So excited for Glossy Box!

Thursday April 19th, 2012 at 10:04 pm

Glossy Box US is expected to make its debut in the US sometime soon. Like other beauty/make up subscription services, Glossy Box offers a box every month filled with 5 high-end beauty miniatures. Glossy Box has already been established in many other countries including UK, Canada, Taiwan, China, Korea, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and more. No news on what the US Glossy Box will include but from the looks of their foreign boxes, it looks absolutely amazing! Prices for the US box will run $21 per month, quite a bit higher than most subscription services. While $21 is definitely not what I was expecting/hoping for I’m still really wanting to give them a try and hope I can keep up with monthly subscriptions.

The first Glossy Box will only be available to select winners from their contests. New memberships will be open to the public for the second box. I was quite disappointed to not have won one from their email giveaways :( I kept checking my email repeatedly in hopes of attaining that one special email but had no luck. The email giveaway ended and I thought I was SOL.

Buuut, much to my luck, Glossy Box had their first twitter party today. It was also the first twitter party that I’ve been able to take part in. As a bonus, they announced that they would be giving away 2 glossy boxes. And for the big news….*drum rolls*….I WON ONE! :D

No idea yet on when the box will arrive but I’m guestimating next month as Glossy Box already announced they will be releasing in the Spring. For anyone interested in winning one of the last boxes, I believe they are still having their youtube video giveaway. More information can be found on their FB page

Reviews of the box will mostly definitely be up as soon as I receive the box.

Thanks again to Glossy Box!

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