TESL Certified!

Sunday April 27th, 2014 at 12:44 am

150 hours/3 months later I am finally TESL certified! Well, not officially. We won’t get our certificates for another 2 weeks but it’s such a relief to be done!

I had so much fun in the class and learned so much about both teaching and the English language. This past month has probably been the most stressful month for me. Yes, even more stressful than finals during college. I guess I care more about this ^_^ It’s also been one of the most amazing/rewarding months I’ve had.

At the beginning of all of this, I really wasn’t sure if it was something I could do. To be honest, teaching has been something that I said I never wanted to do. I started the course with no teaching experience, stage fright, and no idea what I was doing or getting myself into.

The first couple months were fun and I was finding myself enjoying it more and more. Yet, I was still nervous about being a good teacher. They told us at the beginning of class not to worry, it will all come together at the end. I couldn’t help but sit there and wonder if that was true.

I had a rough start teaching my first couple classes. They weren’t bad but I had a hard time with time management and for my first class, a hard time with getting the students to do the activities correctly. By my third class, I had more or less mastered time management and my lessons went a lot smoother. My last class today went great. I still have plenty of room for improvement but I’m excited to start teaching and learn new things as well.

I’ve started to clean out a bit of my stuff. Most of my makeup has either been sorted or given away. I’ve horded a lot of makeup/beauty/hair supplies in the last few years between my ipsy, glossybox, birchbox, sample society, look bag, and god knows what else subscriptions. I’ve canceled most of those subscriptions since late last year and just recently canceled everything else this past week. So, you can imagine what my room looked like. I had an entire corner just stocked up with all sorts of supplies. I took the ones I’ll use and gave all of the rest to my friend.

I’ve sorted most of my clothing as well. I have another big box to give to Goodwill sometime in the future. I think I will have to end up mailing my winter clothes to myself since I can’t seem to part with most of them. I need to get off my lazy ass and get more stuff listed on ebay before I don’t have enough time. Craigslist doesn’t seem to work as well for me.

There’s a lot to prepare for but not a lot I’m willing to do until I get my work visa, cause that would just be dumb. It’s too early to reserve an apartment and I’m starting to feel that agencies in Japan don’t even want to deal with me right now because I can’t reserve. I can barely get info! All they care about is reserving but I’m not looking to reserve now! Rawr.

I’m also looking to take a Japanese class for 2 months before I leave. I should be able to work out something with the institute I got my certificate at and only pay for half of the course since I’m leaving in July but we’ll see. Having a little bit of a head start would be nice.

I actually have time to play FFX again now.

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