Review: July Sample Society

Tuesday August 14th, 2012 at 9:59 pm

Oi, another late review o_o I have no idea why I procrastinate on my Sample Society reviews. There’s no bias against it, I swear haha.


Box contents for July include:

  • Borghese Tono Body Creme
  • VBeaute Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Creme
  • Sisley-Paris Hydra Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration
  • Vincent Longo Duo Eye Pencil
  • Jouer Cosmetics Luminizing Moisture Tint SPF 20
  • July’s box was a little disappointing compared to June’s box, not to take anything away from it. There were 2 samples I received in it that I already had from previous boxes. (August also has better samples but you didn’t hear that me yet, shhhhh)

    Sisley-Paris Hydra Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $250.00 (1.4 oz)
    Sample Society Value: $25.00 (0.14 oz)

    Description: Specially developed to provide an all-round solution to the problem of skin dehydration — whether occasional or chronic – Hydra-Global helps reactivate the hydration mechanisms deep-down in the skin, by encouraging the circulation of water as well as its retention.

    This is a light, fairly odorless creme that’s supposed to help with hydrating your skin while revitalizing your skin to prevent anti-aging lines. It’s smooth and I like the way it feels on my skin but the full size is way out of my price range unfortunately.

    Borghese Tono Body Creme [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $47.50 (7.0 oz)
    Sample Society Value: $6.78 (1 oz)

    Description: An extra-rich treatment creme that locks in hydration with moisture intensifying molecules. The body is veiled in invisible moisture, which becomes obvious in both the appearance and texture of the skin. Firms and smoothes skin tone.

    This is a pretty good sample with nice packaging. I can’t say too much about the scent. It’s not anything fragrant but there’s definitely a scent to it, kinda medicinal in a way? As far as how it feels, it’s soothing and creamy. I’m glad it’s not oily so it actually feels hydrating.

    Jouer Cosmetics Luminizing Moisture Tint SPF 20 [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $38.00 (1.7 fl oz)
    Sample Society Value: $3.80 (0.17 fl oz)

    Description: This lightweight moisturizing tint evens out imperfections and fades the appearance of fine lines with its light-diffusing multi-mineral formula. SPF 20 protects from UVA and UVB rays while Ginseng and Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract deliver antioxidants to skin, promoting a healthy complexion.

    I received this exact same sample in my July Birch Box so there’s not a lot I have left to say on it other than it’s nice to have more? This is a nice moisturizing tint. Like I said before, it matches my skin tone very well. The only disappointing part is there isn’t a lot of the sample in the tube and it’s a little hard to get out. This is over twice as big as my BB sample though so maybe it will be nicer to me.

    VBeaute Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Creme [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $85.00 (0.5 fl oz)
    Sample Society Value: $5.61 (0.033 fl oz)

    Description: Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Creme is like an eyelift in a jar. An age-defying, line-concealing eye cream that immediately smoothes and silkens the delicate skin around your eyes. Caffeine minimizes the appearance of puffiness, BioCellular Peptide and Sensytens correct lines and wrinkles, and Nylon 12 leaves you looking instantly younger.

    This is another duplicate for me, I received this one in my June Glossy Box except it came as part of a set of 3. The downside to subscribing to so many services is eventually you end up with a lot of duplicates. It seems a lot of these companies work with multiple companies to get their products out, makes sense. I haven’t even used the first one, I wish the sample size was better but I’ve heard these products work great. With that price range, I would hope so.

    Vincent Longo Duo Eye Pencil [Purchase]

    Actual Value: $26.00
    Sample Society Value: $26.00

    Description: Using two shades of eye pencil is a professional technique and easy makeup tip for creating intense and smoldering eyes. Combined complimentary shades encourage maximum creativity and remove the guess work for fast and easy application. A must have for every makeup bag.

    I love this one, it’s definitely my favorite product out of the bag. It’s very smooth and has rich colors. I have no idea what I would use the red for (Halloween costume?) but the white glimmer can double as an eye liner.

    Total Value: $67.19

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