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Sunday May 20th, 2012 at 2:20 am

I’ve been putting this off for a little while now. The past few days have been pretty busy for me outside of work. I wanted to get this up earlier this afternoon after I got off work but 1) I was so tired I crashed on the couch immediately after I got home and 2) a bunch of my friends ended up coming over spontaneously. It’s 1:35 AM and I probably should go to bed since I have another full day tomorrow but I really wanted to get this up!

Don’t forget about my May My Glam Bag Giveaway! Be sure to fill in all fields. I’m still getting people just clicking enter, it won’t count as an entry! :[

Shipping on these bags is one thing I’ll never get over and I’ve noticed it’s slowly starting to tick me off more and more. This isn’t entirely My Glam’s fault other than the fact they choose to use this service. My anger is directed straight at USPS. For anyone who doesn’t know, My Glam uses a shipping service known as UPS MI (Mail Innovations). It’s popular among beauty subscription services because of it’s cheap cost. It’s cheaper to send than both USPS First Class and Parcel Post. However, the downside to that is it is also slower and does not have any time constraint as long as it’s delivered in a timely manner. UPS MI is shipped via UPS and delivered by USPS. Generally, my package gets to my vicinity pretty quickly, which is understandable since UPS does not like to hold onto packages. USPS is the problem…my package will always sit somewhere for 2-3 days. Usually, it’s in Atlanta…this time it reached my city on Monday and sat in a post office somewhere until Thursday. I have no idea why this is, my local post man didn’t know either. My only guess is since Thursday was my estimated delivery date, they wanted to work super hard (sarcasm) to make sure I received it then. It’s. Annoying. I can’t complain about free shipping but really USPS? You would hold a package for 4 days before you even bother to deliver it?

Moving on to the actual review…I had to get that out of my system, again.

Bag contents for May include:

  • Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance
  • Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick
  • Miss Beauty Bail Bling
  • My Glam Concealer Brush
  • My Glam Defining Eyeliner Brush

  • May’s bag is all centered around love, why? I have no idea. This seems to be a better bag suited for February, even more so than the actual February bag. I suppose the idea of going out on dates or wanting to change to summer colors would fit for the upcoming summer.

    The glam bag comes in a turquoise blue with pink lips all over. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of lips. I love the blue and was happy to finally see a blue themed bag. Inside of the bag is the same blue~ish color to match the outside of the bag.

    The card this month features MacBarbie07. The card comes in pink to match the theme. I had forgotten to add the card as part of the image of everything in the bag.

    Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Warm and Cozy [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 0.18 oz ($7.50)
    My Glam Value: 0.18 oz ($7.50)

    Description: Pump up the color and plump up your lips with this luxurious lipstick that wears like a dream in several sensual shades. Revolutionary spheres contain mega-moisturizer hyaluronic acid and folic acid, a vitamin B derivative that actually plumps your lips.

    Studio Gear’s lipstick is the big item of the bag. Most people were excited for it. However, I’m sure no one expected colors outside of red/pink. Most of the lipsticks given out were some shade of brown, with only a select few being a red or pink shade. Warm and Cozy is a dark red/brown color. I was a bit disappointed since I wanted to try a brighter color. This is my first lipstick, no joke. I had never owned a lipstick or even put one on before. Both of the lipsticks I received were in this shade, I wonder if that was intentional. The lipstick is supposed to come with a lip plumper but I did not feel anything tingly on my lips, which is what most lip plumpers is supposed to feel like. Warm and Cozy is also a discontinued color, you can get it at half the price of their normal lipsticks.

    No hair or makeup really done so please excuse the lack of effort in these photos. It’s late at night and I am really tired :( The lipstick ended up being lighter than what I had imagined but it’s still a color that I am unsure if I will be able to rock. It doesn’t seem to suit my face/skin tone much even though I don’t particularly dislike the color. I might be able to make it work but for now, it’ll have to sit around.

    I tried it with a bit of lip gloss, it didn’t make a huge difference. I’m sure I could make the color lighter by either mixing it with a moisturizer or using a brush to dab it on. I’ll play around with some ideas later.

    My Glam Exclusive Concealer and Eyeliner Brush [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 2 Brushes ($8.00)
    My Glam Value: 2 Brushes ($8.00)

    Description: Round out your exclusive myglam brush set with a concealer brush and defining eyeliner brush. These brushes were handpicked by Michelle specifically for the myglam community. Based on your feedback, these brushes are made of high quality nylon and are designed to last.

    The last 2 brushes to finish off the My Glam brush set, people either loved these or hated these. I’m kind of in the middle. A few of the brushes given I didn’t have but I also don’t use brushes that much. I’m sure I’ll appreciate these when I do want to use them. The brushes are made very well in my opinion for the price. I know a few people have had problems with them but the majority all seem to really like the quality as well. The bristles are very soft and stay packed together very nicely. You can also now purchase the entire 5 piece set from the website.

    Eye Liner Brush: This one came out a bit blurry unfortunately.

    Concealer Brush: I really wish they gave these out sooner but this can easily replace my Sephora concealer brush should anything ever happen to it.

    Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance [Purchase]

    Actual Value: 2 oz ($42.00)
    My Glam Value: 0.05 ($1.05)

    Description: Love sweet love spray fragrance reminds you that there is no greater feeling than being in love. it’s a flirty, lively fruity fragrance that makes a woman feel smitten and irresistibly pretty.

    Much like I said in my April Birch Box, I’m not the biggest fan of spray perfumes. I have too many of these from Sephora purchases and I hardly use them. The only benefit I get out of these is the fact that I get to try new perfumes. It’s just unfortunate I’ll probably never buy one because I have so many samples stocked up.

    Love Sweet Love has a sweet, fruity flavor. I had to smell it a few times for it to really grow on me but I do have to say I love this scent. I’ve always liked fruity flavors. I was worried this scent would be too sweet but it’s not at all. It doesn’t come with a spray though even though the name would suggest it did.

    Miss Beauty Nail Bling [Purchase]

    Actual Value: Unknown
    My Glam Value: Unknown

    Description: Nail art that will make you fall head over heels in an instant.

    These are cute but I definitely won’t be using them. I don’t have anything against them but I’ve never really liked to decorate my nails or even color them. A lot of people have complained that these nails are for a much younger age group than those of the My Glam market. I can’t disagree…it would be too much. However, I’ve seen some really interesting ideas that people have put out for these such as wearing the art on only one finger to compliment a manicure. The ring or index finger would be perfect for these.

    Total Value: $16.55 (not including the nail art)

    This month’s bag is a bit disappointing compared to previous month’s bags. It could have been a lot better in my opinion. For one…only send pink/red shades to members? Those would be the most popular of shades and definitely something most people could use. Having most shades being brown seems like a waste. I love the fragrance and the brushes, they’re very lovely to add to my collections.

    If anyone is interested in trying out some of these products, please enter my Giveaway! It is open internationally and I know a lot of people outside the US have been wanting to try them.

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      I wish myglam was available in australia! their stuff seems to be pretty good compared to the ones in aust,

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