Review: Beauty Fix Spring Pack Part 1

Saturday April 21st, 2012 at 12:29 am

Woo, finally getting a start on my Beauty Fix bag that I received last month. The review is split into 2 parts. It would take me too long to review all 9 products and on top of that, I haven’t exactly had a chance to try them all out yet.

Beauty Fix is a quarterly beauty/skin care subscription service owned by Dermstore. Unlike other subscription services, you get a new Beauty Fix bag once every 3 months and it runs at $49.99 per month. This might sound high but the products are definitely worth it. Depending on what you pick, the value of each bag can range anywhere from $150-$400. You get a new selection every quarter and you choose 8 products. All of the products can be found on the Dermstore website. Beauty Fix members receive additional discounts on products. A quiz will help determine which products picked for you to chose from. Beauty Fix is very generous in the number of options you have. I had a very hard time picking out mine because there was definitely more than 8 that I wanted to try. With Beauty Fix, you are guaranteed full size or deluxe samples and never any tiny packets.

My Spring selections include:

  • 3LAB M Creme*
  • Kronos Krystal High Gloss Shine Spray*
  • Nick Chavez Angel Drops
  • DermaQuest Skin Vitalight
  • Vichy LiftActiv With Rhamnose 5 Percent Day*
  • Becca Cosmetics Resurfacing Primer*
  • Phytomer Hydra Original Thirst-Relief Melting Cream
  • Skin Medica Vitamin C and E Complex
  • Beauty Fix Cylinder Bag*
  • * = ones reviewed below

    Beauty Fix normally runs $49.99 but I received all of these for just $19.99 due to a promotion! I definitely got more than my money’s worth. Their spring selection was pretty good in my opinion. I had a hard time deciding what was best to get but I ended up getting a mixture of skin care and hair products. I’m currently on a skin care kick and my hair could use some treatment.

    Becca Cosmetics Resurfacing Primer [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 1.35 fl oz ($40.00)
    Beauty Fix Value: 0.50 fl oz ($14.81)

    Description: A shine-controlling primer to smooth fine lines and reduce pore size.

    I originally chose this one because I did not have a face primer and wanted to experiment around with one with my makeup. The shine control is a very nice bonus as my face does tend to be shiny, especially in photos. No one really likes being that one girl with the shiny forehead. However, since I now want to experiment around with BB creams, I’m not too sure how often I will use this unless I’m opting to use foundation makeup. Becca is a very fine brand, known for their top quality line of cosmetics.

    The primer itself is very light in color. I was actually worried a little at first thinking it might make my skin appear lighter as well. It also felt a little oily to the touch.

    But as soon as I started rubbing it into my skin, all my opinions changed. It goes on very smoothly and clear and definitely not oily at all. It also makes my face feel softer. So, now I’m conflicted between foundation make up and bb cream but I guess that’s the joy of having options :) I don’t have any other primers to compare this too so there will be no pros and cons but so far, I don’t have any complaints about Becca’s primer. It is a very popular item, as proven by the website. The item is currently sold out but should be back in stock sometime soon.

    3LAB M Creme [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 2 oz ($260.00)
    Beauty Fix Value: 0.38 oz ($49.40)

    Description: A unique de-stressing moisturizer with potent anti-aging benefits. This special cream features the world’s first bioengineered growth hormone, as well as stem cells taken from rare Uttweiler Spatlauber Swiss apples. Happybelle, a phyto-endorphin extract, moisturizes, replenishes radiance and protects with potent antioxidants. This cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles, prevents future signs of aging and creates a stunning glow that lends a healthy and youthful appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, the skin is firmed and the complexion looks calm and uplifted.

    Now, this was the one item that I was dying to try/hand get my hands on. Ever since My Glam gave me the 3LAB face wash in their March bag, I’ve been in love with 3LAB. Their face wash works amazing for me so I assumed why not their face moisturizer? My face is usually very dry, especially after a hot shower so I’ve been wanting to find a good moisturizer. The only downside to the 3LAB creme is the price. $260 is way too steep but trust me, if I could afford it, I would use this stuff everyday. Much like the primer, I wasn’t too sure of the product at first. It felt more oily than the Pur~lisse face moisturizer I was using. By morning, I had a whole different opinion. I LOVED the way my face felt. It was so smooth and soft and my face was definitely not oily. I couldn’t believe it.

