Review: July Birch Box

Monday July 16th, 2012 at 12:32 am

July’s Birch Box is definitely an improvement in my opinion, at least for me. This was the one month that I did not take a sneak peak into what’s in my box before it arrived and I have to say I am quite pleased.

Box contents for July include:

  • Beauty Blender Original
  • Harvey Prince Hello Perfume Sample
  • Jouer Luminizing Moisturizer Tint in Bronze
  • Stila Lip Glaze in Camera
  • Extras include:

  • Tea Forte Minteas Mints in Cocoa Mint
  • Birch Box Exclusive Earbuds
  • July’s box is all about glamour, who doesn’t love that? There’s a wide assortment of products ranging from makeup to skin care to hair care that’s all focused on helping to make yourself more glamorous.

    Beauty Blender Original [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $25.95 (2 pack) $19.95 (single)
    Birch Box Value: $19.95 (single)

    Description: This hot pink sponge fits the natural curves of your face for flawless makeup application.

    I’ve heard great things about beauty blenders and wanted to try one but since they’re not exactly cheap, it was never high on my list of things to get. Being broke sometimes sucks :( Much love to Birch Box for providing me one! I haven’t tried any other beauty blenders but this one works well. It’s very soft, blends with no problems, and is easy to clean.

    Harvey Prince Hello Perfume Sample [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $55.00 (1.7 oz)
    Birch Box Value: Not listed

    Description: Harvey Prince is thrilled to bring you a splash of spring with our latest, hippest, most energizing fragrance, “Hello.” With a twist of citrus in homage to that fresh squeezed glass on the breakfast table, the subtle yet invigorating notes are layered with Summer Forsythia, an early Spring floral, to bring out the blossoming glow within you. As the scent wears through the day, you’ll be warmly greeted with the enchanting smell of Pink Plumerias, found in the fragrant floral Leis of Hawaii bestowed upon guests, friends, and loved ones.

    This is a cheery fragrance for spring/summer. It’s slightly bigger than most perfume samples I receive, but not by a whole lot. It comes with an easy to use spray, which is always nice. The size isn’t listed on the product, which I dislike. I can’t say if I dislike or like the fragrance, I’m kind of indifferent on it. It has some nice florals in it but is not “refreshing” or “welcoming” as the descriptions says.

    Jouer Luminizing Moisturizer Tint in Bronze [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $38.00 (1.7 fl oz)
    Birch Box Value: $1.56 (0.07 fl oz)

    Description: This lightweight moisturizing tint evens out imperfections and fades the appearance of fine lines with its light-diffusing multi-mineral formula. SPF 20 protects from UVA and UVB rays while Ginseng and Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract deliver antioxidants to skin, promoting a healthy complexion.

    Props to BB on this one, it matched my skin tone perfectly. I can’t tell too much of a difference on my skin other than the fact it makes it look more fresh and dewy. The moisturizer blends in well on my skin leaving it with a light glossy shine.

    Stila Lip Glaze in Camera [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $12.00 (3 pack)
    Birch Box Value: $4.00 (single)

    Description: This sparkly gloss from the limited edition It’s Go Time Lip Glaze Trio combines sheer color with mega-watt shine.

    This trio is created by stila and Birch Box and can only be purchased at birchbox.com. It took me a couple minutes to figure out how to use this. The brush applicator is so soft, making the application smooth and easy. This thick, rich gloss adds a nice shine and can be used by itself or with a lipstick. Camera comes in a pearly gold-red and tastes like a wide assortment of mixed berries.

    Tea Forte Minteas Mints in Cocoa Mate [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $2.99 (1 pack)
    Birch Box Value: $2.99 (1 pack)

    Description: New and improved BIGGER mint for even more flavor! A few functional ingredients that make minteas the mints with a difference. Small pocket sized tins – a convenient way for you to embrace a life of health and wellness.

    I was really excited to see tea mints given how much I love tea but the cocoa flavor really takes it away from me. I’m not a really big fan of coffee or coffee flavored products. The mints taste better than they look. I haven’t noticed a change in energy level after eating a few of them but energy type drinks, products, pills, etc have never really had much effect on me.

    Birch Box Exclusive Earbuds [Purchase]

    Actual Value: –
    Birch Box Value: –

    Description: Whether we’re jogging through the park or powering through a laptop session, earbuds are one of our constant accessories. So we started thinking: why stick with the same boring white pair we’ve been using for years? We designed these custom pink and green or pink and blue neon earbuds so we can rock out to our favorite tunes in style. They’re extra-durable and extra-comfy—now that’s music to our ears.

    It doesn’t seem like you can purchase these, even from the Birch Box website. Funny enough, these are probably the most useful item in this month’s box for me. I recently bought some cheap headphones on ebay that keep breaking (go figure) and never got around to buying a decent pair. While these are not really my style, I’m definitely happy it saves me the trouble of having to buy a pair. I also love how the color scheme of these headphones match the tissue paper/color scheme of this month’s box.

    Total Value: $28.50 (not including Harvey Prince’s Hello perfume sample and the earphones)

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    7 Responses to “Review: July Birch Box”

    1. Diana says:

      It looks pretty awesome! I broke down and bought the beauty blender when they sent us beauty blender cleanser a few months ago. I love it! I still haven’t received my box. Hopefully tomorrow!

    2. That lipgloss looks amazing!! I love it :)
      I wish I could try those mints..they sound like they are delicious!
      I loved the color scheme this month too with the earbuds…but my earbuds don’t work. Haha :)

    3. Crystal H says:

      Great box! I didn’t think they were sending out beauty blenders anymore. I got one ages ago & it didn’t really know what to do with it until I got BB cream. It is perfect for blending it in on your face. Just be careful washing it because they tear easy when cleansing.

    4. veronica says:

      ooo! I totally was hoping for the mints – they sounded yummy :) Great box!

    5. Abby says:

      Man! I wish I had gotten that lip gloss and that beauty blender! Awesome box!

    6. tara says:

      wow! you got an amazing box!! jealous you got the beautyblender!

    7. Wow, you hit the BB jackpot! I am literally jealous of each and every one of the products you received. I’m hoping that if I remain a subscriber for long enough, I’ll manage to get a beauty blender in one of my boxes :)

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