites like Amazon and eBay, just do a quick search.

    I don’t know about smooch-worthy, but hot pink couldn’t describe this any better. It’s exactly that. The nail polish comes in a very vibrant and rich shade of pink. It’s way too bright for me but I’m also not the biggest fan of pink. 2-3 coats of this and anyone will be able to notice you from across the room.

    Total Value: $84.60 (not including the ERNO LASZLO Hollywood Collection sample packets)

    Worth it? Totally! However, before everyone gets way too excited and start having expectations..Glossy Box has said that this box is special to the launch only. Future boxes will have at least 1 full sized item with the rest being travel sizes. Will it still be worth it? Only time will tell. In my opinion, Glossy Box is definitely worth trying out, especially if you are into trying international brands like I am. Many of these products you won’t find easily in the US or even become aware of them. Glossy Box will definitely have their hands full with competition releasing in the US as one of the highest priced beauty subscription services, which can be a good thing. Their international boxes have done very well and I hope they continue the tradition here. It definitely will not be easy to live up to a $21 per month rate, especially when most of us have other services we subscribe to and/or are short on cash.

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