Tokyo, Japan Summer 2013 – Part 3

Monday May 19th, 2014 at 3:23 am

Finally getting around to finishing my Japan trip from last year. Continuing after we left the Meiji Shrine…

I made sure I had ramen at least once before I left. We found this ramen shop somewhere near the Meiji Shrine. We left the shrine at a different place than where we entered so we got lost trying to find Harajuku. There was a map but it was no help at all. A lady passing by overheard us and was nice enough to stop and ask us (in English) if we needed help. People in Japan are so nice to tourists ;_; This was not the only time we experienced Japanese hospitality.

Anyhoo, the ramen shop was decent. I don’t know how this place compares to others but I liked it. Ramen in Japan is soooo affordable. You can eat here as low as 300 yen (approx. $3)! More expensive items on the menu ran you close to $7-8 only. I see myself eating ramen for lunch everyday once I move.

Takeshita Street is right in front of Harajuku station, you can’t miss it. It’s known for its variety of fashion shops, cafes, and restaurants. Most of the shops here are independently owned and feature a wide variety of styles, so even if you aren’t into some of the crazy Harajuku styles, you can definitely still find something. Most of my money was spent here. :x

A lot of people think everything in Japan is more expensive but it’s not true. It’s pretty affordable even in a popular place like Harajuku. Just to give an idea…there are stores with tons of cute jewelry that won’t cost more than a few dollars. Clothing can run you on average $10-$30 depending on what you buy. There was a shoe shop with shoes for $20 or less! Obviously, there are plenty of things that will run you more. Takeshita Street also has plenty of shops for gift shopping and anime lovers.

I really like these machines! You pay for what you want (like a vending machine) and take the ticket inside the restaurant. It takes out having to order. It sucks if you can’t read but the pictures are good enough. I had a hard time trying to figure out what was different among the many different tonkatsu options but whatever random ones I ended up picking gave me what I wanted.

I’m pretty sure I snapped this picture cause of his shirt. I wonder if he knew what it said or how true it was ;)

SHIBUYA! Shibuya crossing is very popular and has been featured in many movies. Being a nerd, I think I crossed the street 3-4 times before moving on!

We had a hard time finding this area of Shibuya too. I’m not sure why, either we exited at the wrong location or misread the directions (I honestly have no sense of direction). After wandering around for a bit, we took a taxi.

Shibuya is a mixture of big department stores and small, independent shops. Prices here aren’t too expensive either unless you walk into large shops (such as Zara), department stores, or just want to buy expensive clothing. I wish I did more research before coming here. I’m not even sure if we checked out Shibuya 109 and missed out on the Liz Lisa shop :( I will definitely be back during my week of training in Tokyo. We also found a HUGE 100 yen shop in one of the buildings. You could buy everything in here, including really cute bowls for just 100 yen! 100 yen shops change their products based on the season so these bowls, cups, etc were strawberry.

Tokyo tower was the last destination. We tried to go one night but it was too late. The tower was closed but we took a quick taxi ride to it to take a look. For a fee, you can ride up the Tokyo Tower to get a 360 view of the city. It’s absolutely amazing! I recommend going early in the morning to avoid large crowds. For a bit more, you can go even higher on the tower but we didn’t.

Such amazing views of the city. I absolutely love this city.

There’s a lot of information about the Tokyo Tower up in the observatory. There’s also a gift shop once you’re done viewing. I need to remember to start taking pictures of everything >_<

Last meal at the airport (gosh, that sounds so depressing). When I got to the airport, I realized the entire time I was there, I didn’t eat inari! Luckily for me, you could order it at the airport and it was delicious. I kept up the tradition of tonkatsu everyday, I really could eat it everyday @_@

I want to ride this plan so bad, I think it’s the Hello Kitty plane? I’m not sure if the design was just a design or it was the actual Hello Kitty plane.

That’s it for that adventure! I hope to have many more to come :)

As for everything else, I’m still very much in limbo land. I’m not sure when I’ll be getting my COE. June is looking to be a very fun but busy month.

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