Friday August 3rd, 2012 at 11:46 pm

My left eye has gotten infected again and I don’t know why since these are a new pair of contacts. It’s possible something got in them and me falling asleep with my contact on just made it worse. They were already irritating me throughout the day. My eye looks HORRIBLE right now. This is exactly why I wanted to get LASIK. I hate my life sometimes.

I hit a slight moment of depression earlier today after I paid my rent and credit card bill. I’m broke. August screwed me over with a lot of unnecessary payments, mainly $250 on my eyes alone and $220 on a hotel that I’m not staying at until the end of the month. I don’t think my bank account has ever been so low. Even my Pay Pal account is broke! I’m seriously debating a third job right now. I could work at my second job more during the week but 1) It would probably drive me crazy and 2) There’s not enough hours and I’d rather not work more than 2 extra days a week.

I could just win the lottery, but that would mean I would actually have to play. Haha…wishful thinking. Or I can stop buying things but that’s not going to happen so might as well figure out how to make more money. :/

I’m so happy to see TeamUSA win the gold in gymnastics! Am I the only one who feels inspired to see these young girls achieve their dreams? Sadly I quit gymnastics when I was a kid after they told me to go on the high beam and I was like fuck that. Me and heights do not get along well together.

What’s with China sucking this year? The women’s team barely placed in anything. Deng Lin Lin, who qualified for the women’s all around, wasn’t even very good this year. I know that she has more talent/skill than I ever will and competing in the Olympics with the whole world watching you is seriously nerve wrecking and you probably couldn’t pay me enough money to do it, but comparing her with what she did in the 2008 Olympics and the girls from USA and Russia this year, she just isn’t very good. I normally love to watch China compete in women’s gymnastics but this year was just sad.

I haven’t checked the Olympic medal count for tonight though, is US still ahead? It’s exciting to see USA and China go head to head on who has the highest medal count!

This has been a fairly good week for me (minus my eye irritating the crap out of me right now and the fact that I’m broke), I don’t get a chance to say that a lot. Outside of having to work tomorrow, I’m looking forward to the weekend. This will be the first year I’m going out to take advantage of tax free weekend and seeing if I can load up on some new clothes and shoes without breaking the bank. I would have loved to be able to nab an iPad 3 as well but I’m about $500 short for that :/

I spent Thursday afternoon making a mini photo studio so I can take better photos and also have more room for editing photos the way I want. It turned out great and I was able to get it done for less than $10! If you already have a box and tissue paper/fabric lying around, you can make one for next to nothing. I ran out of tape in the middle of it and had to run out to get more. Everything works great minus the fact I still have a slight lighting issue. Maybe this weekend I’ll look around for a lamp that I can use that provides sufficient lighting. I hear LED lights work best?

The images in my last Glossy Box review were all taken in the mini studio. The lack of lighting made it hard to edit images, which is why there’s kind of an inconsistency to the images. On the bright side, after 3 hours of editing, I can say I probably leveled up in my photoshoping skills.

Here’s one of the most exciting news of the week for me. I have been loaned a DSLR camera! It’s only for a couple months but I can’t say how happy I am to be able to use it for the next two months. My camera works great and has always done what I needed it to do but having a DSLR gives me more options. I need to look into getting a tripod so I can also start taking self photos. It’s time to camwhore out my blog.

The camera is a Canon EOS T1i.

I probably won’t get a chance to play around with it until tomorrow night, sadly.

Some new hauls for July: I made sure I took advantage of some deals before the month ended.

kiwiberry1: EOS Puffy 3-tone Grey contact lenses, 2 sets of fake eyelashes, and 2 contact lens cases

I managed to get everything for only $26 including shipping after their 50% off entire site sale! This was definitely the deal of the month. Everything’s been shipped, I’m just waiting for it to get here. Current deal for August lets new customers receive a 15% discount off their first purchase with code NEWCUST15.

Honey Color: Super Pinky Blue contact lenses, Super Pinky Green contact lenses, and Rohto Lycee Eyedrops 8mL (for Contact Lens)

The only thing I saved on at Honey Color was shipping for last month, which is still savings. Each of the contact lenses also come with their own adorable animal contact lenses case. No new deals have been announced as of yet.

ULTA: ULTA Eyeshadow in Iceland and ULTA Fabulous Face Pressed Powder

This one I couldn’t pass up on when I saw it. ULTA is offering a free 13 pc set (valued at $88) with any $17.50 ULTA brand products purchase. You can still take advantage of the deal now while supplies last. The set comes with a mixture of brushes, eye products, lip products, and skincare along with a makeup bag. There are 3 different style of bags to choose from. I got mine in mystic cool.

Totally worth it!

He Qi Crystal Designs: 2 custom made earring cuffs

I discovered HQCD through a giveaway I won that included a couple pieces of her custom made jewelry. I couldn’t help but wanting to get more so taking advantage of her 20% discount in July, I ordered 2 custom made earring cuffs and will probably get a third later. Check out her site if you are into custom jewelry or are wanting something different. She has a gorgeous line and is constantly adding new additions to the shop.

I wanted to order something from Yes Style as well, but didn’t have time to get an order in. Their site is HUGE! I didn’t have enough time to look through even most of the clothes. Outside of some sales, there wasn’t anything big going on in July but they were entering everyone who purchased something into an iPad 3 giveaway, which is what I really wanted ;_;

Time to go sort out the entries for my last giveaway. Winner will be announced shortly.

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