Review: Basin Body Butter in Japanese Cherry Blossom

Wednesday April 11th, 2012 at 5:08 pm

This is a product that I absolutely love and cannot live without. A friend of mine introduced me to body butter sometime last year when I was in FL visiting. I’ve been using it ever since and haven’t gone back to lotion other than occasionally to finish the Bath & Body Works lotion I have still sitting around.

(Yes, I actually own that many at the moment.)

Body butter is a moisturizer that actually offers more benefits than lotion does and has increasingly become more popular among users. It has a thicker consistency than lotion due to the use of less water and preservatives. You can find body butter that’s made from natural ingredients to better treat the skin as well as body butter in a variety of scents. It hydrates your skin at a much deeper level and does not leave the skin feeling oily afterwards.

Basin is a company I discovered while visiting Downtown Disney in Orlando, FL. If you ever walk into the store, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s filled with soaps, hand scrubs, body butter, bath bombs, and more. If you ask me, I much prefer a Basin store to that of Bath & Body Works (no offense to B&BW as I love their stores as well). Most of the items can be tried while in the store while others you will have to do with simply smelling them :)

I personally love the scent of Japanese cherry blossoms and it’s very hard to come by a product that actually does the smell right. They either end up smelling weird, too light, or nothing even near appealing. The only other company to do a cherry blossom scent that I adored was Lush but they only carried the scent in bath bombs. Basin does an amazing job in my opinion. The scent is not over powering and very fragrant.

Description: Ultra moisturizing body butter made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, and Shea butter. Added mango extract, flax seed oil and hemp oil provide natural antioxidants that heal, protect, and keep skin healthy.

A 4oz tub of this will run you $17.00, not including shipping yet. While the price may seem high, it will last you quite a while. One other benefit to body butter is the thick consistency allows you to use less than that of regular lotion. The extra money is well worth the results, especially if you do not like the feel of an oily lotion. Body butter goes on smoothly and is absorbed by the skin quicker and easier.

This one has a creamy consistency and is easy to apply throughout the skin/body. I’ve been using this for a while now and my skin definitely feels smoother. I generally have dry skin, especially on my legs, and this also seems to help with that as long as I use it regularly.

There really aren’t any cons to this other than possibly the pricing and the fact that there are only a few basin stores located in the US. For most people, you will have to order online and I believe shipping is around $10 since it’s shipped via UPS. I usually order 2-3 at a time to save a bit on shipping and Basin will also run buy 2 get 1 free deals ever so often.

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