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Wednesday April 2nd, 2014 at 2:23 pm

I’m so fickle. I want a new domain name already, something Final Fantasy related. I blame FFX’s remaster release.

I’m super tired today. I was up to 3 AM in the morning re-writing my enter lesson plan for Saturday’s class. My teachers weren’t kidding when they said it can take 3 hours or more planning out lessons when you first start. Part of this is my fault, I finished dinner around 10 PM and played FFX for a couple hours to relax so I could have been in bed by 1 AM :/ I wasn’t feeling the context of the lesson plan I made last Saturday. We had a practice presentation of our lessons in class last night and mine fell apart quickly, leading to the decision that I need something different. I more or less had to re-structure the one I originally made so it wasn’t absurd to just write a new one altogether. I like the context of this one better, comparing cats and dogs. It’s simpler and it allows me more room to play around with it. I’m just hoping I can make the lesson flow come Saturday.

I haven’t heard back from Joy Talk but I’m not surprised. It seems they are interested in immediate hires, as with most job postings in Japan. The soonest I can leave is late May. I prefer July-August, which is what I think I will be shooting for instead of leaving when I’m not ready. There are 4 more jobs I will be applying to when I have more time on my hands. With Saturday being my first teaching class, most of my time is going into making sure it’s not a disaster. I hate the jobs that require me to submit a professional photo ;_; . I don’t have any nor do I have any professional clothes. Working in the music business can be pretty laid back, I mostly wear jeans a t-shirt to work. I may go out at some point this month to buy some suits. If I plan on moving to Japan, I will have to eventually anyway.

I’m super looking forward to the new Captain America movie coming out tomorrow! This year seems to be filled with super awesome pumped up action movies. I saw Noah this past weekend and it was decent. There were quite a few plot twists for theatrical purposes that strays off from the original story but overall it was a decent movie with great special effects.

I’m nervous about Saturday but I’m ready to see how I do and how I improve in the weeks to come.

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