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Wednesday February 27th, 2013 at 11:36 pm

One thing I cannot stand is rude, idiotic people. On my way back home from picking up my packages, I got yelled at by a guy who for some reason…seemed more pissed off than he should have been. Who knows…maybe he had a bad day, maybe he got fired from work, maybe he was on his way to deal with a crazy baby momma. Either way, keep it to yourself.

I was trying to turn left onto a fairly busy street since it was around rush hour. I usually always turn into the middle lane first and then merge since that’s pretty much the only way to get out. The flow of traffic on the other side is usually never ending for a while. As I’m turning into the middle lane, he tries to turn too. However, he didn’t even have his blinker on so how the hell was I supposed to know he wasn’t going straight. He decided that he wanted to switch lanes after I had already started turning. Now, mind you…I wasn’t going incredibly fast so I stopped when I saw that he was trying to switch lanes and I had every intention of letting him go first (even though I would be blocking 2 lanes of traffic in less than 30 seconds) since he had the right of way. He looks at me like I’m an idiot and screams “GO” really, fucking sternly and loudly.

So, I went and he revved up his loud engine and charged down the lane as if there wasn’t a red light several yards down. Oh, he was also on the phone the entire time this was happening. That’s real safe.

Most people in Nashville have pretty decent and courteous driving manners. You always hear about this city or that city where driving has to be more aggressive but not so much here. However, when it comes to idiocy in terms of driving, it’s mind boggling how some people have licenses or still have licenses. I’m not sure what the driving test is like now but back when I tested for my license at age 18, I literally drove in a square and parked and that was the end of my driving test. Too easy!

Oh happier notes, my camera bag came today and for something being “refurbished”, it’s brand spanking new! I can’t wait for the camera to arrive tomorrow.

eBay has also once again made my day. I was leaving feedback and randomly looked at the suggestions at the bottom of the page and saw something called macro close up lens. I’m still new in the world of digital photography so of course there’s a lot of things I do not understand yet. These lens are made for taking close up pictures and the super awesome part? They are soooo affordable! Of course you can buy much better quality lens for several hundred dollars that will definitely beat these lens out of the water but for someone just starting out, cheap lens is definitely the way to go.

I have my first hair appointment tomorrow in a long time. I’m hoping it goes well. Honestly, I have never had a good experience getting my hair cut in Nashville. One time I ended up with pretty much the same hair I came in with. Another time I ended up with a mushroom head. No joke…the guy cut off so much of my hair that I had almost a boy’s cut except it looked like the top of a mushroom. Thankfully I do not have any of those photos. It took forever for my hair to grow back! And all I asked him to do was to layer my hair and cut it below my shoulders. The last time I had my hair cut in Nashville, she cut off twice as much as what I wanted and didn’t even thin it properly. It took a year for my hair to grow back to it’s original lenght.

Normally I wait until I go down to Atlanta and get my hair cut there but my hair is a little bit out of control now and is in need of a trim and some styling. I spent several hours trying to find a place that had good reviews and I think I found just the one, Palour and Juke! They had really great reviews and everyone seemed to have had a great experience there so I’m going to try them out tomorrow after I get off work.

It’s off to bed earlier tonight! I’ve been so tired lately.

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