    Even though its only 0.38 oz, it still came in this super cute, tiny container. Most companies would have sent sample packets for something this size but this one actually came in it’s own little container. I personally think it’s adorable, just look at how small it is compared to my hand :3 The sample size is still enough to last quite a few uses. You don’t need to put a lot of this on your face, a little does go a long way .Just a thin coat will be more than enough to do the job.

    Vichy LiftActiv With Rhamnose 5 Percent Day [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 1.7 fl oz ($49.00)
    Beauty Fix Value: 0.50 fl oz ($14.41)

    Description: A clinically proven anti-aging cream to boost collagen and skin cell regeneration.

    This is another cream that I wanted to try. It’s never too early to start using anti-aging creams. This would be a great cream to use throughout the day. I might purchase one in the future seeing as how it is affordable. I haven’t used it long enough to be able to tell if there were any changes to my face but I did like the feel of the cream on my face. It’s soft and light and a little of this will go a long way as well. This is available for both normal-combination skinned people and also for dry skinned people. Can’t say too much about this but no complaints here as well.

    Kronos Krystal High Gloss Shine Spray [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 4 fl oz ($35.00)
    Beauty Fix Value: 4 fl oz ($35.00)

    Description: A frizz-taming, shine-enhancing, style-holding, protective mist.

    This is one of the few full sized samples that I received, aren’t they generous? One thing about my hair is that it can be a nightmare at times. My hair is very thick so it’s hard to maintain. I’ve been wanting to try some hair products hoping to tame parts of it. This spray does pretty much what it says it will do. It will help sooth frizzes and also give your hair a bit of a shine. What I like most is the smell of this spray. It’s very fragrant, kind of fruity in a way.

    I tried taking a before and after picture with the spray and unfortunately its hard to tell a difference. I believe a lot of it is due to the thickness of my hair. People with thinner hair should get a better outcome with the product. You can’t really tell in the pictures but it did help sooth out a lot of my lose hairs and frizzes as well as give my hair a bit of a shine. I didn’t quite achieve what I wanted to with this spray but it works well for casual uses.

    Beauty Fix Cylinder Bag

    Actual Value: $15.00
    Beauty Fix Value: $15.00

    Hm, you used to be able to purchase the bag on the Dermstore website but I can’t seem to find it anymore. For Beauty Fix members, it still seems to be available for purchase for a discounted price of $7.99. I’ll look again later.

    This bag was a free gift from Beauty Fix. It was not included in the 8 items that you choose. The bag might look small but it’s quite spacious for a make up bag. If packed correctly, I can fit all 8 of my items into this one bag.

    Course…at the time of my order, I didn’t know that there was a drop down menu under the free gift section. To be honest, had I checked, I wouldn’t have picked this one. I don’t have anything against the bag, it works great. However, I have too many makeup bags already. I saw the vanity case under the menu and was a little heartbroken. That one would have been perfect for me and is just what I needed for my collection.

    And, of course knowing me…

    I soon found it on the Dermstore website an bought one immediately (okay, there might have been a brief period of time when I was all woe is me for a few minutes). It worked out well in the end. The cylinder bag is actually worth more than the vanity case.

    Beauty Fix Quilted Vanity Case [Purchase

    Actual Value: $15.00
    Beauty Fix Value: $15.00

    The vanity case is still currently on sale for $5.00, $4.00 for Beauty Fix members. I was so glad it was cheap, and there’s free shipping on it too! Why wouldn’t you buy one? I don’t have a vanity case but I have a ton of make up bags. I had accumulated several beauty/make up items that needed to be store somewhere else because of their size and this case was perfect for it.

    The bag measures 9″x6″x4″. You can’t really tell by the image since the bag collapsed a little but it stores quite a bit of stuff. I was able to fix all of my extra items and my make up bag all into this case. It made traveling so much easier. The quilted cover has a nice feel to it. It’s easy to clean and holds together very well. If there is one must have item from Dermstore, this one is definitely it.

    Total Value: $128.22 for 5/9 items

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